hi guys my name is akira and welcome to

my channel today's video is going to be

about seven things that you need to know

before going to cosmetology school if

you are interested in watching this

video miss bates so I have some notes

here so I'll stay on track

so thing number one that you definitely

need to know before inserting

cosmetology school is to make sure that

this is truly your passion a lot of us

sometimes get into things where we kind

of discover too late that something

isn't our passion and we waste we've

wasted a lot of money our time and

effort into something that we really

don't see ourselves doing forever or

even love doing so a lot of people think

that cosmetology school is easy and it's

not and you definitely want to make sure

that this is your passion because you

might get into it and discover that you

don't really like doing this and girl

you don't want to do that okay so number

two prepare to sacrifice and what I mean

by that is you're gonna spend a lot of

time away from your family a lot of time

away from friends whatever because the

full time program I believe it's from

either nine months nine months up to a

year nine to five and part time is up to

two years like 5:00 5:30 so maybe 9:30

10:00 at night so yes and if you have to

go to work after school you know you're

gonna spend a lot of time away from your

family if you have kids or a significant

other you're gonna spend a good bit of

time away from them and you definitely

want to consider those things before you

go to you going to cosmetology school

you're also going to sacrifice money in

work maybe you can't go to work after

school maybe you have to go home to your

kids then that will be something as to

where you have to consider being on a

budget a lot of people don't think about

those things if you have a support

system a significant other or a family

that's going to support you while going

to school that is completely awesome

if you do have that support system I say

go for it and go to school if this is

truly your passion

step number wellthank number three is to

don't go into this expecting to learn

every single thing that you see trending

on social media on Instagram on YouTube

because to be honest the only thing

you're going to learn the basics the

foundation of hair skin and nails -

enough - has State Board honey sometimes

might even not the past they work with

but honey child that's a whole nother

video okay so um like I said if you have

a you know maybe you can stop pull your

educator inside and ask them to go more

in depth about maybe if you want to

specialize in weave me ask them to go

more in depth about weaving a little bit

because they definitely only brush over

certain subjects in size ontology school

and you don't want to go into their

expect me to learn every single thing

and that you're gonna be like a

weaveologist or something because you're

definitely you know you're not going to

learn all the things that you need to

specialize in one area okay that's what

I mean so step number four is to stay

focused girl stay focus we all know

girls can be a little catty and

cosmetology school is a bunch of catty

woman under one roof girl okay

so you definitely want to make sure that

you go in there and you stay focused and

do not get clicked up don't get wrapped

up in drama because then it will throw

you off track and you'll forget the

reason why you got there in the first

place so definitely stay on track girl

and stay focused

number five stay on top of your

educators and if you have any questions

girl make sure you raise your hand and

extra educator girl can you slow down

and back up a little bit cuz I don't

understand what you're talking about

here don't be like me and sit in the

back of the class I'm scared to raise

your hand because you think people only

look at you like you stupid that was me

I promise you you don't want to do that

while you're in cosmetology school

because you're paying in any school you

paying a lot of money to be there and

learn which

to learn and if you have any questions

on you don't understand something girl

extra teacher extra classmate just don't

go um just don't go and not try to learn

anything because you will be very

disappointed about the time it's time

for you to graduate number six

girl this is probably the second most

important one of them Oh after you

discovered this is your passion girl you

like okay this is what I want to do

definitely go to school every day I'm

saying again go to school every day in

on time girl all the time it's so many

people that go into the school and it's

mostly the people that discover this is

not their passion honey and they can't

not make it a school or they can't make

it to school on time to come super late

every single day girl this is not for

you because cosmetology school is hourly

based and if you do not clock and honey

you do not get those hours and when you

don't get those hours honey it pushes

your graduation date back it moves it if

you're supposed to graduate December

2019 girl and you missing out these days

got you not graduated December 2022 girl

and you do not want that's to happen

because it will push her date back you

want to go to school every day on time

I'm telling you I'm in number seven oh

this one is important too and you

probably understand this until you get

into school but um definitely make sure

that you get all of your credits months

before you graduate and what I mean my

credits is um at my school in order to

graduate you had to do let's say for

instance a certain number / like says

maybe you had to do 50 relaxers by the

time you graduate 80 of color retouches

20 manicures 15 pedicures stuff like

that there's a list of all the things

that you need to complete in a certain

number of them number of them that you

need to complete before you graduate and

why I say is have it done months before

you graduate because don't be like me

and a lot of

my classmates is we kind of put

something that stuck to the side and so

it was okay we just get this before we

graduate or whatever and a lot of people

didn't come in for manicures and

pedicures at my school so we were

scrambling at the end trying to get all

our credits in and you definitely want

to go ahead and get those out of the way

before you graduate because it will make

life less stressful because all you need

to be focusing on is getting up out of

there and clocking out on your

graduation day that is the best feeling

ever so definitely do not procrastinate

those credits stay on top of them stay

on top of your educators make sure they

don't lose anything because we had stuff

like that going on just stay on top of

it girl this is not a joke

this is a lot of time this is a lot of

money a lot of sacrifices and you don't

want to mess yourself up but not

complete your credits okay girl so yes

that was my video for today and I think

if you dropped out in the comments if

you guys want me to make a video about

my cosmetology school experience because

that was definitely an experience but if

this is something that you really want

to do and you discover that this is your

passion I say go for it it honestly is

one of the most rewarding careers ever

and I love what I do grant I'm not where

I want to be right now but I encourage

anyone who's out there who is

considering going to cosmetology school

and you know that this is something you

love you can see yourself doing this for

free not saying that's what you need to

be doing but that's how you know what

something is you're passionate

you can do it for free but I definitely

encourage you guys to go check out

different schools don't settle for just

a school that's closest to you

definitely make sure you're going in the

right area

love love love what you do and girl I

will see you in my next video I hope you

guys enjoy also like I said drop down

the comments if you want to see my

cosmetology school experience I think

I'm just gonna do like a cosmetology

school series just get those videos out

the way then we can get to the other

stuff girl

so yes see you guys my next video