Cost of Living in Cincinnati Compared to Other U.S. Cities

I'm thinking of moving to Cincinnati

Ohio what is the cost of living and how

is it compared to other cities

nationally that's what we're going to

look at in today's video


okay everyone welcome in my name is Eric

Stan yaw with Keller Williams Realty and

team Stan your comm I'm a Cincinnati

real estate agent and what I wanted to

do today is do a quick video on the cost

of living of Cincinnati so if you are

out there in other cities and you're

potentially looking to move maybe you're

on the west coast you're like this is

crazy the costs are outrageous or the

East Coast or maybe you're even in the

Midwest somewhere and you're like hey I

heard about Cincinnati

I heard it's up-and-coming and I heard

that it's extremely affordable to live

in well that is true and I want to dive

into the numbers today and take a look

at that one because I love the city I

live here I've grown up in Cincinnati

and live here in Northern Kentucky

Cincinnati basically my whole life it's

a fantastic city and when you start to

compare it to the other cities

nationally particularly in the Midwest

but also nationally I mean the numbers

are pretty outrageous in terms of the

cost of living so let's go ahead and

dive in I'm gonna I'm gonna go over to

this website and show you guys some of

the numbers now okay so I wanted to jump

in and show you guys a few websites out

there and particularly this one called

ready Cincinnati calm ready is the

regional economic develop something like

that and basically you know this is site

that's Pro Cincinnati but they got some

awesome things out here including a

cost-of-living index calculator first

thing I wanted to show you guys on this

homepage is that you know comparing the

cost index cincinnati has the lowest

cost index in the nation so if the

national baseline is a hundred

Cincinnati's coming in at ninety four

and among thirty one largest US cities

Cincinnati is the number one lowest cost

index in the nation so right off of that

that should make your eyebrows raised a

little bit if you're thinking about

moving to Cincinnati they've got all

kinds of great info on here but I want

to pop over to living here what is this

cost of living page you got some really

great information on this page so just

going through here it says hey you can

live better for Less in Greater

Cincinnati what is it what do they mean

by that well visitors and transplants

that are often surprised by our reasons

notable cost of living residents can

purchase beautiful homes in all kinds of

arrays and styles and neighborhoods for

a fraction of larger market prices at I

recently had a friend who moved here

from he was in San Antonio I'm sorry he

was in Oklahoma City and then he was in

the Dallas area and then Birmingham

baman he moved up here it's like this

city's awesome and he's like how come

nobody knows about this place it's

amazing so just a few things I want to

point out here first thing is the median

home price okay so if you're this is

coming from the NA are the National

Association of Realtors from q1 2017 and

it's showing the median home price

compared to San Jose San Francisco

Seattle New York Boston Atlanta

Cincinnati San Jose median home price is

over 1 million dollars a little bit

pricey to live out there in Silicon

Valley San Francisco upwards of around

800,000 Seattle you're looking at what

for 425 New York 400 maybe Boston's

about 250 median home price Atlanta two

hundred Cincinnati coming in a solid 145

thousand dollars for a median home so

super affordable and then let's say you

don't want a home but you want to rent

well how much square footage can you get

for 1500 month $1,500 a month and rent

just take a look at this the amount of

square feet you can get compared to New

York San Francisco Boston San Jose

Seattle even Atlanta Cincinnati is just

kind of crushing it in terms of you

actually want some living space and you

want an affordable house this is the

place to come

so cost of living is one thing right if

it's cheap or inexpensive but what about

the quality of life I mean you don't you

don't want to go live somewhere that

sucks let's be honest here so you know

that's where you should dive into this

website and some others but there's some

amazing things going on here I'm this

side saying the quality of life is

what's truly impressive we've got

leading edge health care nationally

nationally ranked education from UC

Xavier are different universities and

here are some of the other big city

amenities you know when you're

in here and by the way so you've got the

Reds you've got these amazing parks like

Washington Park Smale Park down by the


you've got FC Cincinnati which just was

announced that they the NLS chose

Cincinnati for his latest expansion team

so welcome to the MLS Cincinnati if

you've been following that at all you'll

know that Cincinnati has a rabid group

of fanbase that's like incredible I mean

they're consistently out drawing all NLF

cities basically in attendance for their

FC Cincinnati Club and now we're in the

MLS which is super cool so we've got you

know in terms of pro sports you're

looking at the Cincinnati Reds the the

first major league baseball team the

oldest major league baseball team

you've got cincinnati bengals and now FC

cincinnati it was just joined the mls

you've got an incredible art scene here

in cincinnati from the Contemporary Art

Center the Art Museum the Cincinnati

ballet the Cincinnati Opera if you're

into the arts I mean Cincinnati's really

top-notch when it comes to the art scene

there's an incredible zoo that's

nationally renowned the Flying Pig

marathon every year and if you are into

drinking beer and listening to music

this is a good place to be cincinnati

has a strong German heritage we've been

cracking beer here for literally

hundreds of years and it shows we've got

some incredible craft breweries here

Ryan Deiss Matri Braxton if you like

good beer you will be very happy and

pleased if you move to Cincinnati and

all the stuff is within reach what

you're seeing also here is a lot of

startups a lot of businesses are moving

to the Midwest finding cities like

Cincinnati and they're like man why

