are you thinking about moving here to

Prague the capital of the Czech Republic

but you're not sure which area of the

city you want to live in well today I'm

going to explain a little bit about each

district and hopefully help you make the

right choice for you

ahoy from Prague I'm Paul colt Oh this

is your shin and I've lived here for

five years and as a teacher I've

explored the city a lot I've been to

lots of pubs gigs festivals you name it

and so I think I know the city pretty

well and hopefully today I can give you

a good idea of where might be the right

place for you to live if you move to

this beautiful city

so Prague one is the old historical

center it has the charles bridge and

prague castle

it's a magical spell binding like area

that's almost just lost in time it's one

of the most stunning areas I think in

the world its UNESCO and it's obviously

a very beautiful place to live but

because of that it's extremely expensive

to rent even a room or your own place is

going to be costly it's also absolutely

packed with tourists for most of the

year all the restaurants are quite

expensive because of that and I have a

friend who lived there for a while

and I remember the look on his face when

I asked him what it was like living in

that district and it was one of horror

so it's unbelievably beautiful but

because of that expensive and full of

tourists Prague too is also part of the

historic old town it's very very

beautiful it's lively it's got fantastic

restaurants and pubs but because of all

that it is quite expensive as well now

it includes the area of vinifera D which

is very popular with expats

vino Bradley does not have so many

tourists and that's probably one of the

reasons why it's popular with expats

because it is also quite close to the

center and it's beautiful already

it means wine castle I think can be

translated wine castles to English and

it's a stunning stunning area and if I

had all the money in the world I would

probably live there but as always it's

quite expensive because it's a beautiful

area it's not quite as expensive Prague

won lots of expats moved there when they

first arrived so it might be a place to

really consider looking at if you can

afford it Prague 3 is jischke which is a

little bit rough and ready but it has a

really special unique atmosphere I often

compare it to Camden Town in London

there's almost no tourists there's a

great pub scene perhaps the best in the

city there's nice parks

it's affordable but it's a slightly

acquired taste and some people might

find it a tiny bit sketchy or sleazy at

night in certain parts I can see how

specially female travellers may find it

a little bit too much when they first

arrive so what I recommend is that you

probably don't go there first but you

check it out after you arrived and it

may well be somewhere you want to live

and because it's not quite as

mind-blowing it beautiful as Prague 1

and Prague - it's slightly more

affordable and it's so close to the

center frog 4 is to the south it's large

its sprawling and it's got a lot of the

old communist tower blocks which are

known as panel arc it's not seen as a

particularly attractive place for expats

to live especially when they first

arrived I think it has its own charm and

it's not as far from the centre as

people think but if you're moving here

for the first time you're probably going

to be want to be a lot closer to the

heart of the action and that isn't

thoughtful but because it's not that

close to the center it is quite an

affordable option Prague 5 is very

pleasant it's close to the river

it has great transport connections and a

big shopping centre it can be pricey but

I really recommend checking it out

Prague 6 is a beautiful area it's full

of villas and embassies because it's

quite close to Prague Castle and it's

quite close to the center and because of

that it is quite pricey but it's

definitely worth checking out and it is

close to the airport to Prague 7 the two

core districts in Prague 7 are letna and

hollow shuvit sir these two districts

are packed with great cafes great pubs

great restaurants letna park has a view

over the whole of the you know panoramic

Prague's skyline with an amazing beer

garden there and there's also scrum off

car park there which is I think perhaps

the most sort of aesthetically pleasing

park in the city is lovely up until

maybe one year ago it was the hipster

heart of the city now arguably that

shifting towards brush of its er which

I'll talk about later but it's still got

a very much young urban creative feel

about it and there's not many tourists

and is goes to the centre and it's quite

affordable it's a really really good

option and lots of people do move there

Prague 8 is centered around parylene and

this is a very very upcoming area about

15 or 20 years ago carrion was not a

very desirable place to live but now

it's becoming so gentrified there are

fantastic restaurants fantastic cafes

it's got a really nice atmosphere

there's a lot of offices and companies

there and a lot of English speaking I

hear whenever I walk through Prague eh

it's definitely worth looking at because

the prices I think

good it's extremely close to the center

and as I say it's really up and coming

so check it out

prod 9 is probably the one part of

Prague I don't know very well because

it's sort of detached up in the top

right hand northeast corner and there's

not as far as I know not so much going

on up there it's quite residential and

therefore probably quite affordable but

when you first arrive you will probably

want to live a little bit closer to the

action and finally Prague 10 this is

where I live and Yoshi lives and we love

it don't we are you yes Prague 10

includes Bush of it so which I mentioned

earlier which is that the new hipster

capital of Prague it's got amazing pubs

amazing cafes amazing concert venues

it's got a great festival once a year

called Corso cream sky which is on the

big main hipster street

which i think is very popular especially

with expats and new arrivals I live in a

different part of Prague 10 which is a

bit more sedate it's got a beautiful

tree-lined streets and the trams are all

up and down you can hear the birds

singing this lovely little cafes

restaurants as ever it's got a nice town

feel I feel lots of young professionals

live here and it's very well served by

public transport you can quickly get to

lovely places like hosts Ivar Stefano

which is a big sort of part and big like

big Dam where you can go swimming in the

summer and sunbathe it's got mannish

Itsuki product which is very modern sort

of part with all these crazy like water

things going on that's Prague 10 I love

it it's affordable you get more for your

money here so consider it so those are

my thoughts simple and condensed on the

10 different core districts in the

centre of Prague now I invite anyone

else from Prague who has the experience

life here to add their comments below

about their experiences in those

different districts so the people that

watch this video can get my opinion and

also opinions from those people as well

if you're coming to Prague to study or

to become an English teacher then I

guess the areas that would probably take

most of your boxes would be Prague 7

Prague - if you can afford it and then


and ten and three if you're feeling

brave are all awesome as well I really

hope that helps I hope you're getting

excited about moving to this fantastic

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