Got attacked by feral dogs on a hike !!!

Wow princess mood Kyle colossal good

morning everyone it's a really [ __ ]

awesome day out right

and well it's bit cloudy which is a bit

of a disappointment because it might

[ __ ] rain on us but me Kyah my dog oh

my brother and a few friends hopefully

if they wake up after last night I

should be interesting to see this day's

they're gonna be in if they're even

gonna be up for a hike to begin with so

stay tuned

Machiko here boy luck bro track in the

bottom we're gonna go girl go

[ __ ] insane well we actually have

nice way to the second activist adenine

and Oh Holly up chicken to be a okay I

found someone's old home Oh wall is

wealth ilanic holy [ __ ] that's insane


hello hello hello hey Carla look is goat

cheese toasties in the mountain I'm a

psychic people will trust me Hagee de la

Salle's number guys I got Caesar let me

let me make things less metoya Barbie


you know Jamaica Jimmy honey boo boo

well when you boo boo hello viola let's


bye hon kiya kiya Simon hood honey cos I

didn't come here to talk a lot of an

oven Sofia hi Lana

Andrea - hi furry tamasha Elia es la

mejor que para devaki colors yellow car


Danny Jana

let's tell our Nick

well I filmed you literally started off

over there went down down down down

climb climb climb climb climb up it's a

lot harder than it looks a promise so

I'm done princess mode active princess

mode Kyle the last princess so don't act

it my are Pacifica and I concealed my

show me show me hey you here

I'll see here get it baby girl get it

hey take a man you know you down hello

as soon as we're home you I'll be on you

look carry me like a princess

carry me high I simply like thank you so

I don't care I'm a princess

what's the table live on I'll holla when

you're tired

we carry car here well again Fiat Auto

you've got I thought you're stronger

than this guy is like year

it's so cute though biscotti lip cannot

Korea almost there

see I love you my boy thunderstorm let's

get the [ __ ] outta before the Thunder


okay now literally like check this out

there's an entire [ __ ] Thunder like

ahead of us it's completely clear behind

us the [ __ ] thunderstorm waiting to

[ __ ] happen it's gonna be an

interesting night

like we're glad we turned back to be

fair that was a good [ __ ] call no I

will be cautious it's okay before the

thunderstorm it's yeah yeah good call

very frightening me gallileo okay fair


good point

you know Guyot I Humbaba I'm an Enderman

and affiliated kya die come here baby

girl come here come here this way you

got it you got it baby girl

good job boom it's meant to be a

thunderstorm today but we got lucky

because the thunderstorm was supposed to

start at 9:00 alright can we talk about

that she'll work a little bit yeah

Menendez given Zipkin in Horn some a

samba oh heck oh heck oh I just want to

jump thank you

oh sure that we're good uh hello the man

huh washable ha ha

so we're different colorings that all

have such different colorings

[ __ ] early can I know which one's

poison ivy by the way just because I've

done all Chuck these are gorgeous

literally like look at it's [ __ ]

boring like that's [ __ ] insane

best part we made it like hike over us

we really really have to check this

place out again

it would have turned into a [ __ ]