Massive Chinese Buffet • All You Can Eat • MUKBANG

hello I love your food hey guys I'm here

at the Chinese buffet I'm gonna show you

everything that they have I obviously

can't eat everything but I really want

to show you what they have so let's

let's begin over here this here is clams

or mussels I don't even know I've never

even had clams or mussels in my whole

life before so I don't even know this is

fresh shrimp this here is lots of

different toppings and ingredients to

make your own salad oh my gosh there's

so many to choose from and look at all

these dressings olive oil Gunkel my

favorite here they have carrot salad

potato salad macaroni salad this is like

lots of pre-made salads and jello to add

into your cell to make it nice and

healthy yay so this is all the plates

you can choose from over here they have

oh this is fried salt pepper squid oh my

goodness this here's green beans they

have chow mein over there I'm definitely

gonna get some of those like noodles

broccoli and chicken more chicken I

should probably shouldn't put my finger

in there okay I'm sorry

they have this here is roasted boneless

spicy sweet and sour chicken

wow what a title lay more chicken over

there his prepared shrimp this is sticky

rice and this here is already made like

some kind of vegetable rice this looks

like salmon some kind of fish crab legs

they're literally steaming and boiling

look at all of these things hot spicy

shrimp baked crab meat salt and pepper

shrimp Oh sesame chicken oh yes hot and

sour soup wonton soup you guys won't be

Chinese with that wonton soup these are

all the soup bowls and then over here

they have vegetable egg foo Yong oh wow

that looks really good actually

here is golden Italian chicken undef

initely ate some of that some french

fries fried dumplings with pork I am

definitely gonna eat those how do you

make up your mind when you come to these

places you don't even know what to get

and then over here we have sirloin steak

with wine oh okay and barbecue spareribs

and barbecue chicken

here's fried onion rings roasted duck

what is this ooh imitation crab meat

whoo they are bringing out some fresh

something vegetables spring roll the

berries very steamy hot and steamy what

is this egg tower oh I think this is

sweet I'm gonna get one of those Oh very

steamy very very steamy this is Xiao Mei

with shrimp freshly prepared look at the

steam oh my gosh

this year is sweet and sour chicken they

love sweet and sour don't they imitation

crab okay here's peanut chicken macaroni

and cheese that's what it says however

that's not macaroni and cheese ooh

sweet doughnuts yeah pork egg rolls

sweet and sour chicken look they love

sweet and sourness nests okay so that's

that one what's over here

honestly you don't have time for

desserts when you go to the Chinese

buffet because you could just so-so full

I can never eat desserts fruit you know

it's really funny my boyfriend used to

be used to be pretty much still tries to

be many days of the week of raw for

Terry and raw foodist and he told me he

used to come here and just eat

it's May melons as he possibly could so

he'll blow up like if he had to come

with a friend or his family member and

didn't want to be that that'd be that

one that one just that just sits there

and doesn't eat so he would just eat

let's see what they have oranges

pineapples canned peaches and oranges oh

and melons so this was his area over


lots of desserts brownies cakes they

have ice cream oh my god they literally

have everything have I and this is the

restaurant I'm not gonna show you

people's faces Oh what's down over here

let's find out Mongolian barbecue please

choose everything you'd like on your

dish and give it to the cook and choose

a sauce brown sauce garlic sauce or

spicy sauce

so basically this here's raw ingredients

we have onion and sprouts and oh my gosh

everything raw meat pork shrimp and the

cook fries it up right in front of you

how amazing okay here we are what's over

here oh my gosh sushi they have sushi

all-you-can-eat sushi no way look at all

of these different kinds looks like a

lot of people have picked it this must

be really popular because some of them

are pretty much missing spicy tuna and

tuna and cheese and salmon roll and

veggie rolls ooh vegan roll veggie tofu

what do we have over here wonton soup

some neck clams I don't know what that


what's over here sweet potatoes sesame

balls pizza

okay the Chinese are not known for pizza

and you can tell no offense I love

Chinese food by the way and wow this is

just so so amazing so many choices I

feel like I'm in heaven

this is all my Chinese food oh yeah

having crab legs for the first time I

don't even know how to eat it

mmm pizza yes hey guys this is me saying

