A Firework Show on a Budget - UNDER $100 TUTORIAL

she's all loaded up all right here we go

firework display on a budget in three

two one


so these are my plans for this firework

display you can see I've got it on this

little cheap piece of board from Menards

something like this is roughly gonna

cost you under $10 I would say it's

pretty cheap and because these items are

so light you're not gonna have to worry

about this board snapping all these

items here are part of the Panda Box

firework sampler which we're gonna talk

about here in a moment so stay tuned

because they've got some specials going

on right now this is the only time of

year that you're gonna find this many

fireworks for under $100 do you want to

go fast now in the back I'm just gonna

kind of show you someone to set up and

then we're gonna get diffusing but like

I said this could these plans could

change a little bit but I'm gonna show

you while we're fusing but this is

generally how I want this board to look

when it's completed now in the back row

you see we've got six cardboard tubes

from the red Apple assortment and we've

also got the two inch artillery

single-shot they're in the middle we're

gonna angle these up a little bit so

that we've got a nice little finale to

end off this show those are the ball

shows that you're getting and let's take

a look over here because there's a few

items in this assortment that I'm

choosing to exclude from the display and

I'll play my reasoning for that number

one and this should be obvious these

little pop pops here you can't really do

much with them in a firework display and

then these two fountains which the only

reason we're not including these is

because let me show you no matter where

I would put these on the board you know

these things have some jumping jacks in

the bottom so my worry is that when this

whole thing is fused up and ready to go

if I decide to put these up front what

I'm worried about will happen is the

jumping jacks will come and spin down

here and set off a bunch of this stuff

that we don't want to go right away

if I put them in the back I'm also

risking some fuse jumping and then we're

just gonna get mass detonation all

throughout the cake board so I've chosen

to just exclude these two items and the

plot pops from this little assortment

set up and I think it should be a pretty

decent show without them if you're

trying to do an awesome fireworks show

on a budget you know under $100 you want

to keep it

that mark right now red apple fireworks

that's the company on this little logo

here red apple fireworks is doing a

special on these Panda box samplers so

normally a large sized assortment like

this is going to retail right around

$150 and you can see the size of this

thing here's my hand I'm gonna stand

next to it I mean they're massive and

we've got an unboxing coming of this

soon we're not gonna do that in this

video because you want to get right into

the fireworks themselves but before we

do that I do want to go over a little

bit about this assortment so right now

red apples gone special going on where

you can get three of these assortments

for only eighty-eight dollars that is

correct that is not a joke so you're

getting 46 fireworks performance that

comes out to be like 138 I think yeah

138 fireworks for $88 because remember

you're getting these our package 3-1 in

the case by red apple and presort you

getting 381 shots it says it's a

50-minute show duration but we know that

we're gonna be fusing it up so it's

gonna obviously go much quicker than

that and one thing that's really cool is

if you get the case of these you're also

going to get these artillery shells down

here and part of this little show and a

budget that we're gonna do I'll show you

how you can do a nice little finale with

these guys now since we're gonna be

doing only one assortment for the show

we're only gonna have 12 shells to work

with but we're gonna make a nice little

rack out of the cardboard tubes that

they come with now if you get three of

the assortments you're gonna get two

four six you're gonna get six tubes in

total that'll get you a nice little

cardboard six shot rack alright so yeah

you can get three of these for $88 right

now and that is part of their amazing

special for the month of May only I

cannot promise you guys the same pricing

come June if you wait til the last

minute with you you don't want to do

that ever

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right now it's time to start hot gluing

