The Secret to Catching BIG Fish at the Pier! (Simple Pier Fishing Tip)

so today we are using pretty big live

shrimp we're doing it whoo and we're

doing this with really ultralight line

this is 20 pound line and a small little

hook so I'm barely hooking it on on this

I've got a little split shot sinker and

then a swivel and we're just throwing it

out there letting it drift around and

big fish are hitting it


Hey all right we're gonna close out the

night at Sebastian Inlet well let's

clear the water is here water splashing


how're you doing here I've been seeing

fish come in yeah it's hard for you to

get one on up no I know those days yeah

just how the pelicans spent my life oh

man really it's January here in Florida

but back at home it's way too cold to be

doing any fishing

this is primetime fishing here in

January and in Florida and one of my

favorite things to do is use live shrimp

the secret today is using big shrimp and

luckily we got our hands on some jumbo

size shrimps to throw

yeah oh and it's not me

some pretty good

yeah it said it's not me ready to hook

look it's exactly what minded right

that's a snook it's big fish size 20

that's all they were saying if you go

through heavy that they won't hit it

that's why I wasn't in any hits those

using 40

all right look at that not

let's see it break through that one

there we go

so now I'm just letting us sit there

when there's a fish your line will

tighten up you'll feel it trust me



no it's not look

Campbell Campbell oh we should have wait

for a net next time wait for a net next

time look at all these slide beats but

I'm looking for the big one I know

there's a big oh my gosh there she goes

look at that one

take your time he's like Oh

there he is

yeah yeah my first ever snuck that's a

nice one through man thank you thank you

for helping me Linda

that is a nice one

yeah feels great I mean those are so

strong this is how you properly release


don't throw it back down you know lower

let it let it

gene its energy again and then it'll

swim up

so particles say to anyone

so during this time of year the snook

are not in season so we have to let all

the stuff go the one slot I catch

I can't keep killing me I really want to

try what snook tastes like and every

time I've come here

I was unsuccessful in catching stuff and

the one Smith I catch three weeks till

season starts but rules are rules

you gotta follow up big shrimp going on


I got a pic as possible alright buddy

that was that was really I thought I was

a little girl in bed yeah I found also a

gun the bigger shrimp seem to be

catching the bigger fish small shrimp

catch punch fish too but it seems like

those jumbo ones are the ones catching

the big one

take your time take your time okay

there you go Oh


Oh do that big one you know the big


and there you have it that's who and

that's how you catch big fish using big

live bait that's it for today I had a

great time fishing caught my first snuff

me my dad both caught some smoke today

and it was so awesome I caught it on

it's such a light rod light reel set up

that definitely off my bucket list

some ultralight fishing for snook the

key was using those big jumbo shrimp as

big as you can get them they didn't want

those little ones hope this helps you if

anyone's gonna make the trip down to

this pier remember to get some big

shrimp our job here in hey skipper is to

help as many people get on fish as

possible we teach through tutorials and

crash courses on our website check it

out on hey skipper fishing comm thank

you guys so much for watching I

appreciate every one of you I'll see you

next week


what about luck got a keepsake shrimp

over and over again

shrimp chirp-chirp pass me the shrimp