ULTIMATE Chinese Buffet Guide [2018]

hey great Wohlers I'm Mike and I'm been

off the great walls token laowai now

most of you have probably been to a

Chinese buffet before I know you and I

have but I'm gonna tell you right now

that many of you have been going about

it the wrong way now you might be asking

how can I eat at a buffet incorrectly

but could if your goal is to just have a

filling meal then save that 20 or 30

bucks and go buy yourself an extra value

meal somewhere else that's right but if

you're gonna shell out 20 or 30 dollars

on a nice Chinese buffet your goal

should be to feel that at the end of the

meal you definitely got your money's

worth absolutely then so remember will

you walk into a Chinese buffet it's

battle time it's you against the buffet

but don't worry people we are here to

help you we will provide you with 10

tactics that will help you the next time

you go to a Chinese buffet number one

Scout the buffet so you've been starving

yourself all day and probably drooling

as you walked in the door but you have

to do some reconnaissance first a lot of

Chinese buffets have multiple rows of

food and you want to check it all out so

you can have a good game plan as you

make your first trip number two skip the


remember this salads are decoys from the

real food because salads are considered

to rip off part of the buffet and if

you're with a group of Asians and you

come back to the table with a plate of

salad you're gonna get some looks like

are you crazy they do not see the

seafood in the crabs number three focus

on the seafood and the crabs legs if

you've been to a Chinese buffet already

you've probably seen the tables of

Chinese people with mountains of crab

legs shells on a table don't judge learn

from them because they know what they're


have you seen crab legs at the

supermarket they're like $12 a pound

these are groups that the Chinese buffet

owners fear when they walk in the door

and you won't find salad on any of their

plates number four do not come back to

the table with fried rice war lo mein

noodles I mean I get it fry rice and lo

mein they're good that's because they're

basically stomach expanders that are

soaked as stomach stuffing Royals there

is a reason why a Chinese weddings rice

and noodles are served at the

of the meal if you start with these

dishes that I'm afraid the battle is

already lost number five don't eat any

dish with broccoli but I like broccoli

no I'm gonna give it to you straight

guys any Chinese dish with broccoli in

it is not a real Chinese dish broccoli

is not something that's used in

traditional Chinese cooking

plus broccoli is one of those vegetables

that has a lot of mass and will take up

a lot of unnecessary room in your

stomach number six stay away from the

general shows chicken yes it's probably

the most popular Chinese dish and if

general show was a real person he and

the colonel probably got together to see

who can come up with the most tasty yet

unhealthy chicken dishes not only is

this dish oily and fills you up super

quick it's also fried in the notorious

dark oil which is oil in a restaurant

that has not been changed in months or

sometimes even longer than that and if I

just ruined that dish for some of you

you're welcome

number seven drink tea and not soda good

Chinese tea has all of health benefits

and it comes in small cups and it's hot

so you can't just suck it down like you

would have soda also please don't walk

into a buffet any buffet and order a

diet soda unless of course you actually

like the taste of diet but don't do it

because you think that one diet soda

will offset the mountain of calories you

will be ingesting during the meal number

eight eat for the fun of it

the Chinese always say pseudo are eat

for fun because eating is like an

enjoyable fun activity for many Chinese

so when you're stuffed go and get some

more crabs and shrewd are number nine

put down that egg drop soup now I have a

lot of la whaai friends who love egg

drop soup tell me you didn't pay twenty

dollars for a buffet and fill yourself

up on chicken broth eggs and a ton of

salt number ten if it doesn't have meat

in it leave it at all because vegetables

are cheap all right guys I got one final

tip for you and this is a secret so

don't tell anybody this is just between

you and me all right a lot of Chinese

buffet I'm not saying all of them but a

lot of them what I do is they don't

throw out all of the food at the end of

the day they pick out a lot of the meats

from the dishes and riester fry it at

the next day you know

time's the fried rice you're having the

next day for lunch at a Chinese buffet

was yesterday's steamed rice and of

course salads all the cold stuff

they keep as well so never go to a

Chinese buffet or Lee in a day but I

think I might have made that mistake a

few times I think a lot of us have you

know so guys make sure you comment below

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