Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Cincinnati, Ohio. No real need for sunscreen. Raincoat maybe.

what is going on everyone how about we

stay in Ohio and take a look at

Southwest Ohio's Cincinnati most people

just refer to it as NC and it has a

couple other nicknames the Queen City

porkopolis accomplice that must be home

to chubbies Superman or something

Cincinnati is home to just under three

hundred thousand residents with the

entire metro area have it about two

million people the Queen City sits on

the Ohio River with Covington Kentucky

directly across that river Cincinnati

was settled in 1788 and was incorporated

into a city in 1819 I think I hold the

record in Cincinnati for saying

something the quickest I had flown into

Cincinnati it was a small plane so they

led us out on the tarmac and it was an

extremely hot day and as I stepped

outside the door of this little plane I

said holy hell I need to get out of this

city and the flight attendant goes you

haven't even stepped foot in the city

yet give it a chance to be fair it isn't

really a hot city but that week it was

terribly hot

Cincinnati's Holmes major league

baseball teams of Reds and home to the

NFL team the Cincinnati Bengals whose

quarterback Andy Dalton was selected in

the draft because his hair closely

matches the uniform he's actually a

really good quarterback and stop typing

if you're watching this video to later

date and he's retired or doesn't play

for the team anymore

don't leave some comment about me not

knowing what I'm talking about he

doesn't even play for him or something

like that look at the upload date

Cincinnati is a great city with a lot of

water history and hardworking Americans

like most places it's not for everyone

this list is about things you should

know before you move to porkopolis so

lean back and watch my top ten reasons

not to move to Cincinnati number ten

Charles Manson Charles Manson the

infamous serial killer and Ohio nutjob

was born in Cincinnati in 1934

thankfully for the people of Cincinnati

he didn't stay long it's still rather

scary that a serial killer was born in

your city nobody is proud of having a

serial killer being from their town

maybe this dude tourists love to bring

this up and the locals find it rather

annoying do yourself a favor and don't

bring it up to one of the locals lest

that person you're talking to looks like

this dude in that case I encourage you

to continue to talk about it ad nauseam

make them as uncomfortable as they make

the rest of us

number nine Kentucky from Cincinnati

Kentucky's just a short drive over one

of six bridges the two states are

separated by the Ohio River because the

city borders Kentucky it becomes the

punch line of Ohio for one reason or

another the rest of the state hates on

Cincinnati for being so close to

Kentucky like they have something to do

with what goes on in Kentucky apparently

most of Ohio looks down on Kentucky and

I don't get why that's a thing I talked

about a guy from Cleveland that I used

to work with we don't like each other

like I said in the last video it's kind

of a dick

whenever someone did something stupid at

work he would say must be from sins II

that was like his go-to line I asked him

about that one time he said Cincinnati's

where all the idiots live in Ohio I said

you know you're from Cleveland right he

said yes and then I asked him if he's

ever heard the thing about people living

in glass houses and I kid you not the

dude looked at me and said my house

isn't made of glass it's two-by-fours

drywall and siding maybe the windows are

glass I had to walk away from him at

that point number 8 chili on spaghetti

this falls under the category of what

doesn't kill you makes you stronger in

this case I imagine this makes your

stomach stronger Cincinnati does some

bizarre and rather questionable things

the rest of the country just can't wrap

their head around spaghetti can be eaten

in very different ways there's a lot of

different sauces that can be cooked and

put on spaghetti

however meat sauce tends to be the most

common one at least among Americans this

is why the rest of the country finds it

odd that Cincinnati puts chili on their

spaghetti locals argue that it's very

similar to meat sauce so it's a big deal

some of the residents say it's chilly

and it's our thing leave us alone this

is the sort of thing that would make

Gordon Ramsay launch into a

profanity-laced tirade if you move to

Cincinnati don't be surprised when you

see this on a menu someplace number 7

the weather the weather can get pretty

bad in Cincy the biggest issues that

it's very unpredictable during the

coldest times of the year temperatures

can drop as low as the 20s and then stay

there for weeks at a time the city sees

an average of a hundred and thirty two

days of either rain or snow every single

year during the summer months

temperatures can rise up to the mid 80s

but they hardly ever get up to 93 or

above so that's a good thing no 100

degree days during the summer if it

happens it's once in a blue moon

like I said about Cleveland the weather

in Cincinnati is bipolar eights

very hard to be a weatherman in

porkopolis number six lack of variety

cincinnati has a very hard time being

diverse the city is forty nine point

three percent white forty four point

