There's a SECRET MENU at EVERY American Chinese Restaurant - How To Get REAL Chinese Food

Halon winners the slough d6 here with

another video so many of you subscribers

have actually said I wish that I could

go to my local Chinese takeout place to

get all the real authentic Chinese food

that you eat in your videos in China so

actually I'm gonna tell you two things

number one I believe that you can get

any single Chinese restaurant to cook

you authentic Chinese food because I

have a theory Chinese people from China

should be able to come up with some sort

of authentic Chinese dish because that's

what they grew up eating and cooking and

number two what if I told you that most

Chinese restaurants have a secret

Chinese menu for Chinese people only and

that you shouldn't be afraid to ask for

that menu and actually try out some of

those dishes see qui Panetta man oui oui

yo handle ultimatum Thai town today

we're gonna go inside this restaurant

which is called Moonstar your average

Chinese takeout place that has general

toes and lo mein and egg rolls and all

that kind of good stuff we're gonna try

to order real authentic Chinese food

from a secret Chinese menu


you know the inside answer how are you

how are you okay are you ready yes


now maybe have you ever heard of egg

rolls before you came to America I heard

a bad girl but you sure they are theirs

dim sum they're kind of sometimes

they're kind of sweet sometimes like

they like the texture and everything is

absolutely not like you can ever have it

in America those like American kind of

right yeah a girls that I cube it could

ubiquitous with Chinese or stratosphere

like everyone gets egg rolls if you go

to a Chinese restaurant you're looking

for an authentic egg roll pancake right

like call it China it's yummy beep so

scallion pancakes yeah so basically we

got that with meat in it today to

replace the egg roll right it's not

soggy it's not chewy on the outside it's

much nicer to eat than an egg roll

really nice super good much better than

an egg world to me I believe this is

absolutely what I'm expecting and the

inside I have a really like a genuine

roll kinda right almost like a like a

jerky or dried beef right yeah I I

really like to call you ultimate it's

really good it's really good definitely

much better for sure normal American

Chinese restaurant still authentic

recipe really cool stuff it's amazing


great so egg drop soup hot and sour soup

I gotta ask you something have you heard

of those soups in mainland China egg

drop soup pretty rare it's definitely

not something I could say you could go

to any old Chinese around China and get

hot and sour soup not the same not the

same actually it's very rare I've been

there in China for like 10 years I

haven't seen them once so to switch it

up to make it a little actually say a

lot more interesting we gotta sleep


yeah but this soup is a pickled

vegetable with fish slices basically no

bones and it's kind of like a stewey

spicy soup and to me that's a lot more

interesting than this can I swap igloo

pea egg drop soup yeah that's for sure

um this dish actually recently

China's getting really popular super

everywhere you go people even use that

as a hotpot base right because they have

the soup that like can maintain a lot of

spice and then you can might cook with

everything right that's amazing

so basically you have a lot of cilantro

in there to kind of cut through the

spiciness you get a lot of Chili Peppers

you got kind of this red base sauce here

very spicy isn't it I wouldn't be

drinking it chugging it down like a

normal bowl of chicken noodle soup it is

very very spicy but to me it's a lot

more interesting to eat a delicious soft

succulent piece of fish mm-hmm what a

lot of interesting vegetables around it

then to sit down and just drink that

very glue any kind of thick broth that

you'd get in like a hot sour soup


instead of beef and broccoli get beef

this is called gongura you know

gangwon-do means like a dry pot beef

mm-hmm and that basically means they

take a clay pot they cook the beef but

not too much sauce and stuff on the top

it's not that kind of brown sauce that

they drizzle all over the beef and

broccoli right it's got a lot of fresh

vegetables in it so when they cook it

with all these spices and different

vegetables and stuff you're not left

with this kind of really filling

sickeningly sweet almost like brown and

sloppy you get in the lunch and stuff so

it's empty negative but that's true so

with this you have this crispy delicious

beef its thinly sliced and even if it's

the same kind of beef that they're using

in the beef and broccoli type dishes

though the preparation makes it so much

better one thing made me really

