Training with feral dog ( janetrains.com)

never know here we are danger danger art

my website is Jane Transcom I'm a

trainer of 30 years experience I trained

lots of different animals and my

speciality is working with feral dogs

rescue Mustangs I love rehabbing or

rescues Mustangs and what we're trying

to do here this extremely well-fed

lovely beautiful animal called Raina is

a female that Penny's had for a year

rehabbing and she looks an absolute

beautiful shape I like her a lot she's

very smart has a gorgeous look on her

face and she's trying to get to know me

she's had about 20 minutes to me and

that's about it

so what I'm doing here is just tossing

the food into her to get her to come out

a little bit more and her whole body is

saying and I'm not terribly sure but I

do like those hot dogs and so now here's

the really big challenge as I'm actually

throwing it to her but rather than just

holding out to her so she's very vocal

so when she does the play bell and is

talking like that that's her way of

saying oh man I really want that food

but this is really stuff might trust you

that's what's going on so what I do

therefore then is I ignore the barking

and I still carry on holding it out and

I might do this a little bit so here I

am going down so I'm not actually

looking at her but rather trying to be

non confrontational there you go good

girl that was pretty good I can't bring

it down and so now she understands so in

other words I'm doing the correct body

language for her good girl and so I'll

come away a little bit more so what I'm

doing is I'm leading her out

you have the the hot dog bag right

between she I think she watchin my hat

yeah she is she is she is I've been

doing that

positive reinforcement my good girl the

time so she knows good girl now well you

did take Sabrina how long did you have

her a year two years no no I had to be

there so what she was the wildest dog

and now you're looking at her now you

didn't have to keep your head down she's

actually she's done very well this is

all the work that you've done with her

penny because this is quite this is very

quick this is quite unusual to get this

in 20 minutes like this like he's done

thank you we've we've brought a lot of

different people to her and had

different people helping and so she you

know sit sitting here visiting here and

and she knows what a hot dog is now so

she so you taught me how to do that

touch first cuz you showed me to say

touch and every time I say touch she

touches my hand now whether yeah whether

I have a hot dog or not and so here she

knows again we're back to that same

point where I had the food quite close

to my body and she's like oh man I don't

know about that I liked it when you were

outstretched so we can see with the

feral dogs there is that three foot

circle around them that's quite hard for


and if you infringing upon that space

it's a little bit too challenging for

them and that would go for dogs that are

even if not feral but aggressive and you

don't read the signs that's why it's a

really bad idea to go up to a dog you

don't know good girl

so see that's about let's see one two

just a little bit under three foot so

here comes down my hand transferring the

food over to this hand and I'm not

stretching out as far this time let's

see if she does it good girl

pretty good so the next time is gonna be

close to my body again unless they're

still coming so in this tiny highly

laborious space and time all we're

trying to is Gary to go forward

interesting not just that lost six

inches it's really hard for her to do


so I'll negotiate a little bit further

and I have to say that with this dog

because of the all the work that you

have done penny she has an exceptional

amount of confidence that for a dog if

it had this kind of background so I'm

able to push her push her a threshold

enough that we can achieve results quite

quickly actually Sabrina who have been

through so much more the other failed

dog that you rescued all those years ago

took that much longer because she really

did have a very traumatic time yes

coming from that fire being feral you're

rescuing her and I think she was abused

and heavily abused and Rayna was a dog

that was a street dog not necessarily

abuse but she was never she was just

abandoned as a young pup and skin and

bones she was skin and bones look at

that look at that that's incredible

well now what's quite nice about it is

that she's not backing

good girl what was that I shouldn't have

said anything right

oh you're still there

she sure was pretty well

that's what you training heard some

sheep oh we can have fun with that

yeah well this is great Jane thank you

so much I'm going to stop right here I

think she's you know and then the next

time we do this she'll probably be even

further along we'd like to some day like

you said put a harness on her so that we

can start to work with her on walking

perhaps is that our next step the next

step would be for her to - it's not even

so much that I would say it'd be much

more like getting her - well you see

here's the next step here's how I see it

because she is so confident and she's

not at all underweight she's even a

little bit nicely chubby you can start

to specially reach this level of tall

confidence and they really trust you and

they know that you're not going to hurt

them you can start to create the

discipline so it's not so much that

you're having to take care of them

completely without there being any

demands upon their performance you can

actually start to say to her are you

going with the bowl of food she can't

get the bowl of food and so she actually

touches her and even allowed the toy

with your hand on her head

she'll learn quite quickly that she

won't get her bowl of food until you I

told she does that one thing for you


now that doesn't mean to say that if she

doesn't do it you don't feed her it does

mean that you're gonna have to spend

considerable amount of time into your

back so that means you have to sit stand

there in the kennel for that to happen

then you're gonna have to go ahead and

do that does that make sense that's part

of the work well that's the work that I

will be doing til the next time you come

to see if it worked

if it did it right in them and then she

should do it for you - then I want a

very quick example

so say she's right there and I say to

her guess what you're not going to get

this two hotdogs until

you actually come up to me like this so

she backs away straight away she knows

I'm a hot dog we could say looking at

her this dog is not trembling she's not

drooling she's not panting so she's not

exhibiting any physiological signs of

stress or fear but what she is doing is

thinking about what do I have to do to

get that hot dog she is no coming to me

means I have to go out to her so this is

when this is training so that's what you

need to do with her for an order for her

to understand this is part of being

domestic this is part of training what

does that say absolutely and so that way

so rather than rushing it to get the

harness on her what you're now saying to

her is guess what I'll feed you but

here's here's the peers to pay you have

to work for this food and this is it and

so she's going oh all right I'll do that

then and there we have it good girl Wow

couldn't have so just like that set it

up any better than that