Where to Buy Fabric Online

hey y'all melissa here with you today

and today i'm going to be talking about

buying fabric online i'm going to be

talking about some of my favorite places

to shop and what I did to determine that

was I just pulled out some of my most

recent fabric orders and where I got

them from so today's video will not be

an exhaustive list but I do have a link

below to a post that is continuously

updated as my preferences change for

where to shop but all the links that are

in that post are places that I have

personally purchased fabric from so that

you can take a look I also want to say

that I do not have relationships with

any of the companies that I'm talking

about today in terms of they haven't

provided me any free fabric they haven't

asked me to do a video about them

they're not paying for promotion in any

way these are just where I personally

have ordered fabric from recently so my

favorite online fabric stores and what I

buy at each first one imagine that and

these two fabrics here were some of my

recent purchases from that shop I like

that there are quality garment fabrics

and that they're generally of natural

fibers or natural blends and that

they're in current modern colors and

follow the trends pretty well they're

not like overly trendy it's more classic

stuff that I feel like I can wear for a

really long time but so for example here

I have this rayon shaly that I ordered

it's kind of this golden color and it's

got this beautiful white Navy and blush

print on it I have a shirt in mind for

this fabric and then another recent

purchase from them was this silky linen

blend so it's a linen/rayon blend which

washes super soft and it drapes really

nicely and I got both of these fabrics

from imagine apps I also generally

check there when I want things like

French terry or knit fabrics like solid

colored nips there aren't a lot of print

knits that I buy there but I do have

they have great quality solids that I

purchase there the next shop is for

quilting Cotton's so sometimes you need

quilting cotton for a project for

example this quilting cotton is actually

a print from my line of fabric with red

flakes this is blooms and bobbins and of

course I have the whole bolt because I

got this directly from Riley Blake but

this is an example of the types of

fabrics that are carried at that corner

shop which specializes in quilting

Cotton's and as their name suggests they

also have a lot of pre cuts so if you

want a package with a bunch of different

prints of smaller sizes or if you're a

quilter or if you're just looking for

quilting cotton for a project because

quilting cotton can be used for garments

too especially if it's a structured

garment like a button-up shirt and that

Porter shop is my go-to

to look for these kinds of things first

and they did have my full line of Blues

and bobbins fabric I don't know if they

still have any of it in stock but they

did now when I wanted to really special

organic fabric my next shop is organic

cotton plus so they carry cotton linen

hemp type fabrics

completely natural fibers completely

organic stuff they have limited

selections of prints but what they do

really well is solids in organic fabrics

so this is 100% cotton fleece it has

that soft fleece backing and the smooth

knit front and I got it in the natural

color I believe when I bought this this

was the only color it was available in

but I love that they're fibers are 100%

natural because then that means if

to diet I can diet myself and then of

course I do like that they carry organic

fibers the drawback here is most of

their fabrics are going to be on the

pricier side but they are in my

experience very high quality and they've

all held up well anything that I've

bought there has been washed and washed

and washed and still looks great so

that's an option if organic is something

that is important to you or if you're

just looking to splurge on yourself a

little bit with your fabric and then one

of my other go-to is I know it's kind of

the Amazon and in fact I believe it is

owned by Amazon of the fabric world but

fabric comm I find that they're great

for basics a lot of times so these are a

couple of basics that I recently ordered

and I'm going to be making myself a

t-shirt out of this gold knit and a

different t-shirt out of this pink

heathered fabric here that I've

purchased as you can see hopefully that

that's heather they're also good at

carrying the designer quilting Cotton's

and designer knits and rayons that are

substrates that a lot of the quilting

shops like phat Porter shop I don't know

that they always carry anything besides

the quilting cotton because they're

really catering to quilters but fabrics

comm will carry the other substrates in

those quilted prints for example toot my

own horn again a little bit these are

some of the knits print from my blooms

in bobbins fabric one so this was

originally released in quilting cotton

and then just these six prints were also

released later in cotton spandex knit

and fabric on is one of the only places

that I have found that is carrying all

of these prints here that are the same

prints that were on my quilting Cotton's

so they have these in the spandex knit

some of the quilting companies also

print on canvas and rayon jelly and when

I'm looking for those prints especially

the rayon Shelley because I tend to

with that a lot for garments fabric comm

is generally where I will find those in

the rounds finally because my ward wrote

a planning this month involves some

leggings let me talk to you about a

newer shop that's I just tried and I've

got spandex here and this is from

spandex world and this is just basic

black because I'm planning to make

myself own another black pair of

leggings but I also ordered a lot of

over the summer when I was making

swimsuits I ordered some different

spandex --is that I used for swimsuits

and I ordered some swimsuit lining that

I used in multiple swimsuits that I was

making so spandex world has as the name

suggests it's all like spandex dance

wear athletic wear fabric calm does have

some of that stuff as well but I found a

much wider selection of just the spandex

at spandex world which is why I ordered

from them when I was doing swimsuits and

leggings like I said this is not an

exhaustive list this is just like where

some of my most recent fabric orders

have come from I do have a list of other

places that I have ordered from in the

past and the types of things that I've

ordered from each of those and again

that is in the link that is below this

video so you can check that out and

hopefully that helps you when you're

sourcing fabric online