Eating At The BEST Reviewed Chinese Restaurant In My City

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let's get into this restaurant been

there what's going on peoples your main

man damn drops up early in the morning

today we are going to go on an adventure

for the best reviewed Chinese spot out

here in my city I'm online right now and

I already found it great taste and the

best part about it that's right hey new

break let me tell you something baby you

know your restaurant is good when you

can go on Yelp and people give in-depth

reviews I'm not talking about two or

three lines or one full paragraph I'm

talking about five or six paragraphs

going on and on about your service about

your food I mean we gotta check this out

I've gotten takeout here before and was

always pleased but now that I have eaten

here as well I can confidently give

great taste five stars Derek was our

waiter and despite having several other

tables including one large party with

very picky eaters he was very attentive

the entire time he got his extra sauce

made sure to fill our waters and brought

the check right away the food was

delicious and brought on so quickly my

table all got spring rolls plus

sweet-and-sour chicken vegetable lo mein

and shrimp chow mein

everyone enjoyed their meals and was

happy with the great service we'll

definitely be back make sure to make a

reservation on the holidays we went on

Christmas Day and we were lucky to get a

table so quickly despite having no

reservation what we're leaving there

were many other people waiting for a

table yo when it gets crazy and you

might only have like a couple waiters

it's all

hard to take care of everyone that means

somebody's finishing their drink got dry

wrote rock right here throat man dry

nobody's bring you nothing else to drink

you gotta look at someone else's drink

Blake I do somebody look at this we got

four piece right here we were visiting

Connecticut for holidays and this was a

recommendation for someone I know it was

only about 15 minutes from West Hartford

where we were staying we ordered an

enormous amount of food across the


it was Christmas Day it was crazy busy

so we picked it up and brought a home

food was really good general Chow shrimp

dishes the roasted duck egg Rose chow

fun noodles etc really like the boneless

spareribs as usual

there was a ton left over I'm noticing a

theme going on a lot of folks are coming

from out of town sliding up over here

for the holidays Christmas time yeah you

know it's real well you don't want to

spend Christmas with the family any day

cooking you go out somewhere see they're

cooking at a restaurant and we're

talking about great taste that's me you

know the food is hitting on all

cylinders let's go to another review

yeah look how long this joint is right

look how long do you don't want me to

read on it come on I guess you want to

read you can go to your look of great

taste read the rest of it that very

first paragraph says it all you know the

food is head and it's clean I love a

clean restaurant all right y'all there's

really nothing left to say I mean we're

gonna keep going on reviews but as you

guys can see for yourself whoa BAM 5

stars BAM 5 stars band 5 stars Bay and 5


damn 5 stars looks to me like it's a 5

all day bang the Sun you can see the

review stop playing with your boy so

what we're gonna do right now we're

gonna get ourselves together get fresh

get crispy and we're gonna slide over to

great tasting new brand Connecticut and

see for ourselves I mean I'm people just

doing a whole lot of talk or is great


serving up more than just a great taste

it's your main man damn Drive YouTube

full-time Facebook fool Titan Rachael

Ray food correspondent and now NBC CT


extra food host and we're about to go in

I fam not too far from Popeyes over here

on West Main Street we're about to slide

to the most highly recommended top rated

you know best reviewed Chinese spot out

here in Connecticut writing a brand

great taste baby great taste we're

pulling up right now I'm kinda excited

I'm getting here as soon as they open

it's like

10:59 they open at 11 o'clock so I'm

gonna pull up in here y'all we're gonna

check it out together

all right 47 right now we're at 597 West

Main Street New Britain Connecticut at

great taste this is the top rated this

is the best review this is the spot that

everybody's talking about that they're

coming I mean as far as New York just to

slide up over here to get that hungry on

when it comes to Chinese food so we're

gonna do we're gonna stop on this side

we're gonna check out the atmosphere

we're definitely check out the food I'm

gonna let you guys read it at home while

I'll give it a ring and again in the

comment section please tell me some of

the best Chinese spots you have where

you live it's your main man Dave drop

let's check out great taste

brain Connecticut






we talked about the high-end setting of

a Chinese establishment what's the last

time you thought you've been to with the

table settings of this crispy look at

this look at my whole entire wine glass

going on right up over here

you know the plush seating salt and

pepper and of course your flowers man

you know for a little ambience right

there I like it what do you know him the

order what are you doing to order when

you go to the Chinese restaurant like

the ones that you love out where you

live hit me in the comment section below

let me know some of your favorite dishes

drink some drinks a little you got

pineapple dream blue Hawaii

all that good stuff so I'm on it thank


yeah what am i doing okay

good-looking a real crispy aw she would

mess around well we'll start with our

first sauce right here see what kind of

flavors were getting and there's nothing

too crazy sound light sound like hold on

a second oh oh stop it

ha ha I don't know if you guys can see

the steam coming off the style they just

gave you boy a hot hand Tom my million

come out yet but just to cleanse the

hands that's how you do it this is a

different level of class right here

people if you're not getting a hot towel

to wash their hand and before you eat

stop it all right so I'll definitely go

with the teriyaki beef strips take it to

your crab rangoon as well go to the

chicken lo mein

do you like anyways yeah got your

progress thank you thank you I just got

to get back real quick and talk about

the mustard on this one

what a mustard so spicy caught me right

here and it was good it was a nice

little catch caught me slipping for the

most part extremely light flaky crispy

now for those of you that love teeth

stop playing because if you love teeth

you know you got poor so just we're

gonna do that yeah Oh steaming hot tea

mmm little tea chairs little Sun the

whole town nice oh my goodness

all right so crab rangoon has just

arrived let's check it out and let's

open it up

let's get inside unless even those

