PRAGUE's MOST FUN Place to Stay

hey guys welcome to a brand new vlog and

today we're in the place called vino


which actually translates to wineries

vino ride is located 30 minutes walk

from old town square

or 15 minutes walk from saint pence club

square this is one of the best places

you can stay in prague as a tourist or

as a local

as it's known as one of the most

trendiest districts in prague with the

highest concentration of coffee shops

and restaurants in one place

in this video we're going to explore

this district what things are there to


either as a tourist or as a local and

we're going to be starting this video in

namaste miro by the church of saint

ludmila we're going to visit some iconic

places you need to see

we're going to enjoy some of the

atmosphere this place has to offer

so make sure you stay to the end as you

don't want to miss out some of the

hidden gems we're going to be showing


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more history on this area is that there

used to be vineyards

all over the place and these have slowly

been replaced by buildings

and also by other parks so as you can

see behind me it's

a very very beautiful building which

happens to be a super market

so this is actually albert which is one

of the popular chains so we're going to

go inside grab some water

and we're going to see what it looks

like if it's also beautiful inside


or it's just a basic supermarket


that may be the cleanest outfit i've

seen it's quite small

but it's really organized it's really


and inside the mall there are also like

some shops which are selling furniture

and also some what look like flowers so

i think it's a nice little shopping mall

probably a bit on the higher end if

you're not going to albert

but it's really really nice

one thing that strikes me about this

area is that it's perfect for families

it's perfect for young people who want

to have fun and for example go out for

drinks or want to go out and experience

like the food culture which is in

prague so this is one of the best places

you can live

so you have parks for example this one

which is good for families

you have some great architecture and all

this comes at a price

so if you want to live here if you want

a house with two bedrooms in the kitchen

for example

expect to pay around fifteen thousand to

twenty thousand crown

and if you want a house with two

bedrooms a living room and a kitchen

expect to pay around 30 000 crown to 50

000 crown

so it's quite expensive it comes at a

price but what you're getting

is a vibrant place with lots of things

to do

and a lot of things to experience

however with living in places like this

i find that most people live in flat

blocks which are like five

levels high and there's one flat block

on each side of the road

so you really really need to be aware

when you're going to be living here

that if you're facing another building

there's zero privacy

there is a complete lack of privacy so

you're going to see some things you

don't want to see

and your neighbors are probably going to

see some things they don't want to see

at all

so that's something to keep in mind

there's no privacy and you don't get as

much light

coming into the building so that's also

my experience

so that's why i prefer living in a place

where there's no building in front so

that's just something to keep in mind

however i also like that the buildings

here they have very nice architecture


nice designs and some nice nice


so that's really cool so now we're going

to walk to the

center of this um phenomena district

and this is where there's a very

beautiful church which happens to have

one of the largest

clock faces in the whole of europe and

this is the church of the heart of our

lord i think that's the name it's a

strange name

but we're gonna just go there and it's

just down this road


this church was built in 1932 so it's

one of the modern 20th century


and then you have on this other side

farmers markets so these are open

from wednesday until saturday so the

interesting thing about this park is

there's bars all around so people are

buying drinks

and then they get to enjoy them in the

park and just sit with the

views they get enjoy their drink or you

can buy food and then there's also some

background music playing because there's

also normally someone playing like for

example violin

or whatever just to entertain the crowds

so this

nice place to hang out shave today's

weather is not so great as i prefer

but this is a very nice place


so close to the church of the sacred

heart of our lord

a few minutes walk you're gonna find

this it's called the zizkov tower

and this is the fourth ugliest building

or third i guess building in the world

so we've done a vlog on this tower here

it's got like one of the best best views

you're gonna see of prague

you can see all the way to the old town

and you can see also on the other side

of town so this is a very cool place to


so make sure you check out the vlog

which we've done on the 10 secret

places to visit in prague so in that

vlog so we went all the way up and then

i've got some really cool shots over


so that's another thing which you're

gonna find in this district so now

i'm gonna walk to one of the cafes and

probably get a beer on the way


so i got my beer here and then we have

like some background music

i think it's spanish but it's such a

nice vibe such a nice little cafe

just in front of the church of the

secretary of florida so this is

very very cool i like it yes




guess who joined us hey hey

i just came from hairdresser yeah and

she's got some new hair

she was having her hair done in a fancy

way in this

posh area i went to my favorite saloon

yeah very fresh how was it

it was very good did they pamper you

yeah they always spawn for you they

prepare you coffee or tea

and they make sure that you have always

water and they give this masa head


yeah they're very relaxed yeah yeah

they're really nice yeah

trendy enough compared to bruno or even


actually i had a very good salon in brno

but this is this is just one level up

when it comes

to customer service so it's pretty nice

customer service

yeah yeah so now we have 20 minutes to

reach to the cafe we want to go before

it closes


so we got here it's really cute cafe um

there is nice music and it's quite

spacious actually you can see it outside

or inside we just got our order

this is carrot cake and two cappuccinos

and it looks really yummy and the

service is just great

so yeah i'm excited for this this is

really nice place to come

but our coffee is like beautiful

beautiful design it's just

outstanding and it was pretty quick

service because it's not that busy

but i'm very excited for this so the

first sip

it's good but it's not as strong as i

expected like a flat white

because it's late as i said so that i

went for cappuccino

it's very creamy it's like really nice


it lacks the acidity which i prefer

again because i prefer like more strong


but it's a good coffee good design good


and mia also got baby cappuccino

which is outstanding service because

normally she's just watching us drink

our coffee so

today she has her own coffee oh baby


i'm gonna try the carrot cake it looks

really beautiful it's moist

it's enough cream and there is lots of

pieces of carrots in the cream

it looks like a wedding cake actually


exactly as i described moist

flavors and

there's like a lot of i think honey or


like there's something some extra flavor

i'm not used to in kyoto

which makes it like a whole picture it's

really really good or maybe ginger maybe

a bit of ginger

i don't know you need to try it but it's

so nice highly

recommend it even as a wedding cake


so we just left this place and it's

called the coffee corner bakery so you

really really need to check it out it

shows what in a ride is all about

great cafes it's just amazing yes highly

recommend it

yeah so i hope you enjoyed this video

about the place called vinoradi and

we're gonna see you in the next one

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