2018 Genesis G70 ** Brand New ** Dealer Walkaround ** Korea

hello welcome everybody this is the very

first look at the brand new Genesis g70

this thing came out literally introduced

last week and just arrived at the

dealership a couple days ago this is the

first Genesis that has been produced

exclusively under the Genesis brand the

G ATG 90 these were all part of Hyundai

brand at one point and then gradually

moved over Genesis this is Hyundai's

first effort into the luxury sports

sedan market so this is about the size

of the BMW 3-series a little bit a

little bit longer a little bit wider

wheel base so what I like to do starting

now is to actually look at what Korea

gets in terms of specs so what you'll

notice is that there are three different

engines offered here in Korea there's a

2.0 turbo a 2.2 diesel and a 3.3 turbo

now you might remember the 3.3 turbo

from the stinger and this thing really

can move 376 horsepower of output so the

one we're looking at today is the 2.0

turbo and it is the supreme model now I

know all of this is in Korean and it's

hard to see but there are a lot of

different options the supreme gets the

seven-inch LCD cluster information

cluster and a few other bells and

whistles there are a lot of options as

well including all-wheel drive which the

Stinger gets as well so let's look at a

few more of the specs here there are a

lot of packages and you can see the

packages in the gray I know again hard

to read but a lot of safety packages

there are a lot of seat packages as well

there are a lot of different interior

colors for this there's a beige interior

there's a brown interior there's a grey

sports grey interior if you go with a

certain trim line and a black with red

stitching as well so just quickly you

can look down at the bottom there on the

bottom left you'll see each of those

three engines the 2.0 the 2.2 diesel and

the 3.3 those are fuel economy numbers

and if you move over to the right side

you can see even

English kilometers per liter and that's

what you're looking at so if you're

using miles per gallon you might want to

take a moment and convert those there

but you can see the tires and the two

wheel drive or all-wheel drive for each

one so coming back to the car moving

around a little bit I like the style of

it I think it it's not quite quite a

sporty although the stinger as you can

see right there has that sort of side

air scoop and that is carried over this

is actually the same platform as the

stinger but again in a more of a sedan

luxury sedan look so the front is

classic Hyundai you've got that wide

grille and this light system that

they're using here full LEDs even on the

base model this is going to be something

if you're not really a big fan of this

kind of you can see the Kona in the

background there has a really thin light

g70 is not quite as thin as that but if

you you're gonna get these with the new

Genesis from now on even in the the

revisions to the g8 Eng 90 which will be

coming in 2019 you will get that a

little bit thinner light system there

and it sort of curves back into the

actual body of the car which you can see

there so moving around there's a look at

that air scoop again lots of chrome on

this car especially the outside of it

the tires you're looking at there 18

inches although 19 inches are available

depending on the trim level level that

you go with a few more details and we'll

look inside through the passenger window

in just a second coming back I really

like it now a lot of people say that it

looks a lot like the BMW 3-series

especially from the back it's also been

known to look at there's that air scoop

again also been known to look like the

Infiniti q50 a little bit but this is

really Genesis is really taking on the

BMW 3-series which again if you look at

the back there some people say well it's

a big copy of the BMW 3-series

yeah I would say a little bit but for

the most part I think they've really

tried to make this car its own so really

going after the 3-series the

mercedes-benz c-class and the Audi a4

with this first version of the G 70

taking a quick look inside and we're

actually gonna look yeah inside the car

I really like what they've done with


they have really tried to give it a

really premium feel which is

characteristic of the Genesis the seats

are very soft beautiful leather that's

one of the sports seats that you can see

there in grey but also you'll notice all

the aluminum on the inside the aluminum

this is not full aluminum this is real

aluminum that they've been using they're

also really trying to avoid a lot of

that hard plastic that you can see in

cars like the Sonata and really trying

to wrap everything so everything's got a

really soft feel to it all of the

buttons yeah there's some more that soft

feel all the buttons the mirror controls

everything is an aluminum there and as

you can see the air vents are also

dashed and aluminum so no wood for this

car no wood option genesis felt like it

was a little bit too luxurious they

wanted to kind of keep the sporty looked

to it I really like what they've done

with a dash here I was comparing it to

the Audi a4 but they've got all of those

dials there and it does look distinct

for Genesis so I also like they've got

the they've got the yeah heated seats

the aircon seats the heated steering

wheel all of those controls are all up

on the front there so I quite like that

a lot you'll notice down at the bottom

there there's also USB charging and this

car does get apple carplay as well the

navigation system is standard on all

models 8 inch navigation system and

notice of course it's been raised up I

think pretty much all of the Korean cars

are going with that raised up look the

start/stop button they've also moved up

on the dash right up there so it looks

pretty good

the seven-inch LCD which we talked about

earlier is standard with this trim line

but quite big and plenty of information

really nice color it's hard to notice

straight from here and the plenty of

options there to keep you busy I also

like that they're using this kind of

scrolling wheel to cycle through the

different options as opposed to the

button like the cruise control every

seat has power of the front two seats

have power and you can notice get a

little bit extra control there on the

side so again a lot of the premium

features of the Genesis g80 and g9e are

making it into this car but in a smaller

form factor so I think it looks pretty

good a lot of people been wondering

about the transmission so 8-speed

transmission this is the same that the

g9e it's also the same that the stinger

gets this is Hyundai's own version of it

and you can see a few other things again

all in aluminum electronic parking brake

there's a round view monitoring but if

you like the sport of your fuel you do

get the paddle shifters that come with

this car so some people are interested

in the key fob of this shot in portrait

mode I apologize but a lot of people are

interested in the key fob this is what

it looks like not that kind of trigger

style kind of bomb trigger style that

the stinger gets but a little bit more

conservative and professional so that's

what this one looks like so stepping

back out and into the back seat this

time just a really quick look into the

back seat again get that really soft

leather there is a napa leather that's

available for this one too so I had the

seat all the way up front when I was

sitting in it earlier so you can see

I've got quite a bit of room yeah well

let's just say I've got enough room back

there if you're a little bit taller I'm

about five foot nine I had enough

Headroom but if you're about six foot

it's gonna be a little bit tight for you

heated seats and power windows again

using that aluminum aluminum buttons and

everything door handles all aluminum

rear air vents and rear USB charger as


sunroof is available about 800,000 won

here in Korea but not sure what it'll be

in your place in your area this car will

be coming to the Middle East first in

early next year

and it really doesn't make it to Europe

for some reason too competitive with all

the European cars the North American

version jumping back to the transmission

a little bit good look at the trunk

there not a lot of room the North

American version is also in the 2.0

turbo only is gonna get the 6-speed

manual transmission as an option so I

like that rare rear air vent that

they've got that they designed into the

car so yeah not a lot of size in the

trunk if you're a large family you know

you could probably get away with a

family of four comfortably inside but

you're not gonna be able to pack a ton

of bags into this so anyway that's the

first look at the Genesis g70 let me

know what you think did they borrow too

much from the other cars

I really think they've done a pretty

good job of trying to maintain the

Genesis look and feel and if you like

this 2019 they're gonna update to again

the g8 eg 90 they also have a new SUV

that's gonna be coming out in 2019 at

least the 2019 model year so it could be

about a year from now when we see those

here in Korea so let me know what you

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