The Top 3 Pier Fishing Methods to Catch Fish at ANY Pier!

hey everyone today in this episode we're

going to be talking about three of my

favorite methods to catch fish from the

pier if you use any of these three

methods on the pier and there are fish

at the pier then you're bound to catch

something we are here on a private pier

fishing the Riverside of Florida and

joining us are two subscribers Morgan

and Austin who we've invited to go

fishing with us we've been fishing with

them before and we learned that Morgan

is a lucky charm

she pretty much out fishes everyone all

right Morgan and Austin will be fishing

with the first method we'll be talking

about today plastic lures so if you're

just starting to get into fishing with

little swim baits I would recommend

throwing a 1/4 ounce jig head and a DOA


swim be some flukes whatever looks like

a small little baitfish will work it

doesn't need to be any particular brand

as long as this is a small little bait

fish you should be good when you're

putting the swim bait onto the jig head

we get a lot of questions about this and

I see a lot of people fail on this so

I'm going to show you really simply

first off see where the hook needs to

come out of the bait by lining it up

like this and marking it with your

finger okay then when you push the hook

through push it out of where your

fingers are marking it right so now

it'll sit evenly and perfectly on the

jig head the way out myself so I like to

fish these in a lot of different ways

there's not just one way to fish a swim

bait what we recommend trying is casting

it out letting it sink to the bottom and

just working it back slowly jigging it

up and down but there are many other

ways to do it you can cast it let it

sink flip it back up let it sink flip it

back up let it sink you can cast it out

bring it back fast you can cast it out

let it sink bring it back fast

there's so many different ways I want

you guys to try all those different ways

if the fish aren't biting one way they

might be biting another way let's see

how Morgan in Austin do seriously what

even I thought it was a little redfish

that's a big one yeah absolutely you

know if you weren't I was do it so the

second method one of my favorite methods

because it's so easy the sub biggie raid

they come in all sorts of different

sizes depending on how big of a fish you

want to catch see this one right here is

size 14 hooks with bigger flies but this

is much smaller size 11 this is even

smaller size 6 so this is what the

Siddiqui rig looks like you see all

these flies tied on here take a look at

these flies so this bait rig works

really well but depending on where

you're from you may not be allowed to

have six to eight hooks so what I like

to do is I like to cut it so that I only

use the legal amount so I would usually

just cut it at two hooks and then tie a

sinker down here and there's so many

ways to fish a Siddiqui rig it doesn't

work just it doesn't just work on a pier

it works all sorts of different places

because these little flies they look

like little shrimp little fish there's a

lot of little things that can be shaped

like this underwater and fish love it

you can use bait or you could you not

use baiting just use the fly but I

usually like to use bait the top of the

rig is a 2-way swivel and then it has

six flies attached and then the bottom

is a snap swivel for a sinker now for

something this small I would use a half

ounce sinker

two ounces three ounce would be way too

heavy so it's important to match your

sinker size what we're going to be doing

today is we're going to be dropping it

by pillars because pillars are a really

good source of small bait fish of

barnacles of lots of different life and

we find that a lot of fish like to hide

by the pillars so it's as simple as

baiting this up and dropping it down


and what's that little sand perch so my

dad and I are both also using live bait

and this leads us to our final method

live bait fishing so I'm going to show

you guys how I tie a live bait fishing

rig this is just one method and I'm

going to be using the sensor skipper

peer fishing adventure guide so for

those of you who are beginners to peer

fishing and you really need help getting

started this is going to be a really

great resource for you

it includes an entire adventure guide

that's laminated so you can put it in

your backpack and it tells you step by

step how to start catching fish off the

pier starting with how to tie this Ray

this isn't just a tutorial on how to tie

rigs this is a tutorial on how to choose

your bait how to choose your sinkers how

to choose your hook size how to find

fish at the pier and this kit includes

all the tackle that you need to tie the

rigs we're talking about and if you want

a kit for yourself there's a link in the

description below or if you want to just

read the guide we have a PDF form also

in the link below so I hope this helps

