Getting a Nasogastric (NG) tube placed at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

for some kids and teens learning about

procedures helps them cope best in this

video you will see a child get a nasal

gastric tube a nasal gastric tube is a

thin soft tube that enters your body

through your nose and is passed down

their throat until it reaches your

stomach people often call it an NG tube

for short an NG tube can be used to put

medicine or food directly into your

stomach or it can be used to remove

fluid that shouldn't be there to help

you hold your body still and stay calm

it may help to close your eyes and take

slow breaths when your body is relaxed

it can help the tube get to where it

needs to be faster you may feel like you

have to cough or it may feel like you

have a tickle in your nose and throat

this is normal

some kids say they feel the tube a lot

and some kids say they feel it a little

everyone feels things differently you

can tell us how it felt for you children

and teens have found that thinking about

their favorite activity or counting

helps them relax or squeezing a stress

ball or someone's hand drinking water as

the tube goes down your throat will help

the tube go into your body easier it

helps to take a sip of water first the

first thing your nurse will do is

measure how long your tube needs to be

so it's just the right size for your

body your nurse will measure the tube

from your nose to your ear and from your

ear to your stomach your nurse will use

a sharpie marker or a piece of tape to

mark the spot the tube should stop and

drain your nose

next the nurse will put clear gel on the

end of the tube to help it slide into

place here Ashley is having her to place

notice how Ashley chooses to hold her

mom's hand for support Ashley also

closes her eyes when the tube enters her

nose as the tube is entering your body

your nurse will tell you to take a sip

of water to help the tube slide into

your body you will be reminded to keep

swallowing Ashley did a great job of

helping the nurse by holding her body

very still next the nurse will make sure

the tube is where it needs to be the

nurse will find the best way to tape the

NG tube on to you to help it stay where

it needs to be the tube is often tucked

behind your ear and attached to the back

of your shirt so it's out of your way

sometimes children need a special

picture called an x-ray to check and see

where the tube is it is very important

to remember not to touch or pull out

your tube the doctors or nurses need the

tube to stay into place to give your

body the help it needs it's okay to ask

your doctor or nurse how long you will

need the tube when you have an NG tube

in you can still play games do art

activities or use electronics although

you may feel the tube in your throat

your body will still be able to breathe

talk and swallow remember your two jobs

are to relax and help keep your body

still and to take sips of water

kids and teens often have questions

after they learn about getting an NG

tube what questions do you have