Where to LIVE and STAY in PRAGUE | TOURISTS & EXPATS | Prague Districts EXPLAINED




welcome back to another video guys if

you are new here

my name is matt and i am beginning to

make travel content

now the more i am able to travel

so today's video is all about where i

currently live

prague i've been living in prague for

just about two years now and i am

getting ready to depart the city to a

new destination

and the other day i was thinking to

myself well

what can i do to make a video about my

experience here

or a video that can help other people

that are going to be moving here or even

coming here to visit

so today's video is all about where to


in prague now if you're going to come

here as a taurus on a short term stay

or even move here on a long term stay

i have a lot of information that i think

could be helpful to you

in deciding where you want to possibly

live in terms of areas of the city so

all the information

i will talk about today is solely based

off of my experience

and partly off of people that i have

come by who are

also expats living in the city i'd like

to start off

the video just talking about some basic


about the city here um now most of you

probably know where

prague is is located in the czech

republic in the center

of europe pretty much it's in the

central region it's not western europe

it's not really eastern europe it's

pretty much

central and that's how most people

consider it that live here

in terms of prague it is the 13th


city in the european union with just

over 1.3 million

people also in terms of area

it covers about 298 kilometers squared

or just about 115 miles squared

the city is divided into ten municipal

districts such as number one to number

ten prague proc two product three all

the way to ten

and it also is divided into 22

administrative districts

and those are 1 to 22. so

the same thing prague 1 prague 2 and

then all the way to 22. there are 57

municipal parts or 112

cadastral areas cadastral areas

would be like in prague

2 uh there's a place called

vinorati and novemesto

so the city isn't as big as maybe you

would think

it's very walkable you can get to most

places on foot

it will take a little bit of time

sometimes but if you're trying to go to

somewhere within the city center area or

even outside of the city center area

usually you can walk there getting from

point a to point b

isn't too difficult but there are tons

of public transportation

like a metro tram lines

buses ubers i don't recommend taxis

um there's like rentable bikes rentable


so there's tons of ways to get around

um if you're trying to get somewhere and

it's a very

uh walkable city like i said and the

transportation is very efficient now

that you know a little bit information


prague and how big it is and how many

people live here

let's get into where to actually live

the different areas the different

districts which ones i recommend

which ones i've had experience with and

so forth i'm going to introduce this

section in two parts one being if you're

going to be here

as a tourist and two if you're going to

be living here as a resident for long


so if you're going to be here as a

tourist you're most likely going to want

to live

near city center where everything is

pretty much

outside of your doorstep you're probably

going to want to

choose prague 1 prague two maybe prog


five or even eight but i will go into

more detail

about these parts now if you're going to

live here as a resident

long term you're probably gonna want to

live away from where the taurus are

so you're not going to live in prague 1

prague 2 and so forth

you may live in prague 3 maybe prague 4

product 5 6 7. all right now i will give


further detail on each district i'm only

going to cover districts 1 to 10

but i won't cover the ones all the way

up towards 22

because they are a bit further away and

i don't know too much about them

but if you would like to learn about

them you can easily look them up

and learn some stuff on them but i don't

recommend you

really living in those areas if you're

just coming to the city for your first

time alright so starting first

is going to be prague one prague one is

where you are going to see many of your

tourist attractions

such as charles bridge old town square

john lennon wall powder gate jewish


and more also the accommodation in this

area can be quite expensive

when everything is normal and people are


and it's peak season and so forth also

the noise level isn't really in your


here and typically if you want

peace it may be hard to find that within

the city center

but i mean if you're coming to move here

pretty soon

you might be able to get some good deals

as right now

there's a lot of vacancy and many

different accommodations

and you can find great prices on flats


prague 1. the good thing about staying

in prague 1 is you'll have access to

many metro lines

tram lines buses and so forth so

transportation really isn't a problem

getting anywhere or even outside of the

city center

everything is going to be in walking

distance pretty much right outside your


so that's a plus like i mentioned before

this is going to be the best place to

live if you are a taurus here

on a short stay and you want to be fully


in all of the taurus things that are


if you want to know about the different

areas within prague 1 the cadastral

areas i'm going to

list them on the screen here all right

moving along is prague 2 now

prague 2 is my personal favorite as i

have spent a lot of time here over the

past couple years

also many of my friends that are here in

prague and the people i have come by in


have either lived in prague 2 once or


still live in prague 2. this area is

known for

three cadastral areas uh it mainly


vichran and vinorati that's like the

bulk of it

and then it also covers part of newtown

which newtown is going

closer towards the river in this area

you will find many things to do

including lots of bars cafes

restaurants there are a few local parks

where you can get out and enjoy some


scenery such as regrovery

and havolikovi saadi i don't know if i

pronounced that right but those are two

of the main parks

so you can see some nature within this


also you will have access to a main

metro line

running through the center of prague

which is going to be the green metro

uh metro line a there are many places

that live here as well

you will find a lot of flat shares

studio some entire apartments that you