appreciate about like this kind of dish

texture is totally different

your mom was cooking you just directly

put this up to grow or just right right

oh we love to marinate it and list like

a 10 minutes 20 minutes or even

overnight right the texture you taste

it's absolutely different totally agree

and that just tastes better I'd kind of

said that you hate my mom so much good

whatever he's not just boring Brock you

get things like Lotus you get things

like you know green peppers and he's

really deliciously slightly burnt

Chili's which adds so much flavor to

everything little treats a little hidden

secrets he got woody your mushroom here

I never know what you're gonna find in

these bad boys



what about an equivalent for a chicken

dish everyone goes General Tso's chicken

sesame chicken orange chicken

it's like eating McDonald's

they're not from China right you're not

their American food

I will recommend if you are trying to

get some like chicken dish

I suggest somebody somebody now that

actually translates a three cup chicken

yes because they use 3 cups of different

things so this basically will have basil

it has sesame oil I had soy sauce and

cooking cooking wine base yeah and it's

so simple and it's very rare to see

Chinese food with basil in it but to me

it's a much more delicious it's really

better than sesame chicken like my

grandma is like what get good at that

one she's second everything except dad

that is very very good the flavors in

that are so much better than pouring

sugar syrup basically all over your deep

fried chicken if you will Hannes like

grilled authentic Chinese food the main

thing is not making you a fad so stuff

like even you like those sometimes I

suggest you if you want to go I promise


we've covered beef Livie we've covered

chicken we've covered a super placement

we've covered egg roll replacements one

of the most important things I want to

cover today this is gonna just gonna

either disappoint you or you're gonna be

super excited to go try it but instead

of going out and getting a lo mein or

chow mein by the way which is not the

correct way to say I can you explain

that by the way how men tell how is fry

so usually will always come in usually

in really authentic Chinese restaurant

they have two options how Mian and

sowhen person is actually from Kanto

area it's like flat and with the rice

gluten thing so it actually soaking up

all the other sauce so much better than

that spaghetti replacement that you get

when you get lo mein at a Chinese this

right so right now we have beef fried

you fried open and hoof end is something

you get on the side of the road anywhere

in Guangdong and southern China really

comfort food and especially like we've

got the shell year tradition it's like

first involvement night snack yeah after

you eat dinner and then sometime you

want to go out hang out with your friend

and drink this with the beer or whatever

that's sitting right outside of the

street and like chatting with a friend

and that's amazing so there you have it

we have covered pretty much replacements

for every non authentic Chinese dish if

you want to try the real thing and most

restaurants should actually be able to

do this for you because it's not

outlandishly difficult to prepare these

dishes and guess what you gotta throw

this out there the Chinese restaurant

that you go to that has all this

American Chinese food or westernized

Chinese food what do you think they eat

do you think they're eating the same

thing as you

absolutely not sometimes you have a

secret menu sometimes you just have to

talk to them yep show them this video

and say listen I want to try these

dishes I know your secret right now

yours paper I see you guys in the back

eaten your meals of their families we

know we know you know what you got I

know you got si quieren and hey man we

we yo man yo food homeland agent Titan

now among you eaten sir American Chinese

not think I didn't turn it in good time

oh man can daughter make one and mentor

woman so my answer tanzanite uncle Tai

was a Native American Chinese food

keep in hand coming weekend good idea

can son DJ said without chunk we didn't

take American Chinese for she said how

many hen and goat years old they see it

they're not on good time by the way baby

if anyone wants to go out there and see

real authentic Chinese food in America

Winston I did quest for the best Chinese

in America where we drove was it three

or four thousand miles in search of

authentic Chinese food in the US and we

found eight really stellar outstanding

restaurants that's over on adb china and

i really hope you guys enjoyed that

series gonna be like this video you

definitely like that too right thank you

so much alarms i catch you on the next