Pier Fishing for Beginners - Easy Fishing at the Gulf State Park Pier

welcome back to realistic fishing I'm

out here at the Gulf Shores pier I'm

gonna get my own stuff rigged up see if

I can catch anything over here


what do you suspect it was a shark all

right here's what I'm going Pompano rig

I'm gonna use this on my lighter bait

casting setup let's get it tied on with

the weight and some shrimp and get it

out there


let's get another rig out here looks

just like that other one let's get it

tied on got something alright first fish

of the day doesn't feel very big looks

like a croaker which I'm gonna end up

using this bait

it is a croaker bait that's what I call

them instead of putting shrimp on this

other rig I'm gonna put pieces of


let's get that set up here's my cut

croaker I'm gonna throw that on this one

alright let's get this one out there too

let's get back out here with this little

dinky one see if we can get another

croaker or something so that's what I'm

fishing with for now

this one with small pieces of shrimp

this one with cut pieces of croaker

let's wait for some action

please sure I had a bike down here

this little one let's see what I got I


already have a croaker to use as bait so

I'm just gonna let this one go here we

go oh I missed them and come off stole

one piece of the croaker the bottom

piece might have to put some bigger

hooks on it

that I'm I gotta fight there we go I saw

that one out of the corner of my eye

there we go

what do we got here croaker feels like a

pretty good one

there we go so waiting


there we go got this nice whiting down

there I'm not going to let those sea

birds have it though there's a sign that

says don't feed them there we go

oh right I think I got a fish on let's

see what we got Oh shark down there try

to get my bait got a catfish

I seen a shark try and swing at it that

would have been crazy


goodbye catfish all right let's get back

out there

anyone see shark got a Sabae kjerag on

here gonna try for some bait fish


there we go let's see what we got

kaalia croak here maybe a lighting

looks like a whiting second whitening of

the day let's let it go


got one let's see what I got over hey

all right I got to find the Flyers now

bye-bye catfish tingle this thing Oh got

one this is another catfish

let's see what we got down here looks

like a catfish


tighten up this drag so I can get them

up here here we go

Hey different kind this one's cool

looking there's a new species for today

look at that top fin how tall it is

let's get them off the hook

there we go sail top look at that thing

look at that

going back got them on the cut croaker

let's get this hook back on and get it

back out there for a second

well after messing with a bunch of

catfish tonight I think it's time to

call it quits thanks for watching

realistic fishing keep it realistic