this stuff down to the board and showing

you the fusing techniques that I'm going

to use now one thing to note here real

quick is everything you see here can be

done three times so you can actually

make three of these boards for under

$100 because the fireworks themselves

you're getting a case three one from

eighty eight dollars just imagine you

can actually make three of these bad



just added two more tubes up front

because I forgot we have 12 ball shells

to work with so I actually had 10 tubes

up there I just had it too on the side

so this should be a pretty nice little

finale and these are true ball shells in

there so they should have nice

symmetrical breaks and then this little

2-inch single shot down here is gonna

look real nice it'll honestly probably

go higher than the rest of them but just

a nice little fan we've got five shots

in the front and then another row of

four and then finally four in the back I

think what I'm gonna do for this finale

is actually just attach all these fuses

together with zip ties instead of using

fuse itself because it looks like we've

got quite a bit to work with up here the

only thing I'm actually gonna have to

use to fuse for is to get this fuse to

come up here to this guy so that might

be a little bit of an issue but we'll

figure it out and we'll show you what we

did when it's all done just a little tip

here on how you can turn the four pack

of 25 shots at our missiles into a

hundred shot pack is just remove the

plastic top but leave the cellophane on

the sides on and look at how much easier

that's going to be a fuse because all

the fuses are on the top here so if you

expose that then you actually have a

nice little 100 shot Saturn battery to

work with you just put that right there

on the rack don't worry about that

tipping over I have a feeling that this

is gonna be the final draft and now I'm

going to start gluing everything down

the only thing I noticed is there's

nothing in the middle of the

Kaleidoscope here so on the first one

what I'm gonna do is take that little

fountain insert off of the friendship

fountain and I'm gonna make this cake a

multi-level effect and that fountain

fits real nicely in there so then what

I'll do is this will now be a fountain

cake so when that fuse comes around I'll

hit this and this and then come back

over to the kaleidoscope with no

fountain it should be pretty cool I'm

gonna try something really cool with

these roman candles an attempt to

repurpose the sampler box to make a rack

so I've got some ideas here I'm gonna

play around with to get these roman

candles on this box somehow and make

kind of like a bootleg rack so when I

figured something out I will show you

what I did I was actually able to make a

little one candle rack what I've done is

I've taken a box cutter and cut the

Panda box sampler in half and I just

shoved the Roman candles down there in

the bottom and then I'm also gonna do is

add some hot glue and duct tape force

and additional support I just got the

whole board fused up and ready to go

I'm gonna show you a little bit of my

fuse work and then we're gonna go shoot

this off we're gonna start up here with

color pearl come into the happy and then

go down into our 100 shot Saturn battery

there you can see I used green fuse or

otherwise green visco throughout most of

the display until we get up here and

we'll come down this way go back around

hit these two kaleidoscopes hit the

Chinese New Year there on the end come

down at these three by Starnet brand and

then I've got the quick fuse linked in

between these two and that's gonna come

up here and hit all of these roman

candles and then once the roman candles

are done we've got some green visco

that's gonna burn slowly down so it'll

actually give it some time because we

know the roman candles are gonna last

about twenty to thirty seconds that's

perfect for this green fuse to burn

slowly coming down to the shells where

it actually just is kind of kind of a

mess right now but we used the fuse

that's directly on the ball shells and

we just attached it to each and every

other shelf but then what I've also done

is linked some quick fuse in there just

as sort of a back-up plan

and if you guys watch my channel you

know I always do that no matter what

always got to have a plan B now down

there this is all I solved that issue

with this little two inch single shot

there's a run quick fuse all the way

down to hit that and then come back up

so there should not be a delay there so

hopefully everything goes as planned so

that's our little setup now I look done

with roman candle rack here actually

just use the Box on the Panda box

sampler and you can see kind of what I


they're not gonna get into too much

detail but roughly that's what your

roman candle rack should look like and

yeah we are ready to go I honestly would

not be surprised if we just get a ton of

fuse jumping and really what could end

up happening is this whole thing could

go at one time because I mean I don't

have time to sit here and tape all these

fuses up to prevent the fuse jumping so

if one of these but if even one of these

fountains up front lights like this area

right here it's all gonna go and

honestly that would make for a pretty

cool video anyway so we're not gonna

waste any time here let's go light this

off all right here we go firework

display on a budget in three two one





look at that guy's everything worked got

damn that was epic

hope you guys enjoyed