hello from Kingdom buffet here in Fort


I mean Boca Raton South Florida and I

just arrived here and since I'm in a

restaurant I'm not gonna do that big

story time that I promised I would tell

you guys about how you know we got Chuck

we got caught up in security before

having bullets and our

I'm on the blacklist now I'm I'm my

classify to a terrorist list it's really

crazy so I can't wait to tell you hos

all about it but today I'm gonna eat

Chinese for you food for you guys this

here is my first plate we have red spicy


we have sweet-and-sour chicken I'm gonna

try crab legs for the first time I

literally don't even know how to eat


green beans and I believe this is squid

fried squid I'm very excited for this

plate this plate here it has the sweet

bun it also has a sweet and sour chicken

oh I love that so much I'm really

excited for this because dumplings you

guys know dumplings are like my favorite

food in the world

and remember when I tried making it

myself and totally fails well this is

why you go to the Chinese restaurant

because it'll make them really good for

you alright these have pork in it I

would have prefered the vegetable ones

but that's okay this here is just a

classic Chinese noodle a chow mein I

guess you could call this over here we

have vegetarian spring rolls more

dumplings some spicy chicken more

noodles and this here I believe is oh

it's called Italian chicken

and you guys can't go to a Chinese

restaurant without eating some sushi

this here is the vegetable and tofu

sushi I was gonna experiment with lots

of other sushi but remember when I went

down to the mall well I was in Colombia

but I got food poisoning and I was wiped

out for an entire week from eating raw

fish don't want to I'm here to get

married you guys just day two of my

marriage marriage trip so I don't want

to ruin my whole experience with that so

I'm just gonna do the vegetarian sushi

for now sweet oh this is sesame seed

chicken and three spring rolls and some

shrimp and you guys are just like you

just said you want to eat so this is

cooked I want my fish cooked so okay so

you can see everything here I guess I'm

gonna put this camera down it's not

gonna be the nicest angle but this is

kind of what we have to do so that you

can see the food and my face so I'm

gonna start off with noodles you guys

just standard chow mein Chinese noodles

hmm very nice very very oily but it's a

good thing not complaining

Oh is this soy sauce I'll save that for

my sushi over there so you guys it is

basically 7:30 at night here and the

sun's still up because in Florida this

one doesn't go down to like 9 or 10 I

think but I haven't eaten since the

plane ride which was like I think around

10 or 11 in the morning I had those two

avocados along with a piece of bread and

what else do I have

oh the cereal I didn't eat the yogurt

and saving that for oil his brother he

really wants it and

now you notice American arms because you

don't use chopsticks here water cause I

went out and got a straw ice-cold water

perfectly you can tell how like nice and

chilled this is just look at those ice

cubes okay you know what I'm dying to

try these dumplings over here so that's

what we're gonna do so yeah I haven't

eaten really much of anything into the

sense this morning and for breakfast I

had like five bananas maybe four oh my

gosh I'm so excited here's my first


my first don't leave doesn't that look

good no much better than my dumplings if

you guys saw that video you know it was

very interesting to do but you know who

survived both of us

mm oh my god Wow it's so buttery in it

there's like a scent of ginger depth a

flavor of ginger oh my god I could eat

just a whole plate of these these are

called pork dumplings or beef dumplings

I think those pork pork dumplings no

beef one of it - Wow I could eat 100 of

those Oh am I going

so remember when we're at Domino's I

don't know the order I'm gonna post my

videos actually I'm gonna tell you right

now I'm here for about 10 days in


excuse me doing the whole visa thing the

marriage thing doing taxes hopefully

meeting up with some other people and

the videos will be out of order just

letting you know unfortunately it's just

how it has to go so I don't know what

I'm gonna say this I'm not you saw

yesterday but when I went to Domino's

before I got onto the plane with Orlan

we talked about just look at that

this is like the best-tasting thing I've

ever had oh my gosh yeah no chopsticks

that's fine you know this is

Americanized I said that okay

so traveling is very stressful I'm very

like even though we're just sitting down

in a chair it's not like you're running

it's not like you were walking you're

not even having to do anything but just

sitting in that chair not moving wastes

