10 Best Neighborhoods Cincinnati

Hyde Park didn't make the list and

neither did Westchester it sounds

unusual when we're talking about the ten

best places to live in Greater

Cincinnati editor Jaso is joining us

with a closer look at the top picks in

the August issue of Cincinnati magazine

good morning how are you morning to know

how many Stan neighborhoods selected

what we did is we looked at a number of

homes sold and average sale prices in

all of Greater Cincinnati over the last

about five years in founded places where

things been better than you'd think

and there were some upward trends in

those categories now you chose

neighborhoods from kind of all four

quadrants Greater Cincinnati West Side

East Side north of i-275 as well as

Northern Kentucky let's start with

Westwood yeah Wes what's kind of like I

always think it is like the sleeping

giant because it's got this amazing

trove of charming houses

yeah it's a big neighborhood it's got a

very active Civic Association very

positive they're always working hard

from the neighborhood very good schools

Western Hills high school data or

Montessori mother mercy so it's one of

these neighborhoods that probably

doesn't get as much

I don't know props as it probably should

but it really is one of these places

that's you know coming back and you can

find some large houses over there too Oh

classic house yeah

Victorians for squares you know even

traditionals and ranch homes homes

there's a whole bunch of ranch houses

over there now let's move to the other

side of town

Kennywood right that's where I was yeah

it's the same thing a really diverse

housing stock you know it's a really

good school district that's in the

Indian Health School District and very

well situated you know right kind of

park there between Sycamore Township and

Columbia Township it overlaps both and

easy to get on the highway and get to

anywhere now I know some people in Fort

Thomas too in Northern Kentucky and they

love it yeah exactly the same thing I

mean in sense that it's really close to

downtown the Fort Thomas independent

school district is excellent and it's

also got just an amazing array of homes

you know these older big mansions nice

places that were built in the last 50

years so the cost can range you know

you've got a lot of places to choose

from with that oh yes oh yeah I can and

they've had very good

surprisingly good home sales they've

continued to go up over the last few

years yeah you know in a lot of other

neighborhoods in other parts of the

country obviously have been hit harder

supposed to because Liberty Township

that's kind of one of the newer places

you chose as far as like newer

subdivisions popping up over the past

couple of decades yes up in the North

Country there but you know shares land

with Westchester has Lakota school

district which is excellent with

distinction and but it's it's seen a

tremendous growth in the last 30 years

surprisingly they still apparently have

about they're only about 50% built out

so they need to build

subdivisions up there because they've

got a lot of farmland I guess too but

that's yeah that's one more newer


okay well Jay he's holding out on the

rest of the list because we want you to

check out the arc is an issue of

Cincinnati magazine on newsstands right

now thank you so much day we appreciate

it you're welcome