hey guys welcome back to my channel

today's video is going to be another day

in my life but it's gonna be a little

bit different I'm exploring at the city

of Cincinnati today I'm actually

currently in Kentucky right now I'm

visiting family for the week and I

wanted to do a lot of videos while I'm

here to show you guys around there's a

lot of cool new trendy places and today

we are actually going to Cincinnati to

visit my great uncle my grandma's

brother and we're gonna go there and

have some breakfast with them and

explore Cincinnati so I thought I would

take you guys along with me because it's

gonna be really cool we're gonna have

some good views so I hope you guys are

excited to come along with me and let's

get this day going we are at White

Castle if you have ever been to Kentucky

or on the east coast White Castle is

very possible there's one in Vegas but

that's rare it's pretty much the best

place to get sliders and they have

chicken rings those are my two favorites

but we're getting breakfast here so

million rings yeah

onion rings it's so good we always get

able to come here I'm with Justin and if

dude who wants to be on the block this

is my grandma Dee do we call her Dee

they're not grandma because that's just

lame yeah so we're gonna go to

Cincinnati and then explore




so we're finally in Cincinnati it is so

pretty over here it's so different from

where I live so I love it

you have to tell this story about nice

but basically we are going to see like I

said my uncle Larry every time we come

out to Kentucky we always go and visit

him he'll either come to Kentucky to see

us or we'll go to Cincinnati to see him

and he has a really awesome house here

is super cool he has his own like gym in

there he's a personal trainer but yeah

so I thought I would explain like who

Larry is it's so pretty over here and I

have a funny story for you guys so

there's this building and my brother and

Dee do have this funny story about it

it's like their little inside joke so

I'm gonna go ahead and let them tell you

we're driving last time I came to visit

on my own and we were driving to

Cincinnati to see Larry and we passed

and there was this really cool building

in the skyline it was like blue and

white and I like had this cool curving

type of build so I asked you to I was

like yeah what was that building and

she's like I'm pretty sure it's a life

insurance building so I was like oh okay

cuz I mean I'm not from here so all I

could do is take her word for it so we

get to Larry's house and we're talking

to his husband Tom about building and

Dee to go so yeah what was that building

down there though blew it the cool blue

white one and he told us that their

condos and then he's we started cracking

up and we were he was like why and then

she was like well I thought it was a

life insurance building so for the rest

of the day every time we would pass any

building Tomlin pointed it he's again I

think that's a life insurance ability

too because we just thought everything

was a life insurance building

yeah that's pretty much the whole story

that's the story but they were saying it

on the way here and I like just think

it's like parties because I I thought

that I took her word well because no

because Dena knows what she's talking

about she does where we lost right now

yeah Steve oh I was like oh do you want

me to drive like so you have to drive

it's just like no I know where I'm going

like it's fine I don't wanna have to

tell you directions and then now we're


700 feet I haven't been to their house

since I was probably like I don't know

like 13 like or 10

I don't remember Justin how old were we

last time I came I was really young but

I remember the cool thing about his

house is he had these old like

telephones and me and us we call each

other on them in the house but yeah

that's all I remember so I really

haven't been here in a long long time



okay well the good news is we've made it

we found it took a little bit but we

figured it out and we're here now we

have to turn around in park but you know

it's just today's a little bit of a

struggle but it'll be fine I'm happy

we're here so that's that's all that

matters you know I want to apologize I

have so many zits

I broke out really bad from flying

yesterday so this is just not really

what I want my face to look like but I'm

just dealing with it because I wanted to

film so you guys garage is purple I love


oh the inclines public-house this is

where we came that you need so we just

got to the restaurant that we're eating

at it's called the incline public house

and the cool thing about it is that it

has this crazy view of the entire city

so it's really hot outside but it's not

too bad it's not like really humid I

asked you whether they thought it would

be yeah just kind of hot but yeah so

there's the restaurant over there

they're gonna go get seats for us and

I'm gonna take an Instagram picture and

also show you guys the view because it's

really nice

there's the restaurant and then here's

the view

it's weird how the vibe of Cincinnati is

just like so much different than

Kentucky yeah you know it's like a

little bit different than where we were

but this whole area is so cool I don't


it's got like a different feel it does

maybe that's what it is we just got done

with our little brunch how was it did

you guys like it was it good it was

really good very delicious I don't know

what we're doing now but apparently it's

very mucky it wasn't bad like when I

first got out of the car and then now

it's sweaty but yeah it was a good as a

good brunch

so we've just left Larry and Tom's house

we saw some views I probably just

inserted the footage for you guys to see

but we stopped it a few lookouts and it

was really cool it was really nice

getting to see them and getting to

explore Cincinnati a little bit more

since I haven't been here since I was

like 10 but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed

coming along for the day with me I don't

know how long this is gonna be hopefully

it's enough footage but I'll be filming

the rest of the week whatever I do so

you keep up with that but yeah I hope

you guys enjoyed the video make sure to

subscribe if you haven't already and I

will see you guys in my next one