energy I don't know how to explain it

maybe it's like when the human body goes

up in the air like subtract maybe it

like subtracts energy from you I don't

even know because what they're saying I

don't know change okay so it is time to

try these look really really fresh yes

I'm using a four actually no you guys

taught me that you can eat sushi with

your hands so that's what I'm gonna do

mm-hmm I'm gonna add some we now have

some soy sauce sir

just to give it a little extra kick

you trying to spring wrong here we are

with the vegetarian veggie spring roll


you know it doesn't need the soy sauce

this is amazing this is very very much


the Sun is going to set so hopefully

doesn't get too dark let's stretch from

some shrimp this here is the shrimp

marinade and some fennel sauce do you

see that is is with the family



okay I will be honest remember I was

vegetarian for like ten years

which I don't regret it was a very nice

time my life but one thing I really

didn't miss was the sesame chicken the

Chinese sweet-and-sour chicken which I

do have over here oh my god I'm so

excited where my Chinese sloths please

tell me it is this real where's this

American I'm nice - okay we're gonna try

this beef ball here I think it's gonna

be a ball so basically it looks like a

dumpling don't know what's inside I'm

pretty sure it's shrimp some kind of

fish No

I don't know if you can see that that's

chicken in such a chicken dumpling so an

amazing thing about this place it's

really all you can eat maybe I'll come

back here like one of my last days here

and do that sushi bar they have like

literally ten types of sushi but again I

don't want to risk getting sick on my

trip oh this is that dumpling which I

have to have a good

oh hello I love your food they're

getting such a kick out of this everyone

come here let's promote them it's hot

King done buffet oh I was just telling

you I mentioned the sushi bar oh my gosh

like a huge play

that's what Gordon's 80 that these are

really good

all-you-can-eat I'm gonna take you on a

tour or maybe I'll do it in the

beginning this okay this here is

something oh the Italian chicken all you

can eat for like two to three hours for

eight dollars and they have literally

everything right lots of seafood awesome

there's a lot see if we hear that I

wanna try but I honestly don't know how

to eat now these like scorpion things

I'm not a Sufi expert you know I've yet

to try a clam in my life I have yet to

try a lobster in my life unless you see

my Red Lobster with one which I'm

planning on doing here everything you

can imagine here so much $8 it seemed

really good


this here is spicy chicken very very

greasy and crunchy it's like deep-fried

I thought that was Siri talking to

neuron cell phones but I think it's so

implanted voicemail out loud at the

restaurant this is good very very very

good very greasy


so you know I'm hunching but actually if

I think for it it's your fehb I think

this is the beef spring roll I got two

types of spring rolls I got a vegetarian

one I also got a meat eaters one no

vegetarian mmm spring rolls I should do

like a spring roll challenge where I try

to eat

how many good Hey maybe on a very empty

stomach like forty to fifty fifty buddy

pushing at maybe 40 40 might be pushing

on oh okay so the last plate we haven't

touched yet is this one this is very


oh look at this sauce it's poppin' so we

take my fork and let's start off with

some greens these are like sauteing

vegetable very oily

everything's oily Chinese

I just have to try this spicy meat here

I go this is what it looks like it

almost looks like a talkies right which

I should be scared for because I don't

deal with the dough deal well with spicy

food very well okay it tastes a little

it's mostly sweet if anything that's a

sweet sauce that's not a spicy sauce I

should have known that Chinese like sort

of sweet sauces right duck sauce that's

not that I don't know what kind of meat

this is most very very chewy and I'm not

the biggest fan maybe it's cuz you know

I'm such a carb lover I mean I could

slip on noodles all day and since I have

these dumplings and noodles and spring

rolls in from me it's like the chewy

meat no no all right this is something

I've never had before this here is a

squid deep fried squids


she's clean I'm sorry I'll pop that

interesting it's a very nice flavor it's

like an onion ring but wait you wear it

has that like shrimp taste can taste a

little sure beats me it's good the

chewiness I'm not sure I'm like a big

fan of how to be honest which I am I'm

always honest you guys know let's try


this is a big big piece of sweet and

sour chicken now normally you pair this

with rice which I didn't get because

literally I've lived off for two weeks

