Feeding Tube Education: Placing an NG Tube

How to place an NG Tube. These are the supplies you will need

to put in a new NG Tube. Before inserting the Tube, make sure

all your supplies are out and ready to use. Once you have

measured your child for their new NG Tube, you are ready to

put it in. You might want a partner to help hold your

child's head still while you place the Tube. If you have a

baby, wrap them in a blanket to help secure their arms and legs.

Always wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before placing

the NG Tube. First, lubricate the Tube by dipping it in water

or by using a lubricating jelly. Next, put the Tube into the

nostril until you reach the measured mark. If your child is

old enough, he or she might want to sip water while you put the

Tube in. Some kids are comfortable putting the Tube

in themselves. Although this might be uncomfortable for

your child, it does not hurt them. Your child might gag or

cough when the Tube goes in but it should stop. Once you've

placed the Tube, secure it with tape. You can use pink tape

temporarily while checking placement. If you notice your

child is coughing non-stop, turning blue, or having trouble

breathing, take the Tube out right away. You are now ready to

check placement. For more information, visit the website

on your screen.