Could Feral Dogs Be A Deadly U.S. Threat


sixty-five-year-old animal lover sherry


was second an evening walk down this

rather narrow road she reached somewhere

around this area where she may have

heard or saw what was to be her fate a

pack of at least sixteen displaced dogs


the pack of dogs eventually caught up to


tearing her from limb to limb from head

to toe sometime later her husband Lothar


a retired professor had gone out to

search for her he met up with the pack

of dogs who had already tasted blood and

apparently wanted to taste more

he too was knocked off his feet by the

wild pack and killed within minutes

later the next day paramedics arrived at

the scene and found the suspected

attackers standing guard 16 dogs

suspected to be involved were rounded up

and euthanized 26 year-old Michael

Anthony Hadi died in July 2008 of acute

asphyxiation while being attacked by a

pack of dogs Detective Sergeant Leith

Phillips told the coroner there was not

an ounce of flesh from his knee to his

hip on one lake and a deceased mr. Hardy

had laws part of his scrotum and autopsy

showed that mr. hardy had a blood

alcohol level of 0.2 to 4% and had

hundreds of abrasions all over his body

47 year old Robert James wrote was

attacked at the same camp a month later

the coroner had heard he died from a

heart attack and although there were

severe injuries to his skin and limbs

there was no evidence to indicate those

injuries occurred prior to his death it

is very clear that his body was shortly

after his death attacked and eaten by

dogs this sort of behavior from dogs

domestic affair Oh is very unusual the

feral dog epidemic in Moscow has also

become very apparent in appearance most

feral dogs are difficult if not

impossible to distinguish from domestic

dogs like domestic dogs feral dogs

manifest themselves in a variety of

shapes sizes colors and even breeds

German Shepherds dominant pincers and

calluses breathe often become Pharaohs

most fellow dogs say they are

descendants of domestic dogs gone wild

and they often appear similar to dog

breeds that are locally common the

primary feature that distinguishes feral

from domestic dogs is the degree of

reliance or dependence on humans and in

some respect of behavior towards people

feral dogs survive and reproduce

independently of human intervention or


feral dogs are usually secretive and

worried of people thus they are active

during dusk dawn and at night much like

other wild canids

they often travel in packs of groups and

may have rendezvous sites like Wolf's

travel routes to and from the gathering

or den sites may be well defined food

scraps and other evidence of

concentrated activity may be observed at

gathering sites feral dogs are the most

widespread of the wild can--it they may

occur wherever people are present and

permit dogs to roam free wherever people

abandoned unwanted dogs feral dogs

probably occur in 50 states

Canada's Central and South America there

are also when Europe Australia Africa

and several remote ocean islands such as

the Galapagos

like coyotes fell dogs have Catholic

diet and our best describe as

opportunistic feeders they can be

efficient predators preying on small and

large animals including domestic

livestock many rely on world killed

animals crippled waterfowl green

vegetation berries and other fruit

feral dogs are highly adaptable social

carnivores also about the side of a

coyote are slightly larger many breeds

of dogs are capable of existing in the


but after a few generations of

uncontrolled breeding our generalized

mongrel tends to develop often it has a

German Shepherd a husky like a parent


livestock and poultry can be victims of

harassment injury and death from both

domestic and feral dogs distinguishing

between lives that killed by domestic

affair dogs and that killed by coyotes

may be difficult since the motive attack

can be similar coyotes usually attack an

animal in the throat domestic dogs are

relatively indiscriminate in how and

where they attack sometimes however dogs

killed the way coyotes do and young and

inexperienced coyotes may attack any

part of the body of the preyus dogs

would the survival of feral dogs depends

on our ability to secure food

therefore feral dogs are used the adept

predators unlike most domestic dogs

feral dogs rely on their prey for food


when domestic dogs attack domestic

animals they may enjoy kale several but

seldom do they consume the victims

rather they leave the impression that

they were involved in a vicious play

rather than an attempt to obtain food

the most diagnostic characteristic of

these injuries caused by dogs is usually

by slashing and biting of the prey and

animals over much of their bodies bellow

dogs commonly kill house cats and they

may injure or kill domestic dogs in

areas that humans may not have hunted or

trapped feral dogs these dogs may or may

not have developed a fear of humans and

in those instances such dogs may attack

people especially children this can be a

serious problem in areas with feral dogs

feed at or live around garbage dumps

near human dwellings

such situations occur frequently around

small remote towns one of those small

remote towns was Lexington Georgia

and the spotlight tonight the real story