can rent out to yourself

it all depends on your preference and i

found that the pricing of accommodation

in prague 2 is reasonably affordable

it's not too expensive and you can also

find some very cheap ones if you look

hard enough all right next up is prague


prague 3 is known to be quite popular as

a place to live among expats as well

now there are two cadastral areas one


zhizkov and one being vinorati

in prague 3 it can be known as pretty


so depending on where you are going if

you're walking

it can be a bit of a challenge if you

don't like hills but there are a few

modes of transportation around so you

can take a few trams

there's some buses but the metro is a

little bit further away to get to

usually you have to connect via bus or

tram to get to the metro

or walk about 10-15 minutes depending on

where you are coming from

there's also a lot of bars cafes


for you to go hang out at so there's a


amount of things to do and here you're

gonna find more locals rather than


also in terms of housing i think the

housing in this area is pretty

affordable it might be a little more

affordable than prague

2 as it's a little further away i guess

and you'll find more local families

living in this area

all right up next is prague 4. iv

consists of

many cadastral areas which i'm not going

to name because there's too many and

these ones are difficult to pronounce

you will see them on the screen here now

this area

is known for being like the business

district kind of

because there are a lot of businesses

and high-rise buildings where

a lot of corporate companies are so if

you're going to be

working for a business here as an expat

maybe you want to live in this area as

your job might be

located in this area if you want to

learn about

uh this area a little bit more i have a

video up here in the youtube card where

you can see

the modern buildings that there are in

the high-rise building so you can check

that out here

proc 4 is a little different than all

the other ones i've mentioned so far

i don't know too many people that

actually live in this area

but if you do want to come over to this


it's not too hard to get to but you

usually have to take

either the metro the red line which

would be

the bee line or

some tram or a bus or something however

you're going to get over here

but there are a few shopping malls so

you can definitely come over here to

come shopping

but honestly i don't know too much about

this area so

if you do want to learn more about it i

recommend looking it up

all right now is prague 5. fog 5 is

known for many international areas as


and it is actually a really big area

it's very interesting because there are

a lot of popular places to live here

that are still close

to the city center so if you want to

maybe live in prague 5 you're probably

going to want

to live as close to the river as


so you're going to look at areas such as

ando and

smikov and in this area you will have

access to

a very big mall and also one of the


grocery stores in prague called tesco

if you don't really know about tesco or

anything it's kind of like

the walmart of the us but not that big

also there are a lot of bars cafes and

restaurants to go to here so you have

plenty of options for dining and hanging


um you do have access to a few

transportation methods there's the green

line that cuts through on one end

and then the yellow line on the other

end so both the c and the a line are


you also have trams and buses so it's

very easy to get around

and also to get into the city center and

so forth now part of prague 5

is very hilly so depending on where you

live you may have to walk up some hills

just like in prague 3 but like i already


if this is an area that maybe you want

to live i recommend probably living

closer towards the river

next is prague 6. frog 6 is another

huge area and there are many cadastral


this is a really big area covering so

much space that it actually runs from

the main airport all the way to like the

river pretty much

but in this area you will find two parks

one being stromafka and one being

letna but latina is kind of on the


of this district it's actually not in it

it's like

right over the border into another

district but it's pretty close

i've also found that a lot of students

live in this area so maybe it's a great

place to live as a student

there are plenty modes of transportation

you have the metro which would be the

green line

um you have a lot of trams and you have

a few buses you will live pretty close


the prague castle probably as the prague

castle is kind of towards this area

in terms of accommodation it's probably

going to be relatively affordable in

this area as you're a little bit further

outside of the city center as well all

right next up is proc 7

now prague 7 is just two cadastral areas

um i don't know too much about them but

i know just a little bit so

mention what i do know it's an upcoming

area i've known

a few people to live in this area but

not for long before moving

over towards prague 2 and prague 3. proc


is actually really close to city center

it's pretty much just on the other side

of the river

so you have access to trams and buses

and metro

so getting around isn't a problem

also it's home to latina park which

is a very nice park which has one of the

best views over the river

looking at all the bridges wrapped

around the bend

so this is a nice place to hang out

enjoy some time

they also have stalin plaza there the

famous skateboarding place

and a place where you can kind of get

some drinks and hang out at tables and

enjoy some time with others

so that being said there are definitely

a fair share

of restaurants cafes and bars and places

to hang out at

also accommodation can be pretty

affordable from what i've heard

alright prague 8 now prager is another

very big area

with many different cadastral areas from

what i know about prague 8

is it's very popular for one area and

that's carlene

and that's the area closest to the city


this area kind of wraps around the river

and then goes

all the way up so it is very big like i

just said

but if you're going to want to live in

this area you might want to choose

closer towards the city center which is

the carleen area

it's also like a business district i've

kind of noticed a lot of people that

work in the business

field they live over here as there are

some corporate offices for things

there are a lot of bars cafes

