The World's Only Pawnseum | Black Hills: Rapid City, South Dakota

a quick question for you what do you get

when you cross one of the coolest pawn

shops in America with a spectacular

Museum I'm gonna guess a mian shop no mu

Z upon upon z 'm good guess so

more precisely you get the world's only

pons iam and it's found right here in

the heart of downtown Rapid City South

Dakota the pons iam is filled with

everything from world-class historic

artifacts to amazing Western and Native

American exhibits to mind-boggling

oddities all of which have made their

way over the years through the legendary

presidential poem it's truly a must-see

for the whole family you'll even get the

chance to see the icebox nugget for you

Black Hills history buffs the icebox

nugget is the largest undisputed natural

gold nugget found in the Black Hills it

was discovered by Charlie Ward in 2010

hey look it's a puppy believe it or not

that's not just any puppy that's Ponzi

these guys believe he was a full-grown

dog taxidermied in 1862 ah he's so cute


and he's only over three inches tall he

may possibly be the smallest dog that

ever lived on earth that's awesome

he does he do any tricks hey Ponzi sit

big play dead yeah after spending the

day in the ever-expanding pons iam be

sure to check out the presidential pond

where you can check out a firearm or

find yourself a cool ride they have a

wide variety of items ranging from rock

and guitars to glistening black hills

gold you can even pick up a pond ZM

takla buyer

oh man is that what I think it is is

what what you think what is it's a

mummified cat oh I love kitties actually

we call it mummy kitty

every museum should have a mummy don't

you think oh yeah definitely

well hey if you guys think this stuff is

cool wait till you see what we have over

here all right bye fluffy what do you

see on this wall well I see the planet

Earth with the spacecraft floating above

it and you're right but more importantly

this is John Glenn's friendship 7

spacecraft well was it he the first

American I know this one

he was the first person to orbit the

planet Earth and you are exactly right

but he was also the first American

astronaut to view the Earth from space

and over here this guy's is the very

lens John Glenn looked through when he

saw the earth this is the friendship 7

periscope lens

whoa this is out of this world also

don't forget to stop by the clock shop

here you can get your watch batteries

changed or you can find the clock of

your dreams whether it be an old-style

cuckoo clock a beautiful grandfather

clock or even a wristwatch here they

have it all you know I could spend all

day here you already have buddy do not

miss this great Black Hills attraction

in downtown Rapid City it's three really

cool stores all under one roof