VA BEACH FISHING PIER | Day two | Bottom rig explained!

there was a boy

do you want him yeah can you can have it

let me get my gotcha plug back

show you guys how to rig this

there's your little town and there's

your weight snap so you talented this up

a little sauce six o'clock

all right so to get these on here you

take your little eyelet

and your little ring here stick them

through and then take your hook and

stick it right back through this all

right back through the loop there

and then pull it tight and there you

we'll attach the second one the exact

same way and then down here we'll take

it just flip it on me and then there you


bait it up and you're good to go do use

the stuff right here

fishbytes bloodline the flavor

looks like bubblegum take a piece about

that long cut it and then I like to cut

these in half

like that

and the best way I found one rig this is

one time through the top just like that

flip it over do it again when that gets

away it looks just like a blood worm

down there the easiest way to cast this

thing is to lean in its swinging it back

and forth underneath it here like this

and then toss it forward just like that

big spot

real good eating little fish right there