A $2,000 Firework Display and Set-Up (Incredible Budget Show)

it's a war zone out here almost don't

even have enough room I might pick out

for all this stuff journalist there got

a bunch of miscellaneous racks a raccoon

fireworks ban idiots not guns buy boom

Wow gonna be epic either way the only

thing left to load up are the racks here

which are all pre fused and I'll show

you some of my fusing technique on that

stuff and I've got everything else

loaded up in the truck so we'll be back

later to start setting up alright just

getting everything unloaded off the

pickup here you can see I've actually

started to set up that's the bar that

we're doing it for right there

and finallys down here once we get

everything set up and how we want the

show to go I will get back to you right

under the water tower and we are setting

up a firework display for this bar over

here there's actually two bars there's

one behind it and then right here but

they're both owned by the same company

this is our setup and I'm gonna give you

a quick walkthrough so let's start down

here with the opener alright so for the

opener all by the way the fire

department's right here too for the

opener we're gonna shoot to flood roads

and that's actually not part of the

opener so to flood roads in different

directions so that we get shots going

both ways

everybody's gonna be over there actually

people are just gonna be parked

everywhere so open with the flood read

and then we come down here to the line

of no ABS this kind of the body of the

show all the fillers in between these

labs are right there and we'll talk

about that here in a sec well let's take

a look at some of this product in this


I used perfect fuse from cannon fuse

calm I ran it all the way down this 18

shot rack and the shells in there are

called your tube by T sky they've got a

mine up to the break right here we've

got the kiss of death right here we've

got Captain America by legend fireworks

one of my favorites we got monstrous

palm packing heat by raccoon fireworks

ban idiots not guns by boom wall

jellyfish monster also by boom well bomb

blast by miracle cowboy fight by boom

wall nine lives ain't enough bonus night

by Iron Man hot pursuit by sky pioneer

king of chrysanthemums by fire Hawk rack

them up by a sky eagle and all shelves

possible by wise guy

so that is the line of no ABS and this

whole show is gonna be hand fired and

now let's talk about the filler effects

which are the 500 gram cakes right here

we're gonna start with trump card the

reason I put it here and not with the

line is because of the fuse you can see

right there that the fuse is actually on

that side okay so it wouldn't really fit

here because all of the fuses on these

Spiller cakes are facing this way and it

has to be that way so when I'm hand

firing I don't have to step over

anything to get to the other fuses we're

gonna start here with a light up your

night then go down to captain Jackson

then we've got a burn pit by happy

family got a fallen angel there after

hours by brothers

we've got insight one of my favorites by

happy family got ham it up miracle

fireworks Full Metal Jacket twist and

shout and wicked both by happy family

seven shot beasts got taste the rainbow

remix by brothers that's a favorite

desperate attempt and eye of the


that right there is the body of the show

it's probably in the last 15 to 20

minutes or more and I'm coming on down

here to the finale we've got some cheer

in dhola's there we're gonna start with

an flr actually that's Milky Way maximum

sorry and then we've got the journalist

there got a bunch of miscellaneous racks

and two of them are not fused up a bunch

once we get these fused up then the

whole show will be ready to go so let's

start down here we're gonna start with

the angled twelve shot rack on either

side we're just gonna get bigger and

bigger so the angle twelves up front

we've got a whole bunch of different

canister shells and ball shells in there

got another 18 shot full of canister

shells those are the jungle King and

Raptor shells both by pyro monster I

believe got a twenty five shot rack of

canister shells there and an angled

twenty four shot rack of some loud cans

for the finale so as you can see here my

technique for hand firing as I start

over there with the opener I come down

to the no AB go back to the filler cake

back to the no AB and so on down the

whole show and then this whole finale

here is gonna be quick fuse together so

it should be pretty awesome I'm truly

looking forward to doing this show and

like I said it's a beautiful night for

this absolutely no wind

no wind at all I'm right below the water

tower so anybody's standing

we got competition over there anybody

standing over in that direction is gonna

get some awesome pictures of the water

tower with the city name on it pretty

cool all right I can't wait to shoot

this off and we'll get back to much

shoot time war zone out here competition

in every direction fireworks going off

everywhere they have no idea what's

about to hit them

nice good competition













the show went great as you can see

there's still a ton of people shooting

off fireworks in all directions