Why You Should Break Up With JoAnn Fabric Stores

hi I'm here to tell you why and how to

break up with jo-ann fabrics I have been

shopping at jo-ann fabrics since around

1998 and that's around the time I began

sewing and the reason for that was

because way back then the internet was

kind of in its infancy and there weren't

very many local options Joanne's was

pretty much the only game in town other

than the Hancock Fabrics which no longer

exists and you know they had some good

sales and it's fun to get on their

mailing list and feel like you're

beating the system by buying all your

supplies as they went on sale and you

know and once in a while you run into

somebody there who actually knew how to

sew usually not but at this point in

time it's time to stop we need to kick

Joanne's to the curb like they deserve

now a couple of the reasons for that

would be first of all if you have seen

any of their social media comments

lately and perhaps you might even have

first-hand experience with this but

they're online ordering system has been

a little lacking since the whole issue

that whole pandemic that's been going on

and to say that it's been problematic is

a huge understatement there are so many

accounts of people not receiving their

orders or their they take two months to

arrive they get the wrong items they

they get charged for things and then

and they don't get the refunds it's not

an isolated incident when you have

hundreds of people on every single one

of their social media posts complaining

about it so there's a strike one right

there the other issue is that we are in

the middle of a reckoning in America

where we need to face up to the fact

that our country has been built on on

racism and we need to make that right so

it's not a not and not an something that

you need to be defensive about it's just

something that you know you need to

acknowledge you know there are people in

this country are hurting let's do what

we can to help them achieve equality

well jo-ann fabrics made no statement

unlike many many high-profile companies

they said nothing about it and last

night when I checked their latest

Instagram post they had several comments

from customers on there asking them what

their stance is and I saw the same exact

canned week t response to not even every

comic because they didn't even respond

to every comment but the ones I did

respond to be the exact same copy and

paste really you need to fire your

social media person it and burley why

even bother it was just like just the

most meaningless drivel so that issue

then we have the fact that

their quality of their fabric is not

great sure they have Kona cotton and

their marine vinyls decent and they have

some things that are good they do carry

some wool blend felt from national

nonwovens but for the most part they're

their quilting cotton it's garbage

seriously I I i well I was I fell for it

too for a number of years I didn't know

any better I'm like oh this this seems

good you know it doesn't disintegrate

when I wash it you know the ink or the

the colors don't bleed onto my hands

when I'm sewing with it it seems fine no

it's garbage like it's complete garbage

compared to the sheets that you sleep on

that's what it's supposed to feel like

is nice like silk like soft cotton it's

not it's garbage so

don't buy it and then nevermind the fact

that so much of their merchandise is

overpriced even when it is 50% off twice

a year it's ridiculous so you're not

getting a good deal there they they

trick you into thinking that you're

getting a good deal by giving you a

break on the prices once in a while on a

nice little schedule but no you're

getting screwed and I don't need to tell

you how long you have to stand in line

just to get your fabric cut by an

employee who probably does not even so

because the pay is garbage back in 2001

2002 I actually worked for Joanne's

while I was in college and I was briefly

a supervisor there they pay their

employees crap it's barely above minimum

wage they treat them like garbage they

understaffed their stores and so of

course what what do you what do you


so yeah it's annoying when you go in

there and the the employees don't

understand anything about fabric they

don't so they're cranky they're rude

well you get what you pay for

so that that's what that's what you get

with Joanne's

so you know if any if any of those

things any of those reasons are

convincing to you I have some

alternatives for you

having said that though there are so

many alternatives that I'm not even

going to cover 1% of them your main

friend here is Google I see so many

people in Facebook groups who are upset

because they can't get into their

jo-ann's and if they do they have hardly

any fabric which how does that even


there's no fabric shortage

or they go to Walmart which that's

another issue altogether their their

fabric is terrible too and they're like

well there's no fabric anywhere yes

there is google it please google it now

the one thing I do want to say before I

go over these online sources is if you

have any cool shops in your area buy

from them the people at the quilt shops

they actually know how to sew they can

give you information about sewing about

the products they can recommend things

to you you can chat with them as they're

cutting their your the fabric for you

and talk about sewing I know that's

that's enjoyable for me the people there

are nice they appreciate your business

and you know what their their fabric is

pretty much the same you know 1195 1295

give or take that's pretty much the

going rate for good quality quilting

cotton which is going to be the focus of

this video so if you don't have a cold

shop in your area because unfortunately

they're they disappear rather quickly

there are so many online sources of

fabric and again I'm just gonna go over

a few of them these are businesses that

I have purchased from numerous times so

yes I can vouch for them that they're


Hawthorne Supply Company and by the way

I'll put links in the description below

to all these all these stores but again

Google's your friend Hawthorne Supply


Cary is mostly quilting cotton they do

have some myths and some canvases and

other things but that is their main


stash fabrics same thing tons of

quilting cotton a lot of times they have

stuff on sale I ordered from them

several times then there is a store in

Florida called so many things again link

in the description I heard about them on

crafty Gemini video and I bought the

machine that you see right behind me

from them instead of Amazon so and the

price is actually better and they sell a

ton of fabric I bought an obscene amount

of fabric from them to make masks lately

it's great prices are great they ship

