10 Ways to Spot a Fake Chinese Restaurant

hey guys we all love going to Chinese

restaurants but we all face that

horrifying question is the food really

authentic and I know some people are

like well it doesn't matter as long as

it tastes good but here's the thing you

know that she's filled Friday ninja star

with that chicken supposedly created by

that general you've been munching on for

most of your life I get that you might

think they taste good but true authentic

Chinese food tastes so much better

you're definitely missing out there are

literally tens of thousands of

deliciously unique Chinese dishes all

across China and you need to drop that

girl and start eating some of them so

I'm gonna create a series of videos that

will help you identify authentic Chinese

restaurants and dishes I will also share

with you my favorite dishes from

different parts of the country so to get

this started here are some ways to tell

if a Chinese restaurant is authentic or

not and of course disclaimer there are

always exceptions to the rules sold

these observations may not apply to

every single restaurant but I do think

most of the time if you follow these

guidelines you will be able to tell

authentic Chinese restaurants from the

westernized ones and of course I'm

talking about restaurants that are

outside of Asia number one look for fake

Chinese dishes on the menu even if a

restaurant is authentic it still might

have a couple of fake westernized dishes

on the menu because you know it's in the

West and it still needs to make money

but if the restaurants serve a lot of

these what I call red flag dishes then

most likely this place is not very

authentic here are the dishes to look

out for crab rangoon yeah cheese dishes

in a Chinese restaurant sorry a lot of

us are lactose intolerance and a fried

stuff with cheese is not something our

ancestors would have approved I mean can

you imagine Confucius munching on a crab

rangoon and asking for more of that

mystery red sauce other items to look

out for are egg foo yung General Tso's

chicken moo shu pork mongolian beef egg

rolls a poopoo platter and if you see

chop suey anywhere on the menu just get

up and leave because that thing is not

only unauthentic it's disgusting I also

have a video explaining why these dishes

are not authentic now put that in the

description box so check that out number

two use of the term pot stickers okay if

you go to a Chinese rest

and on the menu you see the words pot

stickers that stood upright don't please

you got to get out of there now I get

that some people may defend this term

because fried dumplings are also called

cotija which literally means pot stick

but Chinese people never used to turn

paw stickers also adds authentic Chinese

restaurants dumplings are also called

dumplings because they're typically

served a boiled or fried I mean what's

the boiled dumpling equivalent to PAH

stickers pot wetters number three your

dinnerware and silverware if you want to

make sure you're eating at an authentic

Chinese restaurant you've got to channel

your inner Sherlock Holmes so before you

even sit down take a look at the

interior of the restaurant especially

what's on the table that's authentic

Chinese restaurants you will usually see

a napkin a little plate with the teacup

on it chopsticks and maybe a chinese

super spoon you will not see knives

forks war metal spoons and it's not like

we have anything against forks because I

mean we invented that

but chopsticks are just far superior

because think about it if you go camping

and you forget your fork we're gonna do

but if you use chopsticks all you got to

do is freak off two branches in your set

anyway with authentic Chinese food you

really only need chopsticks to eat it

there's typically no cutting or stabbing

necessary even the soup spoon can be

omitted just take the soup and you know

slurp it join the Chinese slurp club

okay that's not a real thing number four

condiments you can tell whether you're

at in authentic Chinese restaurants were

not by the types of condiments at the

table if you only see salt pepper and

soy sauce on the table then the place is

probably not that authentic but if you

see hot oil or Chinese black vinegar on

the table that they have place is pretty

legit also in people terms hot oil and

Chinese black vinegar are like the

best-looking coolest most popular people

at a party and anyone who associates

with them will instantly up their social

status so a restaurants with only salt

pepper and soy sauce on the table is not

that authentic but if you add hot oil

and Chinese black vinegar to all that

then it is delete becomes authentic also

check the hot oil there's a difference

between real hot oil and things like

sriracha I mean I love sriracha is great

and I can't eat pho without it but


real hot oil and if you want to make

some I have my recipe in the description

box number five

cold water most Chinese people hate

drinking cold water at meals we prefer

drinking something hot like hot tea or

even soups there are many reasons for

this one is that there's a common belief

that cold water is not good for the

stomach and hot liquids aids in

digestion throughout Chinese history

cold water is typically not something

consumed during meals there are also

those who believe that cold water is not

sanitary so they prefer tea or hot water

regardless most authentic Chinese

restaurants that serve a lot of Chinese

customers will not have a habit of

pouring you a glass of iced water when

you sit down number six Chinese diners

speaking of authentic Chinese

restaurants serving a lot of Chinese

customers one of the most obvious signs

that a restaurant is authentic is by

looking inside and seeing if there are

any Chinese people actually eating there

because Chinese people know where all

the best Chinese restaurants are and we

are willing to travel far and wide to go

eat in them this is especially true if

you live in rural areas where not a lot

of Chinese people live so for example if

you live in a state like Missouri where

there's like five Chinese people and if

you see all five Chinese people eating

at a particular Chinese restaurants then

that restaurant is probably a winner

because if the place is not good Chinese

people would rather not go and just cook

at home wait wait actually sorry it's

for Chinese people now in Missouri

because I left number seven food review

apps when researching Chinese

restaurants on apps like Yelp you have

to take a look and see who is actually

giving the reviews if a restaurant is

getting four or four and a half stars

but all the reviews are by people who

are not Chinese then I'd be a little


especially if all the reviews mentions

how delicious chicken and broccoli and

crab rangoon are then I stay clear so

look for Chinese reviewers and see what

they say about the restaurant and how

many stars they give the place number

eight buffets this one's pretty

straightforward in my experience unless

you're going to an all-you-can-eat

hotspot place there are no authentic

Chinese food served buffet-style that's

because most traditional authentic

Chinese food needs to be served piping

hot that little buffet light just ain't

gonna cut it if you don't believe

me just go to any Chinese buffet and

just count how many red flag dishes that

I mentioned before are on the buffet and

I'm saying this as a buffet restaurant

kid oh by the way my parents would never

let me eat up our buffet because they

said everything on the buffet was white

people food I mean I the generic

horizontal food picture menu thingy

everyone has seen this as soon as they

walk into a Chinese restaurant these

long horizontal things with a bunch of

pictures of Chinese dishes on them and I

promise you every restaurant that has

this signage take a look next time all

the dishes are the same and the pictures

are all off the popular westernized

dishes this is like a highlights of all

the dishes you should never eat you know

when you walk into a Playstation and

they have like all these wanted posters

on the wall yeah these dishes are like

that because they're Chinese food

imposters and finally number 10 how the

restaurant staff addressed the food true

authentic Chinese cuisine is never

simply called Chinese food or Chinese

cuisine so if you're about to go to a

Chinese restaurant call them first and

just ask them what kind of food did it

have and if they tell you we serve

Chinese food then just hang up Chinese

people will always refer to Chinese food

by the region's more styles for example

there's a trunk food or Cantonese food

war northeastern food war hotpot war

soup dumplings we never just to say hey

let's go use some Chinese food so if the

staff at the restaurant can't even tell

you what type of Chinese food they serve

then don't go there alright there you go

guys those are some ways to identify

authentic Chinese restaurants from on

authentic ones but hey you know what if

you like the westernized Chinese food

then yeah go eat it that's what you like

then there's nothing wrong with that but

I'm just saying if you love food and

you're watching this channel so I know

you love food then you really should try

the best and trust me when I tell you

those who westernized Chinese dishes

can't even compare to authentic Chinese

food alright guys if you like this types

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