Things to Do | Hill City | South Dakota

Hill City South Dakota snow so we just

finished at the Museum at the Black

Hills Institute in Hill City about to go

to the heart of the Black Hills they

said it was really cool especially for

the price and the admission you get to

come back as much you want between now

in the end of the year with the kids end

of the like 2019 2009 yeah so especially

for the price which was twenty four

bucks for all six of us it was really

good but the kids had a good time and a

lot of good fossils nothing about that

there and you go in through a store

called everything prehistoric so if you

want to just look at the store that's

free you can just go in and look at the

store but if you have kids bring money

cuz they're gonna want to buy all the


I found a platter



we weren't sure what to expect from this

place it's pretty cheap the rates are

well I'll take a picture of it but kids

that are under six five and under get in

free and then children are six to

fifteen which is awesome because a lot

of places children stop being children

at 12 yeah

I think this is my favorite you can't

even see on here it kind of looks like



so we're gonna walk a little bit more

Hill City maybe go hit a little bit of

the Mickelson trail and just see what

there is around here this snow is

melting yay

here in Hill City we've done this before

we're not doing it today but it is a

really neat thing to do with your family

they'd ride the train they have a

Christmas version were you'd ride and

they have Santa and stuff like that but

definitely something they've got a neat

train museum as well as a part of it but

definitely worth your time if you're in

Hill City it's really cool so a good day

in Hill City we ate lunch at the Hill

City cafe it's really the only thing up

open all the season but the food was

fantastic the burgers were huge very

affordable all things considered but it

was a really really good food the

waitstaff was really great now we're add

so it's like a candy shop ice cream wine

and everything the kids are having an

ice cream and I got a dark chocolate

turtle super good I'm good the best one

didn't do any work so

really really good day in Hill City it's

a good place to come hang out probably

either more so during the tourist season

which is the course made till part of

September or so but even in the

offseason a few things to do a couple of

really good outdoor stores granted

sports and another one whose name

escapes me at all but two good outdoor

gear shops with some unique stuff so

definitely recommend it if you're coming

to South Dakota the place to stop for a

little bit