flavours are all about okay uh I know

you see what I see I made you see that

light flaky mist that exterior right

there wouldn't it looks like these

things are flooded with love every who


come on talk to me crab rangoon talk to

me talk to me it's not about being scary

it's about appreciating it all right

then now it looks like this one right

here is just packed full of love packed

deep so we're gonna go ahead and get

into it just give it a review now first

time I mess with Rhonda me hit this

thing solo doable as is well that's nice

drop that under the sea flavor going on

go ahead go ahead go ahead just a little

bit just don't don't get crazy damn

don't get crazy there's a little

something to hold you over

oh come on tickle ahead and get into

keeping it we'll talk to me don't get a


mmm nice savory not sweet not bitter

both savory crabmeat them mixed up

almost tastes like a macaroni salad with

crab meat in there it's just like a hot

pocket full with crab meat and extreme

flavorful bite oh my goodness oh yes yes

yes yes thank you appreciate that just

how they pack it it's just extremely

amazing I'm loving every single bite

you're off I wish you guys were here so

we could share this together I really do

there my beef teriyaki strips just

arrived you need to see you need to see

what I see this is crazy right now hold

on it gets a little wild I have to tell

me that I'm not playing for your luck

look at them oh my goodness now that

right there looks like it has a little

sweetness to it a little pull but if

only you guys could smell what I'm

smelling right now oh my goodness again

right here a great taste and you Britain

Connecticut if you don't get that

teriyaki beef strip you're doing

yourself a disservice I promise you this

thing a steaming steam and trippin on

the plate and I'm but love dripping on

that plate right there oh my goodness


yeah no no no not in the house our house

house music all night long our house the

official tender fender-bender right here

let's in fine bite almost as if is being

cuddled up with a light maple drizzle

the beef has been seasoned extreme

flavor every single bite is popping

popping popping popping and your taste

buds and I didn't even hit this little

pineapple yet I'm playing games

once again just a cleanser for the

palate that's what I have the water for

that's here we have a beach trip I

thought we were onto something when I

messed around and had that clad rag old

I thought we were going somewhere

because I was gonna tell you the crab

rangoon is a heavy four out of five easy

the beef teriyaki strip five all day

banger five all day stop playing with me

stop it don't don't you do that get here

be here rock with me eat well live long

chicken low man has arrived it's getting

crazy in here right now more folks are

packing it but I want you guys to check

out this chicken lo mein right here if

you love livers they're packed full of

it they're not afraid they're not afraid

to take the flavors to the next level

they want to make sure that every bite

is a-plentiful bite and I can see

already that I'm in for a special treat

now if this lo mein does not look right

to you hit me in the comment section

below let me know what they should have

done differently or even what your

chinesepod does differently but between

that and my pork fried rice aha

ladies and gentlemen it's about to go

down now I won't lie to you I'm not 100

percent big on mushrooms I never been a

fan of mushrooms as a kid my mother

where I remember her dating this

individual in he would make his

spaghetti and meatballs and you would

always put mushrooms on the inside of it

never loved mushrooms I wasn't a fan

however thank you appreciate it

however in this given situation here I'm

pretty sure that the mushrooms do add a

pop of consistency a very light flavor

like kickback a breaker if you will from

the savory of wood chicken lamb made of

wood chicken lo mein sorry

it truly is so let's get right into it

shall we no yeah that's not playing I

know you like it baby stop playing come

here talk to me let me go ahead let me

go ahead and hit you like that roll it

up like spaghetti and let's put that

little thing up yeah get in there get in

it don't be afraid get in there don't be

afraid come in the onion I mean a sheer

cut from a cloth look that has been

elevated in flavor that is changing the

way my palate perceives flavors because

whatever they do in the kitchen whatever

they do in the kitchen back there

they're not afraid they are not afraid

and whatever sauces into their foods

whatever seasoning into their food to

bring about a delight to bring about an

experience with every single bite and

that's what great taste is to me I don't

know what it is for you and I have no

idea what it is for you but to me it's

an experience when I come here baby

because that's what I'm getting today

ladies and gentlemen

what we have today is the reason that

great taste receives that best overall

experience when it comes to a Chinese

restaurant receives the high ratings

whether its TripAdvisor whether its Yelp

it really doesn't matter receives the

love not only from the new brand

community but from the surrounding

cities as well surrounding towns as well

folks are coming there making the drive

they're coming right had a great taste

now you've seen hi I did a lie I didn't

even go crazy I don't get busy I really


I went late because I wanted to showcase

some greatness for you but what I really

want for you to do was check it out for

yourselves check it out for yourselves

and at the end of the day just hit me up

direct i'm instagram at official dam

drops let me know your experience here

wasn't an experience such as mine did

you get signed entirely different

because we can go back to the reviews

and all those four and heavy five star

reviewers are saying the overall

experience the customer service the food

everything is amazing

they weren't wrong and neither am i I

want to thank you all for tuning in

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because that's exactly what this is on

local mom-and-pop establishment and not

no big qsr are out there but it's about

that you don't want to see leave the

community now they've been in place for

over 30 years to begin with let's have

them here for another 30 and that's up

to us all of us together no matter where

I go whether I'm in Connecticut in New

York okay from in Alabama North Carolina

and Lana Miami whatever let me know

about the amount of pop spots that I

need to show love to especially the ones

that aren't receiving the love would be

a servable mean dish let's get him out

there let's give him that proper respect

do she made me a dame drops and I'm see

you guys next video I next video

hopefully he'll know what it is now I

get back to my food can I can I can I

get back to doing me hi man I love y'all

I love y'all like so cool baby thanks

for watching