Feeding Tube Education: Checking Placement of an NG Tube

How to check placement of an NG Tube. After putting in an NG

tube, we must check that it's in the right place. These are the

supplies you will need to check the NG Tube placement. First,

secure the Tube by putting on a dressing or tape. Or by holding

the Tube in place. Grab the large syringe, clamp the NG

Tube, and remove the cap from the Tube. Put the syringe on the

end of the Tube and slowly pull back fluid from the Tube. You

should get a little bit of fluid called "stomach contents."

Remove the syringe from the Tube, and put the cap back on

the Tube. Push some of the stomach contents onto the pH

paper and watch it change colors. If the color on the pH

paper matches a color showing zero to five, the tube is likely

in the stomach. If the pH paper shows a number greater than

five, it might mean the tube is in the lungs. If this happens,

remove the tube and replace it with a new one. If your child

shows any of the following symptoms since placing the Tube,

take the Tube out immediately and call your doctor. Coughing

non-stop, trouble breathing, irritability, skin color

changes, or discomfort. If you have determined the Tube is in

the right place, you can remove the guide wire and securely tape

the Tube. You are now ready to give feeds or medicines through

the Tube. For more information, visit the website on your screen.