should I spend all this money in New

York for Silicon Valley or wherever in

California when I go to the Midwest

start my business for a fraction of the

cost I worked for a start-up here

locally as their their internet

marketing director for a little while

and found that you know it's a good

place to work and and

so what this is looking at if your

software developers let's say you jump

into the startup scene here in Cincy

which is really growing very quickly and

you for one hour of work as a software

developer here's what you can buy

compared to these other cities right so

pro soccer tickets you can buy

four-and-a-half tickets compared to two

right in New York Boston Atlanta

two-and-a-half in Seattle domestic beers

you can buy 14 here compared to nine in

New York or ten and a half in San Fran

eleven in Seattle

avocado toasts so clearly this site was

developed by you know someone trying to

reach Millennials to move here it's a

little funny but avocado toast you can

buy nine here in Cincinnati whereas you

know you can only buy a 3.75 avocado

toast in Atlanta which is truly

disappointing you know Atlanta and

they're you know they're really price

gouging people with their avocado toast

down there and it's it's it's pretty sad

to see well what about parking so the

commute in Cincinnati by the way is

really easy basically it's like 20

minutes wherever you're at which is nice

and you can park downtown with one hour

of work 14 days compared to four days in

Seattle for in San Fran two-and-a-half

in Boston and one and a half in New York

and really who's who owns a car in New

York anyway I don't know okay but don't

take our word for it you guys ever

watched Reading Rainbow so this thing at

the bottom here is actually really cool

and I encourage you guys to jump on this

website and use it it's a cost-of-living

index calculator so what you can do is

compare the cost of living here in

Cincinnati to basically any other US

city I'm just gonna plug in I'm gonna

plug in Chicago here we're about five

hours from Chicago Drive and my aunt

just left and moved Chicago actually a

lot of people are leaving in Chicago

because the taxes are just getting

outrageous but you just hit this

calculate button and what it does is it

takes a look at if you're earning

$50,000 after tax in Chicago

the comparable after-tax income in

Cincinnati is $37,000 so because the

cost of living is so low here in

Cincinnati compared to Chicago

you're basically sticking $13,000 in

your pocket a year if you're making that

same amount so that's pretty awesome if

you go down the list here you can see

your groceries are gonna cost fifteen

percent less housings and cost 51

percent less than in Chicago Illinois

transportation is 20 percent less and

you can kind of play around with us go

down through each category and look at

you know how much it costs from Chicago

to Cincinnati let's just take a look at

this real quick let's say you make more

than 50 you make $100,000 a year what

does that look like well in the

comparable after-tax income in in

Cincinnati's you'd only have to make 75

for the same cost of living so again

you're putting like 25 grand in your

pocket let's say you make 200 grand

okay calculate that and basically you're

putting $50,000 in your pocket if you

move from Chicago to Cincinnati and

you're making $200,000 in Chicago so

don't take our word for it

use this calculator whatever city you're

moving from and check it out I mean it's

it's incredibly affordable to live here

as you guys can see there's some other

websites that are out there this one's

pretty cool it's called this is

Cincinnati calm and they've got some

similar statistics you know that you're

gonna get more than you pay for and

Cincinnati you don't have to fight to

survive in Cincinnati you can thrive I

like that line I know the guy who wrote

this but you know if you're in another

city and you're just scrapping you know

paycheck to paycheck to get by and

you're fighting to just survive you know

if you do that here the cost of living

is so low you can actually thrive here

so this goes down it works through hey

look we were ranked on Forbes for the

best cities number nine for the best

cities to raise a family we've got all

this affordable housing we've got

beautiful architecture let me take a

look at this stat Cincinnati is one of

the most affordable real estate markets

more than 40 percent lower than the

national average Cincinnati is 40

percent lower than the national average

in terms of real estate costs and that's

just outrageous you could spend the same

you could spend $700,000 for a home in

San Francisco and you can get that same

house here in Cincinnati for $120,000 so

I mean it's up to you guys you know but

the world's global you can work on the

Internet and I recommend you move here

I'd love to meet you so I hope this

video was helpful for you guys looking

thinking about okay I'm looking at

different cities where I want to live if

you need help if you want to know about

the neighborhoods Cincinnati super

diverse and we've got a little something

for everybody so there's 52 different

neighborhoods you know if you want to

live in hipster land or you know

downtown urban scene or you want to live

in suburbia or you want to live out the

country you can do it all and give me a

call I'd love to help you out talk you

through that help you find the perfect

place to live if you're looking to move

to Cincinnati and bring all the people

to Cincinnati we welcome you here I love

to have you guys come here this place is

awesome I live here with my wife my four

kids I grew up here it's an amazing

place to live it's an amazing place to

raise a family and it's as you can see

super affordable cost of living is

obviously very low so all right I'm

gonna wrap this thing up hope this was

helpful if you watched this far thank

you so much

give us a like if this video was helpful

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would love to help you find the perfect

place to live and get moved here

Cincinnati we can actually start putting

some of those extra dollars in your

pocket thanks so much for watching this

one guys and we'll see you next time