FIRST DAY OF COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL| Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy


what is of you guys it's Danielle here

and welcome back to another vlog it's

currently like 6:45 right now I woke up

at 6:30 made my bed wash my face and

brush my teeth and now I'm just going to

get ready to do some makeup but if you

didn't know already today I am starting

cosmetology school and I am so so

excited I've been waiting forever to

finally start my first day so today is

February 4th and I have to be in at 9


so I have to leave my house around like

8:00 but yeah basically I'm just going

to vlog my day vlog myself you know

getting ready and I'll catch you guys up

on what goes on there and stuff like

that but as of right now I'm just

putting on some of my Clinique Moisture

Surge this stuff is my life saver

and then obviously oh my god did you

hear that anyways and then also of

course I'm just going to spray some of

my Mario Badescu of facial spray this is

a must so like I said I'm going to start

my makeup I'm not really gonna go into

depth because this is just a vlog and I

don't want this video to be too too long

if you do want to see my everyday makeup

routine I do have videos for that so go

check those out if you're interested



all right you guys so I just finished my

makeup I didn't do anything too crazy

just my everyday makeup very natural and

simple but I also did just change into

my outfit and I will go show you that

now alright so I don't know why but this

room has terrible biting always so just

ignore it but this is the outfit I'm

going to be wearing today if you didn't

watch my vlog yesterday I like briefly

mentioned this but didn't show you it on

but I'm just wearing my black leggings

from airy and then this shirt is from

chien and I love it because it flares at

the arm and it has these two mesh

linings at the wrist so I just think his

shirt is very classy very pretty and I'm

going to pair it with these snakeskin

booties but I'm just not gonna wear them

yet because I still have to get ready

alright so yesterday I curled my hair so

that when I slept on it it would be like

a natural wave effect and honestly it

still looks pretty good

I feel like this side needs some

touching up so I already have been

heating up my curling iron so I'm just

going to touch some pieces up it should

really only take me like five minutes


so I just touched up a few pieces

nothing crazy

and while I go pack my lunch I'm just

gonna let the curls kind of do its own

thing I'm not gonna brush him out yet so

let's go make my lunch all right so this

is my lunch box it's from Vera Bradley

and I'm honestly just gonna put this

like tiny ice pack at the bottom because

I have some salad I have this Santa Fe

salad best salad and I'm gonna write at

the bottom and then I also do have a

little fruit cup and I also have this g2

Gatorade and then just as a snack I'm

going to put some Wheat Thins in a

little bag all right so I have my lunch

all packed just gonna leave that there

and yesterday I already packed my school

bag so I'm also gonna leave this on my

bed and it's still only seven 28 and I

don't have to leave for another 30

minutes so I could finally have 30

minutes to myself so that I can eat

breakfast and kind of just get myself

ready so I made a blueberry pancake with

my kodiak pancake mix and have some Oh



they never been a woman's really simple

on this resort room fragrance


all right you guys so I am back home

from my first day of school and I kind

of just wanted to sit down and talk to

you guys for a bit about what went on

what happened what you saw in the

previous video so basically when we

first got there he went over the

syllabus we prepared ourselves for the

day to come and then we got to open our

kit which was the best part of today

so I will be doing a unboxing my kit for

you guys so definitely stay tuned for

that it should be coming very very soon

I basically I'm just gonna show you guys

everything that's in my kit and

everything that I got and let me tell

you it is some nice stuff so I'm very

excited about that then after that we

learned like we just jumped straight

into it which I loved and it was super

hands-on today so it was just a good day

overall but the first thing we did was

shampoo and condition so we actually got

to use our mannequin head and like

actually washed her hair shampooed at

conditioned am massage we learned a

little massage and then we went back

into the classroom learned how to

blow-dry and then we did braids for a

very long time which you may or may not

have seen I'm not I don't really

remember if I filmed it but I will

insert some pictures over here of the

braid that I did so we did do braids and

then we had lunch which was like 30

minutes and then we came back did some

more braids tried to like do some

different fun things with the braids and

then two of the other girls left early

because they have a different schedule

than us so me and the other girl that's

doing full-time with me the teacher

actually had us like download apps for

iPad and showed us like basically an

overview of the apps because the apps

are huge it shows us all of our homework

we do like practice quizzes on there our

tests like everything is gonna be on my

iPad so he was just going through

everything and we have a ton of books

like a ton I'm pretty sure there

13 bucks plus a huge study guide I'll

show you the study guide oh this is the

study guide look how freaking thick she

is but yes so we just honestly went over

a lot of stuff did hair here and there

and then at the very end of class we got

to curl some hair I'll also insert that

picture here so it was honestly just a

very fun day I had a lot a lot of fun

and I just can't wait to do more vlogs

there now knowing I can film but I am

going to be ending this vlog off here if

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