Alpine Inn | Black Hills: Hill City, South Dakota

I am volley Matus and I came to the

United States from Stuttgart Germany in

1961 the warm atmosphere which I have a

fear of the community height of the

Alpine Inn extends beyond the service of

my kitchen hello welcome to the Alpine

Inn in the beautiful Black Hills of

South Dakota my name is Monika Matus and

I own the Alpine Inn built in 1886 this

historical landmark with its reputation

for fine dining became the showplace of

Hill City this popular restaurant has

been noted in national and international

publications for its friendly homey

atmosphere seeped in mellow old-world

charm and it's delicious meals the

Alpine Inn is open Monday through

Saturdays from 11:00 to 2:30 for lunch

5:00 until 10:00 for dinner during the

day we serve German cuisine as well as

American we have a beautiful selection

of salads sandwiches and homemade soups

in the evenings we serve a bacon-wrapped

filet mignon a 6-ounce or a 9-ounce we

also offer cast spaetzle primavera

a German dumpling with Swiss cheese

topped with fresh vegetables and served

with a wedge of lettuce and Texas toast

at the Alpine Inn we offer a variety of

homemade specialty desserts such as a

brownie delight homemade bread pudding

tiramisu and berry delight while

enjoying a German lunch grab a German

beer or a glass of wine we have a large

variety I'm sure you'll find one that'll

please your tastes

if you are looking for a unique place to

stay we also have four elegant rooms

available maybe you'll be lucky enough

to catch a glimpse of one of our ghosts

from our family to your family thank you

very much we look forward to serving you