on my diet so I'm like no more I'm here

to eat bad

something very spicy just popped up I

don't know what that was


oh by the way if you asked for water

it's still the eight dollar charge

all-you-can-eat if you get the lemon

water or the lemonade it's an extra $3

to top the $8 I don't know how important

lemonade is to you but do the water you

come here to eat not drink you go to the

bar to drink I don't know you guys I

don't know how to eat this this is gonna

be a huge disappoint

I don't know how to there's bones


I don't know


okay so inside there's clearly I don't

know if you any of you out there who

have never had crimes before this my

first time ever having crab crab blade

Wow um okay so I think I just pull okay

this is the it goes this is the fatty

meat of the crab leg okay can you guys

see that fatty meat of the crab leg I'm

actually really afraid this is a crazy

color I don't know

what this will even taste like

it reminds me of cheese yeah exactly

like cheese


I'm not sure how much you're supposed to

like fall in love with the food your

first time you try it for example the

first time I had durian I thought was


the second time and it's okay third time

and it's okay by the fourth time you'll

smile my favorite food to the world in

fact I'm traveling all the way to

Malaysia this summer defeated on durians

because I like it that much

jackfruit wasn't really a huge fan at

first but the second time I loved it

maybe I don't know I don't know what to

think of it you know that's my honest

answer I'm not gonna beg I love it

I'm not gonna be like I hate it I just

don't know okay we need some more

noodles in this thing you guys always

asking ask me what's my favorite food

and I tell you noodles it's because you

can never go on they're always tasty

always and you always make you feel good

and they power how are you through the

day you know some of you guys are

telling me in the comments to lay off

the carbs and going like a high fat high

protein diet which I don't think I've

ever really done like honest to god

tried for a long period of time

I like I've told myself that's bad but

so much science is out there to say it's

good and like all these all you guys are

saying you've been doing it for years

and you feel great so I know it's just I

like noodles too much I don't know how I

would live off carb no carbs if I were

to ever do that type of diet I would do

30 days of noodles for you guys

officially you up what Judy um more

water please

water thank you I think she said you

want more juice and I said no I won't

water that was really nice of her

I think she wanted to be on camera I got

oh wow so cute right

yeah she was I bought like are you

really gonna eat all this I'm like yes I

eat most of it I bought no I'm good

I haven't eaten anything today except

like I said two avocados in 15 days and

a piece of bread

delicious thank you fresh cold water

speaking of Chinese food I ordered a

bunch of first of all some young noodles

which I've never had before I ordered

another box of Korean fire noodles

because I'm giving them out to you guys

I ordered Josh I'm Chinese judge on

noodles judging um

the instant I like ramen noodles you

make it instant and if you guys don't

know john and john are using what black

bean noodle which is fermented black

soybean paste hope you guys can see

everything okay here's another of those

amazing dumplings is it ginger or

lemongrass one of the two is just oh

good and when you bite into it it's kind

of like omelette what do you call it the

gushers you know that candy where you

buy into it and like the juice flies up

into your mouth that's what I just

really feel like I think it's my

favorite food everything believe it or

not they're more than the noodles

you know that's high in carbs too I mean

obviously there's me in there but still


how could I live without carbs on earth

I love Chinese food I think you guys -

you do - that's why I clicked on this

video Chinese buffet who does the

necrons por favor

I'm so sorry you guys probably can't

really see what I'm doing or eating but

this is the Italian chicken I'm starting

to get a little full actually you seen

by the window across the street you see

Publix that's the Florida

what would you compare to I guess up

north you have giant it's not like Whole

Foods or whole paycheck you know they

really expand its like the it still is

expensive to me though I don't know

Publix is not that big of it at all and

there's CBS in a bank you know the thing

about Florida it's so hot it's just you

see straight for miles and miles and I

don't know say I live in a very

mountainous country even though we live

in like a flat area there's still

mountains around us it's just I love


