hey guys welcome back to my channel or

welcome if you're new for those of you

don't know me my name is Sam I'm a

licensed cosmetologist here in my

channel I share hair and makeup tips but

I also share my whole experience on my

journey going through cosmetology school

and becoming a hair stylist so today's

video is going to be my advice on how to

find the best cosmetology school for you

I get tons of messages on a regular

basis asking any questions about this

topic so I thought I would just make a

video about it and just share all of my

advice and some of my experience going

through this I did blog a little bit of

my experience trying to decide between

schools so I will list I think there's

true blogs I will link both of those

down in the description so if you're

interested you can go check those out so

the first step is to Google cosmetology

school in your town or if you have a

very small town and you know that there

aren't any cosmetology schools in your

area then just search for the nearest

like bigger city that's exactly what I

did and all of the ones that were within

like an hour or so from where I lived

popped up and each school is most likely

unless it's like a very very small

privately owned school they're all gonna

have their own website so I would then

go to each school's website click around

do a little research there are going to

be some things that you're not going to

necessarily be able to tell just from

looking at the website but I guarantee a

lot of the major general questions you

have are all going to be answered on the

school's website also every school that

I've looked at anyways they all have

their handbook on their website but you

can usually like download as a PDF and

you can go through and you can see like

all the school's policies you can see

their full curriculum usually they'll

provide statistics like their graduation

rates and stuff like that so write out a

list of all of the questions you have

any and all questions and just to give

you an example of some of the ones that

I think are pretty major and the most

important and the questions that I had

been looking into schools how long is

the program what is the curriculum like

how much does it cost for the tuition is

the kit included with that cost if not

how much is the kit what's included in


is financial aid an option and is there

someone at the school that can help you

with that specifically do they offer any

kind of scholarships and would you be

eligible for any of them how do they

handle absences and making up time say

you get sick where you want to go on

vacation for a few days how would all of

that work are you able to make up that

time what is their class schedule like

what days of the week are they open some

schools are just gonna be your standard

Monday through Friday but I have seen

quite a few that are Tuesday through

Saturday and then of course one of their

hours what time did they start in the

morning and then what time are you going

to be finished at do they offer

full-time and part-time programs where

the different hours for those how long

does the full-time program take as

opposed to the part-time program does

this will ever go on field trips do they

have guest speakers what kind of brands

do they use there what color line do

they use what products do they use there

and do they help you find jobs while

you're still in school and after you

graduate those are something I could

think of obviously feel free to add to

that list and as you're looking through

the websites just see you know how many

questions you can just answer on your

own through the information you can find

on the website and then I would call the

schools and I would schedule a tour I

think it is super important to go see

the schools in person before deciding to

go there that way you can also get any

additional questions answered you can

actually see what the school looks like

in person you can make me meet some of

the teachers and some of the students

and just kind of get a feel for the

atmosphere there see what the other

students are like I bring your list of

questions with you so if there's

anything that you couldn't find on the

website you can ask the person giving

you the tour and while you're there I

would take notes of everything maybe

even take photos I would also ask if

there's a way that you could sit in on a

class and just kind of like shadow for a

few hours one day I know that the school

that I went to offer that I didn't do it

personally but when I was going to

school there there was a girl that came

in and sat in on my class just for a

couple of hours I would also make a list

of your priorities and I would rank them

from most important to least important

and on that list just write the things

that are really important to you and the

things that you're really looking for in

a school and then again just

give you an idea of like some things to

consider the location and the distance

how far away of the drive is it going to

be from your house the cost of the

school and the financial aid options

does one offer financial aid and the

other doesn't is one significantly less

expensive than the other the actual

curriculum of the school cosmetologist

was even though for the most part you're

learning the same general stuff they're

all a little bit different some focus

more on certain areas than others so the

school that I want to focus a lot on

hair color which was very important to

me that is what I specialize in that's

what I love doing the most

whereas I know some schools focus more

on nails others focus more on cutting so

what's more important to you what are

you most interested in and does that

school focus more on that area the

reputation of the school have you heard

good things about it have you heard bad


is it a chain or is it a privately owned

school and is that important to you

something to consider is say you're

going to like a Nevada school or Paul

Mitchell school something that is brand

focused you're only going to be learning

their techniques and their products

whereas if you just go to a chain like

Empire Beauty school that's gonna be a

little bit more broad is it important

for you to be somewhere where the other

students seem very friendly and like

positive and upbeat or do you not really

care about that is the building all of

their stations modern and new or is it

