well well well it seems like the pen is

mightier than a sword because I was able

to acquire this 20:18 absolutely


genesis dat let's take a look at it hey

guys don't be sure making more videos

again and today guys

in the last video I talked about how's

my dealership damaged my car and they

said there's gonna take a lot longer

about a week or so to get it fixed

Harvard they did not let me have the

Genesis that I wanted as a loaner and

said they gave me the Sonata and read

one email to the general manager of the

dealership this fat boy ended up in my

garage yes of course I'm talking about

the 2018 Genesis dat that I originally

wanted for a loaner because that's what

normally at the do ship gives you if you

have if you drive a Genesis so let me

just give you a quick look at the car

real quick I mean it looks it looks

exactly the same as my car except it's

in silver my model is the 2015 version

this is the 2018 version like I said

absolutely the same nothing is even

different on here really some little

subtle things like the rims are

different there's fog lights and stuff

like that I will be making a 2018

Genesis oh look at that nice comes in

opens just like my car 2018 Genesis

video don't worry about just Genesis dat

this one right here I mean it looks the

exact same as my car there's really

nothing too different about it in fact I

think this car actually does not have

the premium leather seats that my car

has this has just the normal leather

seats but like I said not a big

difference like I said this is pretty

much my car except the color is silver

and mine is black let's quickly take a

look at the inside of this bad boy

by the way this is the normal GA this is

not the GA t Sport as you can tell from

the headlights they are exactly the same

as mine the inside of the car it has the

black seats we get to it right here keys

are in my pocket obviously as you can

see this is you know just two black

seats right here very nice I have to say

the seat you know they feel really nice

one thing about my seats you will notice

is that they call it the premium see I

don't remember what they call it

something different but Bessy basically

it has side bolstering that you can

adjust has some little bit more settings

that you can

just with the seats and also this bad

boy actually moves up and down kind of

like you know in higher luxury cars like

rolls-royce and stuff like that this

part actually moves up this part right

here not the entire seat I'm talking

about just this section I think I showed

you in my past videos I'm not sure but

yeah not a major difference like I said

you can clearly see the me close the

door ok have that nice chime also you

know like I said not much difference in

the car at all this is a 2018 model and

it doesn't have difference at all

compared to my model now one of the

biggest things what I absolutely love is

this the shifter selector in here is

different it's like this huge nice you

know you grab this thing it has nice

curves on this and it's nice in your

hand it feels great in my car it's just

a normal kind of semi knob it feels good

it's not bad just I love this one better

because it feels like I mean some kind

of race car something feels really good

that's one big thing that I noticed from

this car immediately that is different

and I absolutely love it like I said

I'll make a detailed video do not worry

this definitely is a video more about

how I was able to acquire this car like

I stayed in my last video guys the

dealership was not nice towards me you

know when I had the damages in my car if

you haven't seen the update videos

please check them out before you watch

this video cuz it will make much more

sense to you just because I was

reviewing a 20-18 Sonata I had a ton of

people just get super angry at me for

getting a Sonata and you know replacing

my Honda for the genesis that was fine

but then Genesis to a sonata you guys

got mad and I was like whoa whoa whoa

calm down guys I am NOT the Sonata is

not my car I'm never going to trade my

Genesis my Genesis I love my Genesis

anyways like I was saying in my last

video you guys heard me say that the

dealership was a little rude towards me

you know when I found the damages on my

car that were created by the dealership

obviously and so in the end of the video

I told you guys that I was going to send

an email a letter send it the email to

the general manager of the dealership of

what happened what happened to my car

and how the employees reacted to me and

also about the fact that since it's

gonna be a lot longer I would rather

have a loaner Genesis like I stated that

they were going to give me a loaner

Genesis even a lot of people in a

conversation that owns

whenever I got the Sanada ever telling

me what-what are you doing dude get your

Genesis your loner Genesis that's what

they promised all of us Genesis owners

did you get to Genesis and I was like

you know again it's okay it's only three

days or whatever so I'm fine with it

however because of the damages done to

my car to take more than a week and I

would decided you know what I kind of

want to Genesis if you guys stay that

you guys are gonna give me a loaner

Genesis you know I love to have loved

Genesis it's a nicer car however like I

said in the last video I did not want to

give me a Genesis instead they gave me

the sonata that I had I sent the general

manager the email let me just clarify

for you guys I set this email at 10 p.m.