anyone who needs help let's get to tie

in the rig so what you're gonna need for

this rig is a bead a swivel an egg

sinker and a size 2 hook and this all

comes in the kit and it comes with

20-pound leader line but I'm gonna tie

with jet with this this neon line just

because it's a lot easier to see so the

first thing you're gonna want to do is

cut yourself two to three feet of leader

line monofilament fluorocarbon whichever

one you want to use next you're gonna

want to tie your hook on in the

adventure guide we recommend using the

improved clinch knot

so I'm just gonna tie this real quick so

that's the improved clinch right here

this is a pretty strong knot now what

you're gonna want to do is tie your your

swivel onto the end of this line and

again use it using the improved clinch

knot now you're gonna be attaching it to

your mainline so this is your spool line

okay what you're going to want to do is

put your egg sinker through and in the

kit we include a two-ounce egg sinker

which is what I would normally recommend

and we're gonna put a bead through okay

and I'm gonna show you why we use a bead

in a second now attach this with another

improved clinch make sure you trim all

your line okay so now here's why we use

the bead right here if we didn't have

this bead this would be knocking around

on this knot to the point where it might

break the knot so the bead is there to

protect it from the sinker and from any

line damage not necessary but very

helpful and that's the basic rig right

here so your live bait will go on here

the end of your line and when you cast

it out right the seeker will stay in one

spot and the fish is able to be moved

around and predator fish are able to eat

it without detecting the tension of the

line since it's stuck on the ground see

how it slides alright let's see it work

in action

that's a pinfish you know these are so

alright so there's a lot of different

places to hook a live bait in the nose

between the eyes on the top lip on the

shoulder on the back of it I'm gonna try

the back this time why I just feel like

I have a higher hook up ratio that way

but I'm not sure


whoa Auggie oh oh it's on oh all right

no it might be a redfish dad you gotta

have feet


Oh God dude just as well I don't want

that oh look at that flying let it go

let it go he's done for man oh well


still poor drag is it a big fish that's

a big sale catfish whoa yeah no we don't

whoa that's a strong one huh

that's a big one


but because that beautiful


Wow Wow beautiful

the whiskers take a picture so the

plastic baits worked really well to

catch lots of different kinds of fish

and the sadiki's worked pretty well I

mean I caught one fish but I didn't

really try that hard I know this ibiki

will work really well but the live bait

rig that was getting snatched up left

and right that was very consistent so I

want to take this time to let you guys

know Siddiqui rigs work really well but

look at how messy they can get they can

get very tangled very quickly and it's

important that you be careful when

you're fishing with these you don't want

this to get trapped under the ocean and

and sea creatures getting stuck in it so

what I suggest is maybe not using all

six of the hooks and being extra careful

when you use a seviche rig another thing

that you should note is that after

you're done using any line it's really

important that you cut that line up

because a big tangled ball of line will

kill a lot of different things in the

ocean so we need to do our part and

protect the ocean because we want to

maintain this resource for not just us

but for future fishermen if you're

catching fish left and right and you're

keeping them and not eating them that

makes a really big impact on the fish

ecosystem so if you're not eating the

fish that you catch please just throw

them back if they're this big

just throw them back and you're not

gonna eat it don't just kill it for no

reason it's really important that we

moderate how much fish we take out of

this ocean if everyone took all the fish

they caught we wouldn't be fishing

anymore so I know in some countries

there's no laws at all governing how

many fish you can take how big of a fish

you could take what kind of fishing you

do but it can you can make a difference

by spreading the word don't take the

fish that you don't want to eat and if

they're really small let them go let

them grow keep that in mind I hope you

guys enjoyed the episode if anybody

needs extra help we have a beginner

crash course right here it's called the

Seco skipper pier fishing adventure kit

comes with all the tackle that you need

we just want to help put you on some

fish the link for the kit is in the

description below but you do not ship

internationally I'm sorry but we have a

solution we have uploaded the PDF

download and print yourself so that you

can have this guide with you anytime you

need help thank you guys for watching

I'll see you soon