an older building again it's not

important to you do you not even care at

all about that and then the last thing

that I would do and this is what I did

this was really the determining factor

for me because I was really on the fence

between these two schools I really

didn't know which one I wanted to go

with because they both had their pros

and cons but I took a look on Instagram

so just look up the schools hashtag look

up their Instagram page itself search

the location of the school and just look

for any posts that we're taking at the

school so you can see the students work

obviously this isn't going to be true

for every single individual person but

for the most part it's the majority of

the photos that you're seeing look

pretty good and the work looks like

pretty good quality that's most likely

sign that the education they're getting

at that school is good a couple other

things you can do is look at reviews

online of the school like on google most

likely those reviews are gonna be from

clients who have gone to get services

done there and not as much from actual

students but that can give you a good

idea too of what the students are like

there how is their education and if you

really want to play detective you can

even go and schedule a blowout or

something simple at the school and go

get a service done it's super cheap it's

not going to cost you more than like

five or ten dollars and that way you can

actually sit in a student's chair talk

to them ask them your questions so for

me when I was trying to make the

decision of what school to go to I had

two options I don't really have that

many schools in my area to begin with

anyway so it's kind of easy to narrow it

down but I had one that was maybe 10 to

15 minutes away from my house it was

very close by it was in a brand new

space actually had just moved locations

so the stations and everything in there

was super new and modern but the school

itself didn't really have the best

reputation it wasn't really like known

in my area to be like this really great

amazing school and then my second option

did have an amazing reputation but it

was an hour away from my house so to me

I was like I don't know is the

reputation really that important is it

worth that commute every single day and

the extra gas money the tuitions were

pretty much the same but when I went to

go tour the schools the first school

that was closer to me I just did not get

a good vibe the students there literally

just like looked me up and down and gave

me dirty looks they just did not seem

excited to be there they knew just there

was no like excitement or passion and

then the second school as soon as I

walked in it was a complete opposite

people were smiling at me everyone just

seems so friendly and just so happy and

so passionate and just excited to be

there and then

I looked on Instagram I saw that the

school that was further from my house

the second option the photos were all

beautiful and all the work that I was

seeing was amazing I couldn't even

believe that it was students producing

this stuff I was really impressed and

then when I looked up a school closer to

my house it was the complete opposite it

was just so bad like the hair itself was

bad the photos were bad and then I

remember I saw a picture some girl took

a photo of cornrows that she did on her

manikin and there was another student in

the background of that photo like

throwing up the middle finger and she

literally posted this on her hair page

like this is this girl's portfolio of

her work and that's what she has on

there so unprofessional so yeah that was

like a really really big determining

factor and I just told myself like what

is more important what I rather just go

somewhere that's closer to home

especially side note I had driving

anxiety pretty bad at the time so I was

like oh god that our commute scares me

so much but I just felt like if I'm

gonna be paying the same price for

tuition I may as well go with the better

school I feel like I'm gonna wake up

every morning excited to go to the

second option so I ended up going with

option number two and it was great I

ended up getting over my driving anxiety

pretty quickly and I'm really happy with

my decision they don't regret it for a

second and I think driving further away

and spending a little extra money on gas

was absolutely worth it but you know

it's all gonna come down to what's most

important for you

lastly I just want to say really at the

end of the day it doesn't matter to too

much like yes if you have options of

schools you want to go with the best one

the one that you feel and you're gonna

like the most but if you don't have a

lot of options or you know the schools

in your area aren't that great just do

it anyway just go try to make the most


it learn as much as you can and just

graduate and get your license because

yeah some schools are gonna give you a

better education and I really believe

that some students will graduate from

some schools knowing more and just being

better at hair than others but either

way you're really gonna learn the most

after you graduate once you're working

in a salon so if you're feeling like oh

my god all those schools around me are

crap I hate all of them it's okay that

doesn't mean that you're not gonna be

able to be an amazing hairstylist so

that's all of my advice as far as

finding a cosmetology school like I said

I will have those vlogs linked in the

description if you want to see me going

through the decision making process I

will also put my cosmetology school

experience video in the description if

you want to know a little bit more about

the school that I went to specifically

for those of you who live in

Pennsylvania I went to Metro Beauty

Academy in Allentown Pennsylvania also I

have a video sharing my tips for

cosmetology school students so I will

link that in the description as well if

you're interested and you know what I'm

gonna also link my cosmetology playlist

any video that I've ever done related to

cosmetology school or my experiences as

a hair stylist are all on that playlist

so take a look scroll through see what

videos interests you and yeah hopefully

this one was helpful thank you guys so

much for watching if you have any other

questions or any future video requests

feel free to leave them down below in

the comments and I will see you in the

next video bye