Top 3 Pier Fishing Tips | Pier Fishing Florida | Fishing for Beginners

three tips that I like to make sure I

cover when I go out to the piers pier

fishing three tips top three tips


first things first when you get out to

the pier don't forget to bring some sort

of rod holder and rod holders on the

piers are an interesting thing because

there's nowhere to really stick it but

if you have a sand spike and if you

don't have a San spike make sure you see

our video for that sand spike will teach

you how to build one but grab your sand


don't forget smooth edges in also grab

this a ratchet strap what you're gonna

do with this ratchet strap and sand

spike is you'd wrap that ratchet all the

way around that pylon are the little

bridge columns stick that that pull

right inside that ratchet and secure it

make sure it's secure real nice and


check out a bum thumb because the skip

that gap


now you've got yourself a rod holder

just like that another method for the

rod holder is make sure you bring

yourself some duct tape get yourself

some duct tape duct tape will save

little Nick's in your rod if you're

gonna go with the lean it to the pier

style of indicator when you're setting

your rod holder down and just a few

strips of duct tape that's a cheap cheap

fix for making sure that your rods gonna

be secure and the third thing that I

like to have when we go to the pier is

sub-b keys

it's a beefy rig the B key rigs ibiki

rig these things will help you a ton

when you are going out to the pier

there's so much bait hanging out at that

pier and you're gonna need to bring some

up get yourself some little gold hooks

of B keys and bring those baina earlier

today when we went down to cast net to

get some bait I was pulling up the net

Bank something like stuck me right my

thumb and I looked up and it was these

guys they call him skip jacks

and they've got these nasty nasty spines

on top right here that they don't only

stick you but they cause a really

painful throbbing and like a toxin or a

poison gets down in there and I mean

look at that fish he doesn't really have

scales he's got skin that yellow tail it

almost looks like a tuna tail you can

see how that looks back there but either

way be careful out there never caught

anything using them as bait and I've

even watched the birds turn their nose

up at these things duct tape rod holder

with a ratchet strap and a cebiche those

are three essential things to make sure

you take and you'll give yourself a much

more comfortable opportunity to catching

some fish on that pier there you go

there you go good luck hey you guys go

pier fishing how do you do out there


did you hear about the fisherman who

jumped into the ocean I heard it was

because of peer pressure