NG Feeding Tube | Cincinnati Children's


hi my name's Mallory I'm 16 years old

and I've had Crohn's please for eight

years from time to time

I need a feeding tube to get my

nutrition in I hope this video teaches

you step by step instructions on how to

put your NG tube and in troubleshoot at

all in this short video we will provide

you with an overview of what supplies

are needed to properly care for an NG

tube at home how to insert it what

safety precautions to take and when to

call for help

always perform care in a clean



and remember always wash your hands or

sanitize your hands prior to inserting

the tube the supplies needed for an NG

insertion will be given to you before

discharge or delivered by your home care

company to your home first collect the

following supplies a cup of water a

feeding tube

secure items do a derm and hyper fix

tape a 5ml syringe


and a pen or marker now that you have

collected the necessary supplies you are

ready to insert the NG tube if there is

a stylet pullback to make sure the

stylet moves freely so it will be easily

removed and then push it back into place

cut a piece of duaa derm to place on

your child's cheek also cut a piece of

pipe affixed to secure the tube once it

is placed next measure from the tip of

the nose to the tip of the earlobe down

to an area halfway between the belly

button and the breastbone measure the

tube from the tip of the nose to the tip

of the earlobe down to an area halfway

between the belly button and the

breastbone and Mark the tube at this


marking the tube assist with initial

placement and ongoing verification

checks please make note do not measure

around the ear and measure on the side

of the face the tube will be inserted on

next lubricate the tip of the tube by

dipping the tip in water to prevent the

tube from clogging do not dip the tube

into gels our Vaseline finally insert

the tube through the nostril until you

have reached the mark on the tube that

you made with the pen or marker it may

help to offer your child drinks of water

or sucking opportunities



attach the 5 ml syringe to the end of

the feeding tube


and pull back on the syringe to obtain

gastric contents a small amount of

gastric contents is needed to confirm

placement and is usually cloudy or green

tan or off-white color throw away the

gastric contents do not reveal the to

placement must be confirmed before

starting any feeding if you are unable

to obtain gastric contents to confirm

proper placement first clamp the tube

place the child on their left side wait

10 minutes and re attempt to aspirate

contents if still unable to obtain

gastric contents remove tube re measure

and reinsert the tube if still

unsuccessful please notify the

healthcare provider secure the tube by

placing the tube over the dua derm

then applying the hype affixed tape or

however best meets the patient's needs

withdraw the tube immediately if the

child's color becomes blue or develops

breathing problems this is a sign that

the tube may be in the child's lungs

instead of their stomach if you use a

tube with a stylet remove at this time

hold the feeding tube at the patient's

nose and gently remove the stylet guide

wire from the tube by pulling with the

other hand however remember never

reinsert the stylet guide wire into the

NG tube if your child starts to gag or

choke while doing the feeding lower the

syringe of formula to slow the flow and

pour what is in the syringe into a

bottle turn your child to their side and

help clear any vomit if present once

your child settles recheck the tube

placement resume feeding but give at a

slower rate if your child becomes

uncomfortable or their stomach becomes

distended or puffs up stop the feeding

and wait about 30 to 45 minutes restart

the feeding if resolved call your nurse

or doctor if discomfort continues I hope

this video provided you with valuable

instructions on how to place and care

for your NG tube at home the doctors and

nurses at Cincinnati Children's are

always available if you have any

questions day or night don't hesitate to