restaurants just like all the other


so in terms of the transportation it's

very quick into the city

center you can just take a tram and you

get there really fast there is a metro


too so you can take the metro but if you

want to go to

prague 2 or prog 3 it can be a little

more challenging

walking will take a little ways as you

will have to walk uphill and through a


take a transportation to there you

usually have to go around which can take

some extra time

so going to those areas from there isn't

really the best

but going into the city center is very

quick and easy

now in terms of rent for prager and

carlene i haven't heard of too much

i've heard that in the carlin area it


be a bit expensive if you don't find the

right place

but i assume on the other end of prague

gate it's got to be affordable as it's

further away from the city center

next up is prague 9. this is another

district that i don't really know much

about at all either and it's a little

bit on the outskirts

now if you prefer being a bit far away

from the city

this might be the place for you as it is

on the outskirt of prague 8

and on the other side of prague

three here you're going to have a lot of


areas maybe some green space and

probably local families living here so

it's not going to be very

expat like i would say all right and the

last district i'm going to go into

detail about is prague 10.

now prague 10 is another huge area to

live in

and it is very popular among expats as


there are many great places to live in

this area in terms of cadastral areas as

there are a few different ones

what i do recommend is looking at

uh vinorati and uh the other one would


ceviche see they're kind of tricky to

pronounce if you don't really know czech

but hopefully i pronounced that right if

i did let me know in the comments if i

didn't let me know in the comments i'd

like to know

but i would definitely recommend those

two areas as they are closer to

proc 2 and prague 3 in the city center


they're not as far out and they're very

nice to live in

there's also a lot of bars cafes

restaurants in this area

so you'll definitely have plenty of

options for things to do

also the transportation isn't too bad in

this area as well

um you can find the trams and the buses

running here quite often

but the metro can be a little bit tricky

to get to as you may have to connect

via tram or bus to get to the metro so

with the

10 districts i just mentioned let's

recap and

really pinpoint exactly maybe who these

districts are for

so as you know there are many places to

live depending on your personal


but i want to break this down into five

categories i guess

so one if you want to be close to the

city center

i recommend you choosing prague one

brock 2

prague 3 or even prague 8 which is the


area and maybe a few other areas

but to be close to the city center as a


these are the areas you're going to want

to live as everything is going to be


and convenient to get to now if you want

to live close to the river

you're going to want to choose prague 1

prague 2

prague 5 and prague 7 maybe prague 8

but that side of the river really isn't


fancy as there isn't much to do like

walking along the

river walkway and seeing the swans and

stuff like that

now if you want to be near nature maybe

you have an animal so you want to take

your animal

out to some green space to let them run


you're going to want to choose prague 5

prague 6 prague

7 or even prague 9 because these areas

have bigger green spaces

and there's some nature where you can

maybe go hiking

walking and just kind of get away from


city center city life style

vibes i guess you want to call them but

also you can live in prague 2 and prague

3 where there are those little green

space parks like

regrovie and havelikovi saudi

and stuff like that if you want to enjoy

a lot of nightlife

i will recommend that you live in prague

one two

or three as here you're going to find a

lot of bars

a lot of clubs all the clubs will mainly


in prague one and broad two

but there definitely are a lot of bars

in these areas

not saying that there aren't bars and

stuff in the other areas but

there's more of them in this area

hopefully they'll all still

be running for the time when you come


and hopefully the pandemic doesn't kill

them all out alright

and in terms of my personal

recommendations i recommend prague 2

prague 3 and prague 7. now

i've lived in just prague two

during my two years here both times but

one time was one side of prog two

and now this time it's this side of prog

two the opposite side

so right now i currently live in prague

2 near the river i'm really close to

city center but i got a very good

affordable rate on my accommodation

where i stay and where i did live before

was next to rigorovi park

and that was even cheaper than here

which i liked that area actually a lot

better so if you're going to be an expat

living here i totally recommend you

living in prague 2

or prague 3 and then maybe prog 7 as it


up and coming and you have some some

great benefits in that area for things

to do

but definitely uh look up those so

you're going to want to look at vinorati

zizkov and maybe the latina area

those three cadastral areas will be

great choices for you

so everything i pretty much talked about

in this video now

it was pretty much based off of my own

opinions my experiences

and also the experiences off of friends

that live here as well

that i'm close with if you would like to

learn more about a specific area or

maybe you have some questions

i recommend leaving some comments below

and i will get back to you

with the best answer that i think is

right and if you haven't already

consider subscribing to my channel as

i'm going to be producing a lot more


as the time goes on i have a few other

videos planned before my departure here

in prague

so maybe there will be some helpful

stuff that you will be interested in

also if there's some other things that

you want to learn about

in terms of maybe moving to prague and

whether the choice is right for you

i'm going to leave some links in the

description where you can learn

about these areas and really decide what

is right for you

alright well i hope all the information

i provided you today will be valuable to


and will help you choose where you want

to live

in prague well that's going to be it for

today's video so thank you for watching

this far

and i will see you in the next one