Restaurant of the Year: Alpine Inn, Hill City

my name is Monica touché and I only open

in indle city the Alpine Inn actually

started in 1984 my mother had been the

restaurant up for dinnertime and that's

kind of when it started to become more

established a gentleman had been passing

through town and stopped in and he had

suggested this idea said I think this

type of restaurant would be great which

was just steak potato salad and toast

and my mom was like at a point in her

life where she really wanted to do

something she needed to do something so

she thought well I'm gonna try this idea

out and she did and she just did a

couple things a little bit differently

and it just started taking off our lunch

has a lot of German food in it and

people rave about all the wonderful

German food and people also really love

the evening menu and and we're basically

a same busy during the day and at night

we get to see people for years and years

grow up they came as children and now

they come as an adult and my mom really

sees that more than I do myself and just

the customers that come really truly

loved the out pine for its atmosphere

it's homey personality and they like

coming because there is a lot of women

that work here that's worked here

forever and they feel like it's their

home too I do think that the Alpine is a

destination I think a lot of people come

here they want to see Mount Rushmore and

they want to ride the train or the

Museum of Natural History but they want

to have lunch or dinner at the Alpine

but I I truly love he'll say

and I would never want to be anywhere

else but Hill City