Using a Drone to Escape A Feral Dog Ambush in Cappadocia | Have Points Will Travel Moment

oh this just turn kind of sketch here's

how the shoots going so far this morning

I was supposed to be on a hot-air


cancelled so I said all right I'll go

shoot sunrise got up pods came in no

colors I was walking back accidentally

came came across I heard of it was more

than five but five have followed me here

five dogs and they chased me up on top

of one of these fairy chimney things

I've been up here to have for about ten

minutes they came from this way so I can

try ran down here and then up onto this

thing go home

switch to the GoPro because I need a

little bit more space to work but I've

got a crazy plan here I'm gonna try to

launch the drone and fly it away and

hope that they follow the noise I hear



there's just these two more dogs on the

hill now if I can just get them to

follow the drone a bit further I should

have enough time to land the drone pick

it up get off here and then walk back

down to the street




so that just completely worked they're

all gone

now I just have to make sure they don't

follow their own pack and then I gotta

bolt out of here once I get down but uh

all rights they do


yes okay let's see when I posted the

first interview story 33 minutes ago

I've been up here for 33 minutes

it looks like the coast is clear sucked

I mean I love adventures but that was

actually I mean that was legitimately

scary because there was a point where

they started running and there was no

high ground immediately around me so

yeah it was kind of sketch but as you

can tell I've survived and make sure you

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