7 Tips to Help You Succeed in Cosmetology School

are you getting ready to start

cosmetology school or even considering

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we're here in this video I'm gonna share

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this is a must that you must do while

you're in cosmetology school hi you guys

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the VIP crew this is just for my

personal experience and things that I've

learned along the way what I wish I

would have done while I was in

cosmetology school so the first thing

that you must do while you are in

cosmetology school I would say is to

start building your portfolio and

whether it's you know stuff that you do

in class on mannequins or stuff that

should do outside of school

once you finish school you already have

your portfolio ready when you start

you're ready to start job searching and

you already have a visual something a

visual representation of your work also

another thing that you may want to take

in consideration when building your

portfolio is use you some of your family

members or find a model on social media

or someone that you meet in a grocery

store does not matter find a model who

will be happy to help you build your

portfolio the second thing that I

recommend that you do while you are in

cosmetology school which is to

participate in everything participate in

everything that your teacher wants you

guys to do participate in all the

activities that your teacher may have

you guys do participate in hair shows

fashion shows competitions whatever it

is that helps to push our creativity you

know hair shows personally that's not

really my thing that's not my area I'm

not super creative when it comes to you

know hair show hair and all the you know

all the wild stuff that they doing hair

shows that's not really my thing

but I still participated for wine cuz it

was a part of my grade and four to eight

tested my creativity and it pushed me in

a direction that I've been having

and pushing before so the third thing

that I recommend that you do while in

school is to practice you need to

practice every chance you get

I was so determined when I was in school

I would come home ten o'clock at night

practicing what I learned in school

practicing a new haircutting technique

practice any chance you get practice on

your classmates

like I said family is family and friends

part of the best your best bet practice

on them it's very important to always

continue to practice because practice

does make perfect

Graner we are not all perfect but it

helps to get your skills levels up even

me I've been out of school for a couple

of years now and I still practice new

things that I see or whatever it is that

I feel like I need to work on so the

fourth thing that you must do well in

cosmetology school you guys this

probably like so this is part of like

one of the most important ones all of

them are important but this one is

something that has stuck with me since I

heard it from one of my educators make

mistakes I know that sounds crazy that

sounds crazy to tell somebody to make a

mistake right but don't we always learn

from our mistakes well some of us more

than others but we still learn from our

mistakes and my teacher used to always

tell me is beauty school is the place to

make mistakes it's better for you to

make a mistake while you're in school

while you have a teacher there to help

you correct it there to be out in the

real world on a real client to make a

mistake where you're pretty much on your

own right there make all the mistakes

don't try to make them intentionally but

if you happen to make a mistake don't

beat yourself up over it it's important

to learn from those mistakes and

mistakes really do help you grow next

thing that you want to do while you're

in cosmetology school is start to build

up your cosmetology resume yes I know

you may not have any experience in the

field as far as work goes some of you

may have experienced being in the salon

what I would recommend for you to do is

to sell yourself sell yourself on your

skills which is specialized in things

that you are really good at

like that point in your resume could you

have customer service experience retail

reception experience those can kind of

tie in to cosmetology because you will

have to include all of those things

together in cosmetology you deal with

customer service you may have to do

reception at one point in time qualities

that can show an employer that you are

qualified for this position and also

this leads into my next one is to start

researching the type of salons that you

want to work in so in school I believe

we touched up on the different type of

salons that you can work in so there are

I'm just my name a few you can work in a

commission I really are you gonna boot

print a salon so you definitely want to

research the type of salon that you

think you will want to do once you

finish school or even while you are in

school some places hire assistants you

can be a shampoo assistants start

looking for those type of jobs while

you're in school that way you're

learning State Board side of it and the

book part of it and then you'll also be

getting the hands-on experience while

you are in school that way what you

learn outside of school you can also

take apply it to your life inside of

school what you learn inside of school

you can apply it to what you do outside

of school and the last thing that you

want to consider while you are in

cosmetology school is to start

canvassing your areas see what type of

salons are in your area go speak to some

of the owners and get to know them and

introduce yourself and let them know

that you're in school and maybe ask if

they have an assistant position

something like that that way you can get

your feet wet while you are at school

like I say I would hate for you to be in

a position as soon as you get out of

school and you're looking for a job

you're like okay what do I do now get

started ahead of the game don't wait

until you're done with school to get

this stuff done you can already be two

steps ahead of the game by the time you

finish school so when you finish school

all you need to do gather your exams and

get going it's very important to go

ahead and start getting the ball rolling

I wish I would have done some of these

things myself what I kind of did because

I did start working in a salon about two

months before I graduated

cosmetology school

and I wasn't doing anything that was -

it wasn't diddling with color chemicals

anything like that I was just in a

blow-dry bar so they didn't require

anything that I shouldn't have been

doing and I was already getting ready to

finish school so yes I would go

definitely go around talk to some salon

owners okay you guys so that wraps up

the rest of this video I hope you guys

took some very helpful tips away from

this video that's all I'm here for is to

help if I could just help one person

that means the world to me

and I wish I had these tips when I was

going through cosmetology school because

I would have saved myself a lot of

heartache while I was going through it

and this is exactly why I wanted to

start my my channel and actually when I

first started my channel I didn't really

I know I wanted to help people who

wanted to be cosmetologist and tell the

truth about how the industry really is

but over time I started to look around

and what others was doing okay maybe I

need to just do this type of videos and

do that now I found my purpose of my

channel and I'm niching it down to

helping inspiring cosmetologist or maybe

even new cosmetologist people who want

to be in the industry and are hesitant

on getting in the industry I wanted to

start my channel to help you guys and

also hey I'm helping myself because this

is like a diary and far away from me to

document my journey as well like I said

in a few videos back I am NOT nowhere

near successful or where my end goal is

and however I'm still able to say here

in front of you guys and be able to help

in some way and share what I'm going

through the struggles of then in this

industry but also the upside of being in

the industry because it has its moments

when you do want to give up and it also

has its moments when you have a client

getting out of your chair and they're

crying like that makes it all worth it

so I hope that my videos can touch one

of you guys and make all the difference

in your day and your

I spread nothing but positivity on my

channel my channel is based around

positivity and helping you guys out and

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