hello love today we will tell you the

peeps about one of the most beautiful

cities in Europe the beautiful city of

brac today we're going to be telling you

where to stay in Prague

you haven't gone there you have to go

and these are the areas we feel like the

best for tourists to stay in so they

don't need to use the metro or car

the best area they could stay in crack

it's called old town all that is the

main one because all the main

attractions are close to the old town

the city self it's so pretty and old

town it's gorgeous

if you stay there and you can just walk

anyway please like being a fairy tale

you will love to stay there in a few

hotels close by you Mannix to the other

so you have a lot of choices there

other than Old Town you can sing like

the tap is mellow strata which is

beautiful you have to go after the

breach and it's close enough to town you

can walk the city center is very compact

in Christ so if you face it and unless

it's on don't worry about you're gonna

be close enough to all the main

attractions including the castle pride

castle you will love it there we

recommend that area I had a person

another option if you see that the Hotel

de huachipa Newtown is a very good

option because you can walk to old town

lesser town every way she's very

beautiful and very close to the rest of

the city because in prayer everything is

very close by you can walk around and

it's like more modern with cafes and

bars we're removing that part too it's

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