nine percent african-american that means

you've got almost six percent of others

if the numbers aren't enough for you we

can see it in the lack of variety in the

cuisine throughout the city majority of

the restaurants are American food or

comfort food a few Italian restaurants

and very few Mexican restaurants and

Taco Bell does not count

so stop typing one good thing about

those numbers if you get it uber you got

really good odds that there won't be a

language barrier

I almost said luggage barrier but there

won't be one of those either luggage is

rarely caught racial profiling people so

there's that number five crime

cincinnati is not a place to move to in

order to feel safe you can't leave your

house and lock you should move someplace

with a garage because your car might get

stolen on the street and you should

always carry pepper spray at a minimum

having one of those ring doorbells on

every single door window crawlspace and

air vent is a good plan sure this may

cause some confusion when UPS wants a

signature but at least you have an idea

of who's moving around the outside of

your house the overall crime rate is 118

percent higher than the national average

for every 100,000 residents there's

about 16 reported crimes each day

because of this the city is safer than

only 3 percent of the cities in the


and it's not the worst place in the

country for people getting whacked but

the theft is really high so your stuff

will be missing a lot number 4 public

transit Cincinnati is lacking when it

comes to everyday commuter

transportation the city does offer a

public bus on a streetcar however the

streetcar only has like 18 stops

throughout an 80 square mile city that's

not a lot of stops that's not a serious

streetcar either the city at one point

made an effort to have an underground

subway system but it was never completed

and now it just sits abandoned and

that's always a great thing

big giant abandoned tunnel under a city

right next to a river I'm sure it's fine

don't worry about it

maybe they'll open up a preschool down

there if you've ever stayed in a major

city you know traffic sucks all of them

have some sort of rush hour that ranges

from bad to a daily horrific experience

a good commuter system goes a long way

Portland doesn't have

terrible traffic the locals complained

because it has gotten a little bit worse

but it would be so much worse here if

their train system their Metro Rail

whatever wasn't as good as it is number

three Harambee on May 28th 2016 a

toddler fell into the gorilla enclosure

at the Cincinnati Zoo in an effort to

save the boy's life officials took the

gorillas life after a YouTube video of

the incident went viral there was a lot

of controversy around this situation why

this is a reason not to move here it's

simple it affected the reputation of

this city from a few different points of

view how could someone be so careless to

love their child fall into a frickin

gorilla enclosure and also how could the

zoo let this happen and did they need to

shoot Harambee my opinion is yes they

had to you can't wait to see how it

plays out with an animal that could kill

a child in the blink of an eye as far as

the parents and the zoo goes my opinion

is they're both at fault but this has

been a big controversy it's dying down a

little bit but you'll find that it's

still brought up occasionally and it's

too bad the whole situation was just


number two the cost of living Cincinnati

isn't the greatest place to live but

it's not the worst the rub is the cost

of living is that of a much better place

if you're visiting Cincinnati from

anywhere else in Ohio you should expect

to see some pretty steep prices a lot

higher than what you're used to the

overall cost of living here is 3% higher

than the state average while

transportation is 13 percent higher than

the state average and 8 percent higher

than the national average so they're

kind of giving you the feeling of living

someplace special with all those high

prices and all that but you're not at

least you can save a little money

because you don't need all that

sunscreen like other cities that I've

covered lately before we get to number

one don't forget the pole towards the

end of the video it'll be in put in the

top right corner of the video and number

one segregation segregation is still a

very big problem in cincinnati

huffington post ranked cincinnati is the

fifth most segregated city in america

just to break it down among

african-american residents in the city

the unemployment rate is eight point one

percent while for whites it's only four

point two percent thirty percent of

african-american residents are living in

poverty while only 10 percent of white

residents are living in poverty in 2001

cincinnati had some riots after an

unarmed black teenager was shot and

killed by police officers tensions were


hi in the city following a series of

other incidents of alleged police

brutality and racial profiling the total

damage sustained from the riots was 3.6

million dollars in the city in all the

city said that 127 businesses suffered

damage from the rioting

all right so that's my top ten reasons

not to move to Cincinnati I hope you

guys enjoyed it hope you got some

information out of it

don't forget the pole at the end of the

video everybody have a great day

be nice to each other