Feral Dog Has Never Wagged His Tail Before | The Dodo Faith = Restored

The thing about Homer hiding right now, is that's OK.

Hiding gives him a little comfort.

It will be a long journey, but if [he comes] along with me,

I want to foster.

Homer was found wandering with a leash tied around him so tight.

They believe he had been out wandering and trying to survive for months on end.

In order to take Homer home and foster him, I want to make sure that he trusted me.

So what I did is I sat next to him on the grass to see if he would let me pet him.

I was there for at least an hour...

But it was all worth it.

Homer's first morning.

Trying to go to the bathroom.

He's scared, as you can see, he's trembling.

Just in my backyard here.

So there's nothing to be scared of.

But obviously everything right now is just a fear.

So we're just going to try to walk just a little bit and just...

Any little movements like that is a big deal.

Right back to...

He didn't know how to be a dog. He couldn't even walk upstairs.

There's been a couple of weeks now and Homer's still pretty shy, scared of most things.

But you know what?

I'm by his side every step of the way to support him.

Days, weeks pass by and Homer was progressing, but it was slow

That day I turned around and I was met with Homer, bumping me with his nose

and his tail just wagged.

It took him two and a half months to wag his tail.

And it's quite an experience to see that happen.

Homer finally overcame his fear and he's ready to find his forever lucky family.