The CAR Hyundai Gave Me, While My Genesis is in the SHOP

okay opening the garage door oh you're

not that cold out here

so today today we're getting a car taken

into a Hyundai right now and the

absolute main thing I want to see is

what kind of car they're gonna give me

hey guys it's gonna grease your making

more videos again today guys we got

another video I'm gonna be taking the

Genesis to the dealership like I said

and we're gonna figure out what car

they're gonna actually give me so

without further ado let's get to it

hey Siri turn off the garage light okay

there we go

hey Siri shuffle all my music playing

all song


yeah mm-hmm

okay the black one yep perfect thank you

yeah I'll be right back

no problem it's a sunroof and also share

the parts for a little window screen in

the back

it's license and insurance oh hey thank

you so much okay perfect okay yeah

that's this one right thank you so much

okay yeah

thank you all right

I almost forgot my cable need that

so let's fast-forward time and get home

real quick so I just got back from

dealership and it's a little bit

anti-climatic because I was expecting

the white beautiful Genesis g80 that

they had last time I'm assuming they're

all taken I don't know

however they ended up giving me a 2018

Sonata you know I'm not gonna complain

it's a loaner car but I have to say

coming from the Genesis to a Sonata

there is a huge difference and I'm not

even trying to exaggerate I'm telling

the facts that it's a little bit bumpy

in a road it doesn't go as fast as well

as Genesis and this is all my opinion ok

did you know my European might be

similar or your my opinion might be

completely different okay I respect it

you got to understand I have to keep

saying this on YouTube because you guys

will blow up on me if some of you Sonata

fans out there you know I'm just saying

it is completely my opinion not your

opinion okay but it's just in my opinion

it is not as great as the Honda Accord

and/or the Toyota Camry and it's just

it's just that guys so here it is right

here and like I said it's not a bad car

it you know gets you from point A to

point B you know nice little styling

here of the headlights I can see what

they're trying to get at with the chrome

trim that kind of goes all the way

around the entire car right here and

comes in right here slides into the

headlight and gets this little groove I

kind of see what they're getting at and

also I like the front grille right here

it's not as aggressive looking for some

reason as the Genesis probably it's not

you know as like bold and huge as

Genesis also the front end is a little


reminds me of the Elantra okay this car

reminds me a lot of the Elantra for some

reason and it's not a good thing that is

not a good thing and like I said this is

like I keep trying to remind you guys

this is all my opinion okay I drove this

home from the dealership it really did

not give me a good impression let me

open the garage door some more let's get

to the back area here I see what kind of

stock I can see you like the style that

they have going on here you know the


it's not the absolute best I have to say

but I see what kind of style points

they're trying to get here it's just

that it disco Sonata right here this

model the 2018 model reminds me so much

of my friends Hyundai Elantra it has

that style like this very short back end

you can see it you see the profile it's

very very short back end reminds me of

the smaller sedans and it's not it's not

supposed to be as small as it is

supposed to be in the class of the Honda

Accord and also the the Toyota Camry and

it is that big it really is just that

the car so stubby and short it makes it

I really feel like sometimes it really

is the Elantra and I've actually

seriously seen this car online and stuff

however when I saw it in person this

close up to me this is probably the

first time I'm seen because I don't see

this close to me and driving it and

stuff and it seriously I had to take

that step back on that waiver is this a

launch run like are they giving me a

loaner Elantra and know I read the key

and when I looked at the key it is a

2018 Hyundai Sonata SLE silver brand-new

brand new complete brand new but yet

sadly it's not the genesis that I was

expecting but does this give me a great

opportunity to do a full in-depth

nighttime review of this car and you

guys know me I love doing nighttime

reviews I want to check out the

headlights don't check out this fog

light thing that they have going down

here it's really different I'll just put

it at that so I want to see how these

lights look I want to see how the

taillights look some side light accents

right here and I believe nothing back

here is LED but then again I have to go

make sure and check whenever I do the

nighttime review here let me let me open

this up right here and show you guys

inside right here

Wow smells like a brand new car has a

very strong brand new car smell not too

shabby it's not too shabby

the interiors a lot better however for

some reason these seats are definitely

shorter and you can kind of I mean even

on camera you can kind of tell they're

definitely a lot smaller for some reason

when I was sitting down in them they

were not as comfortable as I thought it

was but then again I will tell you all

that in the actual review that I'll make

in a next video so I'm definitely a

little bit sad that I did get the

Hyundai Sonata but then again it's a

loaner car guys you know it's supposed

to get you from point A to point B when

your car is being worked

they usually normally give you the

latest version of the g80 because

they're trying to make it a luxury

vehicle but yeah guys that's nature for

the video hope you guys enjoyed it links

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go is in the manual guys go into

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will tell you exactly what your car

requires my next video I am gonna be

reviewing the 2018 Hyundai Sonata this

gives me a great opportunity to review

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