the Idaho rific dog attack in rural

Georgia 16 dogs five of them puppies put

to death because they killed a beautiful

animal loving couple

these dogs were captured the ones you're

looking at right there and then killed

after they mauled a retired professor

and his wife last week and the dogs were

domesticated animals that appeared to

have gone feral because they'd been

abandoned by their original caretaker he

reportedly fell on hard times and moved

away from the area now although some

neighbors fed them from time to time the

animals were essentially left to fend

for themselves outdoors day in day out

several of the dogs infested with

maggots when they were caught this

gut-wrenching tragedy was 110 percent

preventable so who's really to blame

joining me now Shane garrison Animal

Welfare expert who has done many

abandoned pet rescues I've videotaped

her on several occasions Jane I call

this an extreme case of human error to

people wonderful people who leave behind

a dozen pets of their own and 16 dogs

who were put in an impossible situation

all dead what could have been done to

prevent this well first of all the dog

should have never been abandoned it is

completely wrong and illegal to abandon

an animal people should not just move

away and leave their animals to fend for


in addition none of these dogs were

spayed or neutered and a dog who is not

spayed or neutered is more likely to

attack which is one of the many reasons

that community should be passing

mandatory spay neuter laws and they were

having puppies so the five bodies get

put to sleep just as part of the group

who knows whether those puppies were

involved in the mauling situation or not

now here's a very disturbing statistic

the Humane Society says six to eight

million six to eight million dogs and

cats end up in shelters every year of

those 3 to 4 million are euthanized a

fancy way of saying killed Jane some

people say hard economic times have

forced them to abandon their companion

animals but even rich people often treat

animals as disposable objects so what

role do breeders play in this pet

overpopulation crisis in America today

oh well breeders are the number one

reason that so many dogs are being

killed we need to stop breeding more

animals and concentrate on finding homes

for the animals who are sitting on death

row and shelters and we all can help

stop the killing by boycotting breeders

and pet stores Jain 30 to 40 percent of

dogs in shelters are pure breads so

people can get any dog they want by

going to their local shelter or by

visiting websites like adopt a pet calm

yeah and if people weren't buying so

many dogs are they breeders weren't

making money off of reading and selling

dogs there'd be fewer dogs to the

shelter's then maybe this poor man who

had fallen on hard times wouldn't have

felt obligated to leave his dogs to the

country to fend for themselves he could

have had them adopted by somebody

because there'd be homes available

exactly it's a vicious circle we need to

stop supporting breeders stop supporting

pet stores and we need to spay and

neuter our own animals and we never ever

abandon an animal to fend for themselves

it's just not right yeah and it also

seen that this was sort of a hoarding

situation in the sense that this was too

many dogs too many dogs for one person

to have and then abandon them exactly

and dogs act differently when their

impacts we saw this when I was rescuing

animals in New Orleans after Hurricane


you saw cocker spaniels and chihuahuas

and all these little dogs joining up and

becoming packs they act differently

impact so we need to stop them roaming

free spay neuter them Boyka in pet

stores and dog breeders will not fix

this problem so far in America there are

no pet stores that sell only dogs so the

statement that mrs. garrison made is

100% of flawed until the day comes where

every pet store in America or Moscow for

that matter sell dogs only and all other

pets are non-existent this simply isn't

an option but rather a broad reckless

and premature action to take and

statement to make


the fellow dogs in Moscow are just that

feral dogs strace they're not rabbit

they're not crazy they're not of a

significant threat the starving homeless

dogs living the only way they know how

survival of the fittest the mainstream

media particularly in the United States

does a scrupulous job of portraying the

dog of their choice as the most

dangerous the most reckless and the most

unpredictable and the 1980s German

Shepherds with a bit of choice with

movies television and news portraying

them as natural-born killers in the

1990s it was a mixture of Dolman

pinchers and right rulers that were the

current threat and could not be trusted

since around 2000 the present pit bulls

have been the dogs that need to be

watched the dogs that would turn on

their owners without hesitation or

provocation but the fact that I matter

is any dog lays in an unhealthy

environment where they are subject to

beatings fights and other mind-altering

injunctions will behave differently the

type of dog is irrelevant

judging a dog's aggressiveness by its

breed is somewhat the same thing as

profile and human by the race

this is the propaganda in American media