out like within a day shipping is

reasonable same for all of these

businesses a fabric smart they are just

over the bridge for me up in Gulfport

Florida that is a near st. Pete if

you're familiar with the area

she has an Etsy shop so you can buy from

her no matter where you are of course we

have Etsy I have bought fabric from a

ton of shops on Etsy and I'll name a few

of those in the description as well and

there are also a lot of Facebook groups

that do like custom printing like

buy-ins and things like that we're

little they'll do all these cool prints

of quilting cotton or cotton lycra

things like that

and then fabric Mart is is a site that I

have been shopping with gosh oh my gosh

probably 15 years they sell mostly like

fashion like clothing fabric there

they're really good as well

and there are so many fashion fabric

websites I don't have a lot of those to

give to suggest to you because I don't

sew clothes very much anymore

but again Google there are a lot of

sewing bloggers and influencers who make

clothing and all you have to do is

follow them and when they share their

makes they they share usually where they

bought their fabric so that's a great

way to find new sources of fabric which

is not Joanne's your zippers imagine

finding out that those two $3 zippers in

that little annoying package that you

buy from Joanne's are incredibly

overpriced like two three times more

than they should be there is a shop on

Etsy called Zipit I have spent an

obscene amount of money buying zippers

from them I have some slightly off

camera hanging up on my pegboard they're

all from zip a--the you can also buy a

zippers from way back calm

again link in the description down below

thread you can get it way cheaper and

more colors from way back and again lots

of other sources of thread but that's

where I personally buy mine you can kind

of see it right up there I do have a

couple straggler spools of coats and

Clark which by the way is not good

quality thread look at a hold up to the

light all that lint that's gonna end up

in your machine and cause you a problem

so the thread I buy is guter Man brand

this is goo Turin mara 100 it was

recommended by Kristy from Rock baby

scissors I follow her on Instagram

excellent excellent quality thread and

it's cheaper this giant spool let me

grab it again here this is about 289 on

way wack and it is I think it's like a

thousand meters I'm not seeing it on

here oh no a thousand 93 yards so that

is a pretty decent amount of thread

that's way more than 110 yard tiny

spools that you get at Joanne's and pay

the same amount of money for hardware

and and uh notions things like that for

bags so many sources so many I'm only

gonna name a couple because there are so

many options do not buy those little

over packaged overpriced ones from Dritz

on their notions of all

Emeline or Emmeline bags out of Canada

even though she's in Canada if you buy

in the US the shipping is not too bad

and that is top quality hardware two

minutes to stitch on Etsy is another

good source I purchased from

more Meno calm she is also here on

YouTube and has Facebook group called so

whatever she sells hardware I bought

from her um let's see in addition to two

minutes to stitch there's so many so

many hardware shops on their purse

supplies are us I believe is one

everything ribbons so many so many you

can't get someone Amazon but the quality

is kind of mad unless I mean there's

some that are good but if it's one of

those off brands I really wouldn't trust

them for equality marine vinyl marine

vinyl fabric calm is excellent

especially if you're buying a larger

quantity their prices are really good if

you need a smaller mana marine vinyl my

punk broidery is your go to excellent

customer service and I have easily spent

a couple thousand dollars at that

business interfacing um Amazon and

overstock are options by any calm she

sells soft and stable which is a foam

interfacing Emmaline and blue Cala at a

Canada sell it and then Walmart in a

pinch not my favorite but I like to

support the smaller business as if I can

but there's not many of those

you're not if not not too many for


McCall's and simplicity Butterick vogue

that whole conglomerate

yeah they you can buy them online but

there are independent pattern designers

who make some excellent products and

their instructions are way better I

don't know why I was sewing with those

big four pattern brands for as long as I

did that with that crappy tissue paper

and they're crappy your instructions and

they're just not good look into some

indie designers a couple of them would

be violet field threads if you are

looking for either 18 inch tall clothing

or girls and some missus clothing 5 out

of 4 patterns she has a youtube channel

as well very inclusive size size age

every every type of group inclusive it's

nice because you're not seeing a little

skinny tiny model wearing wearing one

stitch up of that particular garment

you're seeing a couple dozen people of

all different shapes and sizes so you

can actually get some sort of idea

whether or not that design is going how

it's going to look on your body type and

whether you think it's a flattering look

for you so that's very helpful and four

bags of course a swoon and blue Cala bag

stock so sweetness Emmeline she has them

sewing patterns by mrs. age oh my gosh

there are so many so many and then even

just for regular craft supplies you can

get so many of them on Etsy the earrings

I'm wearing these are from

actually they're not I mean I made them

but the supplies I mean so simple

from wimzie and pop they're on Etsy you

don't need to go to joins or Michaels to

get stuff like that everything's online

and you're supporting smaller businesses

as well

general craft supplies again let's see

if you're going to pinch

dollar tree starting to sell a lot of

craft supplies so you don't need Joanne

and Joanne's doesn't need you they don't

care about your business they really

don't they they might pretend to by

spamming you with coupons and your email

or sending you flyers in the mail and

you've got their app on your phone but I

really encourage you to shop with your

conscience and to support small

businesses because these are people just

like you and I and your dollars have a

lot more of an impact going directly to

people like you and me rather than

corporations with CEOs making millions

of dollars who really couldn't care less

about your business or whether or not

you're a happy customer getting a good

product so there is my opinion so hope

it was helpful to you

if you have any other suggestions for

alternatives to Joanne's

please put them in the comments below

I'd love to hear them I I love

supporting small businesses so let me

know take care