or 11 p.m. I don't remember what time I

sent an email late at night however the

very next day early in the morning 8

o'clock in the morning I get a phone

call I look at the caller ID I don't

know who it is however I sure have a

guess as who this is and I was rather

surprised and I picked it up and sure

enough it was the general manager of the

dealership he introduces himself he

tells me he knows about the situation he

ensures me that everything is being

taken care of at my car and Dennis is

really what I want to know I wanted to

make sure if everything is getting taken

care of it like I said the employee

didn't even tell me what's gonna be done

to my car he just said okay we're gonna

take care of it I was like what are you

gonna take care of and he in it and like

I said in a kind of rude tone II was

kind of just like we're gonna take every

problem like you know in that and I was

kind of just like and remember in my

last video I don't have time because I

had to stuff to do so I decided I was

gonna contact them later which I did

like I said and now this is what

happening the general manager said that

my car is being looked over personally

by him and also the sunroof is going to

be properly installed the scratches are

going to be removed the gouges are going

to be removed the paint is gonna be

corrected and also the car is going to

be detailed so no more sticky stuff and

to put on cherry on the top he even

stated that he was going to personally

show me into the loaner Genesis he even

further stated that this loaner car that

I'm in is going to have a full tank

which it did and that I do not require

to fill the tank up when returning the

car and he could you say other things

you know other perks that he gave me

including some more discounts free oil

changes or other things many other

things and I was kind of just like

mind blown and that this one email and

this situation would get me this he was

he also told me that I was one of the

very rare and few people to actually

contact him which is a good thing in his

eyes because he did see us decline in a

service at his dealership and I was and

he was really wondering why and now he's

you know now he knows there is another

dealership by me it's a little bit

further which if I didn't send this

email out I most likely would have gone

to the other dealership and never gone

to that dealership and that's how

businesses you know started declining

and that's what he was to be telling me

and he was like very happy that I gave

him feedback pretty much gave him

feedback and how to improve I told him I

owned businesses and I know that you

know us as business owners we need that

kind of feedback constructive or

negative mainly more negative to because

then we can actually you know talk to

the customers and change what is

happening at you know in this case at

the dealership because they definitely

would have lost me as a customer and

he'd like he like I said he specifically

told me that he suspected that this

behavior was the decline in sales at his

dealership in terms of service however

now he has actual concrete proof and I

was happy to help him like I said it's

almost like you know doing a survey you

know like how well did it go I pretty

much was very honest as how my

experience went at a dealership I told

him the time I was gonna be there I told

her I was gonna be there around 10:30

because I had normally I go to the gym

in the morning by the way I've seen some

of you guys at my gym LA Fitness in the

Medical Center so if you guys do see me

there don't be afraid to say hi but

anyways like I said I told him I was

gonna be at the gym and then I was gonna

head straight to the dealership at 10:30

when I got to do ship the car was in

valet he immediately walked out of there

because I guess he noticed my Sonata

came and shook my hand you know kind of

just show fir'd me into the GA t the GA

T that I'm in right now told me you know

again thank you for letting him know

about the situation and feedback is very

important for them they would rather

have someone tell him a negative

something that they happened negatively

to them at the dealership then having

them just go and never come back now

once I was done like I said he was very

very nice assured me my car was gonna be

ready on a specific date next week and

also told me everything that is

happening to my car so hopefully

everything's even fixed hopefully

everything is getting taken care of I

did tell the general manager I'm not

here to you know get anyone in trouble

or anything like that and he

he immediately just stopped me right

there he was like no no you're not

getting anyone in trouble but in fact

helping everyone learn about situations

like this that have brought to the light

and even told me I'm pretty sure that

stuff like this has happened to other

people however they did not speak up and

now they're most likely at another

dealership and he reminded me again

that's how our business goes down and so

they don't want that happening so I

thank the gentleman the general manager

he gave me the keys

almost like he was giving me a keys to a

brand new car of mine I sat in the car

and I drove off and that was pretty much

it and now I'm just waiting for my car

my other video people told me that I was

way too nice and they would have just

gone off and everything and I totally

understand that trust me I know what

you're saying but in the end I was able

to get the loaner j8e

and more importantly I was able to get

details about what is happening to my

car what body shop they're taking him to

and all that stuff but yeah guys that's

it for the video hope you guys enjoyed

it all-in-all this situation definitely

gave me some free perks and also to

drive around with the 2018 Genesis

however would I have rather one in my

car back in the first place with no

damages etc of course I would rather to

have my car back because I absolutely

love my Genesis but there should be a

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watching in peace