hey youtube : I are here with an update

on the feral female that we call a

little bit Greg

caught her in the live trap and took her

to the foster home where she chews her

way out of a holding pen

she was due to go to the vet the next

item would that didn't happen she went

right back to where she'd been living

the second time the Greg was able to

catch her with a net with the help of

Linda talent and that time they did get

her to the bed and we have special

thanks to Whitney Harrison stuffed with

architects animal rescue they paid for

the cost of having her spank it worked

out for the best because after being

captured the second time Mary Florence

took her in Mary is an expert in feral

dogs and is working with little bit on

her social skills if you are interested

in adopting little bit please contact

Greg she'll be ready for adoption and

just a few weeks

awesome fastest rap I've ever done


he's so covered in fleas so thanks for

your donations here goes $15 he'll be

protected for a month I don't know whose

dog this is

he's covered please here you go buddy

chew it up he ate it he is for now

protected for one month

I'm just looking at please under the

back side of him is horrible nobody we

will try to keep unfortunately we

couldn't film her just a minute ago that

we were both so busy we have to keep the

net on her because she was just a

flopping and twisting and trying to bite

but I was keeping my I was keeping the

leash away from me so she could not grab

me but I'm gonna attempt to pick her up

and hopefully not get bit

cut the admit that earlier she'd been

decorate she want to buy




hey the fall over her