I tried that too yeah let's have more


I was so adventurous tonight to eat this

crab leg for you guys I need to like

actually Google how to properly eat see

if it maybe I should have paired it with

something else but I know what I do like

and that's sushi look how great that


can't go wrong with veggie sushi of

Earth you don't have to be vegetarian to

eat vegetarians with you I think it's

very healthy for you

well so is salmon and all the other

stuff button

let's take a big piece a big bite of

this sesame seed chicken


I'm starting to tire okay so


getting on my plane ride okay so we had

to wake up at around like 2:30 we left

the hotel by 3:00 got to the airport by

3:45 they opened up the airport at 4:00

we got onto the plane at 5:00 I am so

tired very very tired and there's a time

difference too because they're nam

daylight savings or daylight more either

save or add daylight adding this time

what's a cog the opposite of date

so I'm so sleepy you guys I promise on a

nice fresh brain I'm gonna tell you the

whole story about the whole bullets in

our luggage story and the craziness that

we went through you're not going in jail

so that's good

I was literally so afraid that something

would happen to me but I also was so

tired it was kind of like this is for

real there's so many things in this

plate I haven't even tried three knives

okay so I don't know if you can see but

we have to try oh my gosh this is the

famous sweet and sour chicken this is

what you dip in a sweet sour sauce okay

I'm gonna show you up close because it's

just so so magical so worthy look how

greasy and deep-fried this is it really

got dark I apologize


mmm-hmm the chickens very good for also

what they coat it in we're just like

this soft it's not that crunchy it's

very soft fried bread

carbs how do you cut out carbs what

would you live on no no publicado cheese

and steak Stenson sent it to me either

honestly I know I'm a Chinese restaurant

but I think the Japanese don't the

perfect balance for humans now their

diets oh this is a deep-fried sugary bun

very sweet it's kinda like a Chinese

candy at us Chinese dessert you're

supposed to use your fingers but

I'm like falling asleep I'm gonna have

the best of gin it's gonna be a food

coma to the max the own Reince man

funnel cake at a carnival which is

basically just I'm fried dough fried

dough with powdered sugar that's what

this is okay no I don't this is can you

see okay you would say you should

remember but here's the thing too

they didn't have signs on a lot of foods

which I you know Kingdom buffet it may

be a maybe it's just they forgot today

but four people have food allergies

people who are vegetarian or people that

just are on diet see it you want to know

what you're putting on your plate

see I will eat anything so that's why I

grabbed it I'm bourbon

hmm okay I really have to know this is

because it's one of the best things ever

do this that white stuff that just flew

out sorry children that's cheese like

cottage now knock on streets it's sweet

cheese sweet custard cheese god it's

like eating alfredo sauce out of a deep

fried blanket where the sugar

I am Ken Diane going to have it that was


Wow no oh my god no exaggeration I need

to know what I just ate seriously people

are giving me the funniest looks I'm

like you can look all you want him Wow


mmm that's up there with the dumplings

for the best food of the night Wow and I

only got one of them okay

now this is gonna be you know this has a

lot of competition you know I have no

idea what this is either it looks like

fried potato yeah actually I want one oh

it smells sugary

oh my god did I go to that

oh he's getting more that's buffet Chad

y'all I wish you could join me but

number one it's family time we literally

just got back from the airport number

two I can barely fit three plates here

even though I have six and I'm hunching

imagine two of us squished in here it's

just not doable don't worry we'll do

lots together oh I'm kind of getting out

of focus Wow okay so I don't know what

this is either maybe you guys will know

by looking at it's like a guessing game

but this here oh it's like cheesy

it's like custard cheese whipped sweet

cheese deep fried and like a wonton


oh my god

oh my god


that was seriously that now that's in

the top three I'm gonna rank it dumpling

cheese thing and she's you know once I

get cheese and rice system that's a

happy day I'm sorry that it goes from

light to dark my camera mode on this

video on this camera stopped working and

no longer focuses either which is really

irritating so I'm having to use

autofocus which is still just as fine

but it's not really video mode number

one number two it does this so this is

the sweet and sour chicken again I'm

