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today as the title says we're going to

be talking about comment ID to school

and if it's really worth it now before I

get into that I want to get into this

hair that I barking girl this hair and

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without any further ado we go ahead and

get some some because this video which

it is

other times it's cool really worth it

let's okay guys so first things first I

think it's really important to it's

important to know what kind of stylist

you want to be if you only want to do

braids only want to do suppressants only

want to do relaxers only want to do wigs

or whatever you want to do I think

that's the most important thing because

to say that it's pointless I think

that's kind of a broad statement because

I think it is important that there are

something that you get from common ties

at school do I feel like what you

different comments on school you cannot

get anywhere else

absolutely not but I do think that it

helps to a certain extent but it depends

on the school you go to and the type of

stylist you want to be after you finish

so for me I didn't have I really could

have just about even once it's outside

of school because I only do braids and

now I do like a few installs but I'm

about to go back to own the dorm braids

because I only want to do braids so you

don't need a license to braid hair in

most places now in Texas you license to

braid hair but in most places you only

do license if you're going to be cutting

hair or if you're going to be doing some

chemical processes like bleaching

anything that requires you to wash hair

even your license for that and if I seem

to cut hair obviously because you're

that serious so close to somebody's hair

so my hair they face their ears

everything or you can cut somebody up

okay so it's important for you to just

know what you're doing if you're going

to be doing something like that now it's

important for you to go to school and

you know get licensed you know if you're

gonna be doing something like that but

if you just want me to embrace girl go

on YouTube and figure out how to do

braids if you want I'll be doing wig of

styles what are you - my figure out how

to do that because school is expensive

I paid twenty thousand dollars for my

school you have almost upon Mitchell it

was expensive when they worked it out

and I think so girls the only thing that

I learned that I use is my sanitation

processes and I really feel like you can

find out about sanitation online I'm

about like how to clean combs you know

like the proper way to clean your makeup

brushes how to keep your your area

sanitized and stuff like that and that's

really really important we also learned

a lot about different like diseases and

funguses and you know like dermatitis

and different like reacts and that

people might have the products to know

if someone's having an allergic reaction

or things like that so I think that's

important to know but again you can find

all that out online but like I said it

depends on what you're trying to do now

I'm just talking about cosmetology

school I'm not talking about you

learning school to be an esthetician and

that's that because you better take the

right school today but doing hair girl

you really can figure out this stuff

online okay your favorite hair stylist

did not go to a girl Alonzo Arnel it's

not licensed maybe you do not go to

school in C don't want to kill it okay

you don't have to go to school to be a

great comment are just some things you

have to go to school for like you have

to go to school in order to wash hair

you have to go to school in order to

perform chemical processes and things

like that

so that's what you want to be doing then

you can't cut any corners you can learn

some stuff from YouTube yeah but you

have to go to school and you have to be

licensed to do those things so I think

if the career path that you want to take

makes you go to school like you have to

go to school for this then you have no

choice you have to I think that's a

career path you want to go down it's

important and if you want to perform

certain services as a cosmetologist and

you know you have to go to school then

just go to school get the license don't

write any corners but if you know you

don't need a license to bring all you

want to do is brave and save your money

and invest your money into a studio

space or paying butrint somewhere or

taking some braiding classes from other

braiders invest in that and that's

between thousand dollars fifteen

thousand ten thousand I'll care how much

it is do not spend a Linda go since high

school because you will not learn lead

you are not learn braiding you will not

learn for life see what I learn across

that styles you won't learn it

so in that case you gonna be doing that

it makes insisting on school but the

stuff that I'm doing I didn't learn any

of it in school so I'm gonna make some

sense for me to have been but I went

whatever it was okay so whatever but

realistically speaking unless you're

doing something where like I'm saying

you've gotta be like school because it I

know it ain't no point and a lot of

times you don't even need to be licensed

to do hair in most places of course

check what your area is but it takes is

you don't the license to be a breeder

and the reason why I'm not really Pro

conference I the school anymore because

nobody cares if you do good work

and you show up on time and professional

you know what I'm saying if that's how

you are then people will hire you girl

you even need a license to work in some

shops now so I think that it's kind of

just becoming obsolete and let's be real

like people

we people of lace people are kind of

phasing out of the silk presses and

things like that there are still women

who get that you know what I'm saying

you have to figure out what works for

their area people in balance dr. Harry

different from Miami in Atlanta and LA

in New Orleans you know people in

different areas want different things

and if the area that you're gonna be in

if they want a certain thing and you're

like okay this is home of the silk

presses I have to do some presses on I

need to get my license to be able to

watch this hair then okay you have to do

it but if people have some wearing

you'll anger everybody out here wear

lace in box braids then you'll need to

go to school okay so I think that it's

important to weigh the pros and cons for

everybody situation like I said it's

different if you only want to do

relaxers if you only want to do

bleaching if you only want to do by the

eyes or whatever you know it's different

and you know different people need

different things in different states

your state might have different rules or

whatever but if you just want to be a

braid or somewhere girl you probably do

not need no damn license so do not

[ __ ] get it because it's just money

that she's gonna be wasting when you can

just spend five or six hundred dollars

to go take a break in class and learn

how you want to know go take a class

with Alonzo Arnold or cliff Amir or any

of these people just don't take you a

class learn it's no point on spending

$3,000 in less than two years because

that's what I spent going to your school

to not use any other stuff it just

doesn't make sense

take a classroom I braider take a

marketing class take a late class do it

look and learn do it one on one with

your favorite stylist that is the best

way that I would say to learn okay guys

this video was helpful just my little

rant and my little spiel about if I feel

concentrated school it's worth it or not

it again I got my hair from the lux shop

I'm obsessed with a deluxe shop I love

this doggone hair girl and I love these

elastic guys so hope you guys enjoyed

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