The SECRET to Catching Fish on a Pier! (Juno Pier Snook Fishing)

all right so you guys want to know the

secret that catches your no Pierce plink

well here it is with the daddy it up and

down Oh Chris is about to get on aren't

you dude your looks like your fish is

under the pier Oh City they push it all

the way up against the pier he nudged it

all the way up to the pier there so case

they just want to kill the Croaker's

that's it anyways there you still

anyways Victor needs to get Redemption

today yes maybe I was not so good for


you caught 10 I did catch 10 granted you

caught two or three before I even got

that's true for the pier it was because

I woke up at 350 in the morning yeah not

literal corporate is freaking that was a

big one of the main breeder

she's a tricky the crook who starts

swimming towards appear just scared yeah

I do not want to be I'll no they do not

that's the fan perch a fish the first

cast I put it right over the pot it's

the weight hit the bottom it swam up and

into the pier

like how they know oh you think you're

getting stumped because they're just

trying to swim away so hard and that

legs just bouncing up and down like that

I think 84 oh it's probably like 60 mono

and I think that's where the

misconception comes in they're only

eating floral because you already have a

thinner diameter to begin with right

so if someone fishing 34 run 30 mono 30

fluoro looks like 20 right that's it

like the I think you're onto something

that's it that's it and not not to

mention fluoro comes out of the package

straighter and it's it's straighter mono

is usually a lot more squiggled oh go go

go go go get this man in net bro he's

got him bro I'm just trying to keep my

corporate lawyer say come on bro you

show it all your buddies up there you go

come on down down let's sink there go up

oh come on muscles up oh wow Norman

Fischer why you keep your spool half

full yeah you got him though on the MX

on the SX oh look at that I'm proud of

this kid says he doesn't need an hxw or

a baja or four oh that's a big one bro

mind your language

okay I'm never trying to keep my

personal log of anybody oh wow thanks

much love self

I love it here Oh straight up hey hey


what what is that

throw my fish swim straight on and out

no way 100

how you gonna work did you swivel you

need me whatever you want Jimmy still

need to wait oh I had three outs sorry


oh yeah oh yeah we're going finesse to

see how small my hook was odd

see how I'm on the board

big time

whoo humming oh it's small it's like a

15-inch alive great her ticket ball yeah

because I only have like big muscle

twitching just like a little like we can

102 okay I don't want to get by you're

an apple now no my hooks are blessed

their filters

go ahead hopefully don't touch it okay

they don't doesn't matter if they

suspect come on come on come on oh boy

we got problems

would you got one so

what's up

judge my little circle hook Chris you

judging my little circle hook look at

that thing

perfect anything I thought you were

making fun of it yesterday you do dude

all right we got two on it's just going

to be coming a numbers game now today

Chris I don't care how big their point a

fish hot am i over you around great

whoo working there my bad just lift her

on up didn't even know I had a mom the

fish are all like the exact same size I

was out there we saw how far I casted

you see that's all you need is that

little tiny baby circle hook and they

eat it so good the baby circle baby

circle unfortified

no not sure I've seen some kid it are

you filming

well then filming the whole time say

what's up what's up

say what's up what's up dog hey also say

one thing because so many people are

afraid to come up to me because they

think I'm going to bite him or something

I might imitate an intimidating guy

you're the cool guy

no they don't see everyone if you guys

see me in public say hi say what's up

I'm here to fish just like you guys

but make them go slow just kind of keep

tight with your line the whole time and

kind of try to know where your Pilcher

it is I mean you want them to go fast

you to tilt the schmuck like I'm fat but

you want to control it so that they

can't move too far you know I mean I let

them do what they want look right here

right behind the head

see right there going just like that

boom are you working for King sir

no King fish is always in the throat you

want your you want your bait to swim

down when you're off shore me this makes

I'm in one of the beaches is yeah as

soon as the lifeguards we see you know

about the baby circle hook yeah baby

circle hook gets it done a brawl you

should throw in right now they're fired

up right now schmuck open your eyes

right how to fish on the whole time yeah

told you they're so fired up right now

cast out there you'll get instant yeah

real good

number five Wow

why do you want to call me now your beat

your anything

yeah what is it

that is probably would be I'll take one

and these little guys I don't think it

matters if you throw them check them

over choose that one we think that the

GoPro is that black it's not as electro

Smith DSLRs they're bad luck GoPros not

so much ever since I started filming

shark fishing I can't catch anything off

the beach anyone that's next slice me

open oh you got eight boom all the

decent one too

your raps

all right so you guys want to know the

secret that catches your nope here's

linkable here it is now I'm just kidding

but seriously a lot of times when you're

trying to get snook to eat during the

middle of the day you want a really

lively bait like a little pilchard or a

DJ and what I've done for years and what

we used to do as kids is sometimes your

bait will swim too fast so if you just

use your teeth and you just kind of bite

his tail off a little bit you've already

tail off a little bit there

the pilchard can't swim as fast and

you're able to keep more control of your

bait so that's a little pier trick I'm

going to teach you guys because not a

lot of people would probably put a

pilchard in their mouth but if you're

about it and you guys want to catch

snook that's what you got to do so yeah

there you have it so the story behind

this culture it is my good buddy Israel

who I just met at the pier right say

what's up what's your Instagram name is

your on this course foxy ladies if you

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the description box below but we just

got done filming a snakehead episode and

I lost the thumbnail for the video you

guys are watching now so me and Brooks

just drove to Deerfield to get this

killer the most expensive expensive

pilchard I've ever bought three dollars

to get three people on the pair and one

dollar to park this guy cost $4 right

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