How to place an NG tube in a baby, plus some helpful tips!

as Mason's that he uses there's ones

that are longer there's ones that have a

hard eyes on them this is a nice take a

little sharpie and mark that's how you

you measure it and there's different

ways to measure it that you will be

taught how to do but that's Mason's

measurement I take a sharpie on there

and put it on there so that's that

surgilube this is what you use so that

it doesn't irritate the nose or the

throat as you put it through so you dip

the end of the tube in it and that helps

get it down so the tape the tape is the

most important part because you don't

want your baby's skin to be irritated

with having tape on it so the tape that

I use that is the best is the older and

I cut it it comes in a little circle and

I cut it in half just like this and then

that sits right underneath his cheek

well right underneath his eye on his

cheek but you'll see you only put it on

and then the Tegaderm it's a big old

rectangle and you don't want to put this

on your baby's cheek so I cut it I take

this and cut it just like that

if you can see that so I cut along it so

just like this I'm gonna show real quick

so that that tape does not sit on his

face because the do dermis very good

tape that doesn't irritate baby's skin

well it doesn't irritate Mason's skin at

all but the Tegaderm wherever it touches

it kind of leads a red mark on his face

so I like to cut it as close as I can

and hyper fix this is just this is some

cloth tape that I put on the edge to

keep it close to his cheek so depending

on what kind of tube you use and what

you find works well for your kid you'll

put that put this extra tape where you

want it so I'm put it right on the nose

and some put it close to the ear to keep

it close so your kids not going to pull

it out so that is all that I use and I

make sure that I keep it close to where

I'm going to

his NG tubing and he's sitting right

here and I put it all closed oh one

other little trick that I have is a

dropper and this is um this is sugar

water so it's a 24 percent

I guess solution of sugar water and this

helps him well it helps them to swallow

so that the two can keep keep going down

and so okay so now we're ready to put

the NG tube in and I just put the duo

durum right underneath his eye and I

want it as close to his nostril but not

touching it that's just how I prefer it

so it doesn't bug his little nostril but

I want to be able to tape it close to

his nose so it stays closed and so the

two for putting the tube in I like to

hold up the tube and see which way it

naturally curves you can see that it

curves like that so I put it in that way

and so that it will hit the back of the

throat and not come out through the

mouth that's just a little trick that I

found out cuz in the hospital it kept

coming out of his mouth and that's very

annoying so I dip it in the surgilube

pull it out you don't want too much on

it on there or else it's gonna make it

hard for them to breathe okay so I have

all my stuff ready I have the hyper fix

that I told you about and the Tegaderm

I'm ready to tape when I get it in there

so I want to put it all the way up to

his nose that black dot well that black

mark that I have on there is where it's

gonna go up to so all that part is gonna

go down um so we'll see how he does he's

kind of falling asleep but at first so

probably sneeze and gag a little bit as

I put it in pull it out he's okay

you're gonna be glad to be done with

this on me so kind of the best way to do

it is I mean it's irritating but just

give them little breaks so I get it at

least a little bit weights down the nose

so it it's not gonna pop right out and

then give them a little bit of the sugar

water so he'll swallow good job nice and

then it's just doing it slowly because

kind of hit resistance sometimes but you

don't want to push it hard you want to

kind of just make it go slow so you're

not poking them somewhere in the throat

hey mace you're doing so good bud you're

doing so good so give them a little

break give him some more sweeties yeah

it's that good stuff oh you're doing so

good bite and then soon it will get

start getting kind of hard to push down

and that's when it starts hitting that

flap for the esophagus and trachea meat

and you don't want it to go into the

lungs obviously so but I feel like

that's happened maybe one time and you

definitely know if it's not going down

the right place going into the right

place so we're almost there

maybe you're doing so good okay and I

want to make sure I just have my tape

all ready to go so I can tape it quick

when I get it in the right place because

we're getting up to the black mark right

there okay and as I'm close I'm just

gonna leave it right there for a second

and then hurry and get my tape ready Hey

and this sometimes is the hardest part

is trying to get the tape to stick

because you want the tape to be in the

right place so that it won't come so the

two won't come

but I am picky about how the tape is so

I bend it like that so it doesn't stick

to it so okay okay then make sure it's

up there again to the black mark because

it kind of came out a little bit

it's okay Mase right there make sure

it's in the right place before you tape

now obviously this is the hardest part

because he's like stop touching my face

with your cold hands and then make sure

you get that right on the duo term spot

push down well uh yeah maze and then

take the hyper fix this is where so this

is how I tape but this is my own little

way that I do it so this is really

strong tape that's breathable and I put

it right next to there so that the tube

doesn't go in his ear and it he doesn't

pull it so that's how it's done and then

you check for placement by taking a

syringe of air and blowing it while

pushing it through the tube and then you

listen on your baby's stomach depending

on how you measure it but it should be

about two fingers below the sternum well

halfway between the bellybutton and the

sternum as well your listen for that

like pop of air and make sure that it's

in the right place but he looks fine and

that's how you do it

say yay