getting so full I still have this plate

and some noodles over here and two

pieces of sushi and a crab leg that I

don't know what to do with

this here I haven't eaten for you guys

that you guys see that okay that is a

fried banana might be really hard to see

colliding okay fried banana this is

something that you would get in Colombia

um very sweet it's like I've never I pin

it on almost too sweet I prefer the

cheese does that shock you now if you're

not new to my channel you know anything

which cheese is good um this was my

least favorite plate even though it was

so colorful and it cared too much for

the squid I don't know how to do I guess

I opened it right look it's hollow the

crab leg it just tasted interest I don't

know what it tasted like mint this is

too chewy above me these string beans

are very you know they're okay

being back here in Florida is bringing

about swimmingly memories for me I know

how to noodle oh my miss mr. noodle so

much mr. noodle if you're watching this

please leave a comment and tell me that

you're okay

how's everything at home you guys look

for mr. noodles comment I might say

something else mr. noodles even comments

on my videos now they're so cute I miss

mr. noodle

can you imagine here I'm on my shoulder

sitting here in this restaurant

little little goodra

and then whistling which I can't admit

cuz I don't know how it was so weird

like oh ye

it's vicious paper wow I've really got a

lot tonight

lots of meat mmm lots of carbs only two

cheesy things the Chinese are not very

on me now again this could be

Americanized but doesn't make sense

because Americans Aguilar cheese but I

don't think that the Chinese eat that

much dairy hmm in most Asian countries I

don't think so I have to you know


yes it's just so good gotta have my

dumpling before I get too full to finish

I may even like the biggest meat-eater

it's not the meat

it's the chili dull weave dumpling case

it's the oil it's a little spice but

it's like ginger goodness oh and I like

spring rolls to open spring roll I read

somewhere that there's air doesn't

matter how you eat your veggies as long

as you eat them that's what counts

long term sometimes you bake them

sometimes you fry them sometimes you

boil them sometimes you eat them raw

they're just no fun that's actually not

very good for you

vegetables are designed to be cooked in

my opinion not to put in there right

guys I'm so full oh my god I wonder if

they have doggy bags I'm gonna go ask

for a doggie bag actually I'm gonna do

the bathroom gym and I'm gonna say

goodbye it thank you so much for

spending time with me on my arrival here

at Hsu in Florida and I promise I'll

tell you all about the plane ride

probably tomorrow or maybe the next day

I don't know the order and I promise to

also do some with Orlan and Orleans

little brother might want to join me and

you know this is so much fun I hope that

you have a really good day and

definitely come to the kingdom buffet

here and Boca ratone West I mean that

was Palm Beach South Florida there might

be other it's just a Chinese food buffet

but literally unlimited food we could

get five plates like this and they're

not going to question you if anything

they're gonna walk by and wave and thank

you for the support and yeah take doggie

bags so you don't waste anything away

and yeah I hope you guys enjoy this

video if you did give this a thumbs up

so that I know comment down below let me

know where else I should eat here in

South Florida I'm here for about ten

full days obviously here to get married

in everything which is really exciting

but I don't know where else to eat I

mean I want to do some like fast food

which would be fun

I haven't eaten Wendy's for like a long

time and I know some like real good

restaurants too so it can be your

suggestions I know someone re left a big

list and I appreciate that with so much

she left it on my I think it's called my

video this last video together video so

check that out and yeah you guys I will

see you tomorrow thanks so much for

being here

and again this whole adventure of

getting married and traveling throughout

Florida if I don't post everyday I'm

sorry that's very abnormal for me I

always posted it 3 p.m. I mean 12 p.m.

Los Angeles time and very very good

about that but

and also if I skip a date where if I

post really late I'm sorry it's abnormal

and all my vacation so but I'm still

trying to make sure I'm here everyday

for you so thanks guys see you tomorrow

that was so delicious

you guys have you guys have to eat here

it was so so so so good they all had

these have these pretty pretty lights oh

this oh we're in Boyington what did I

say Boca ratone oh my gosh they're far

away aren't they no I did it I'm not

sure Olli and I just didn't know