who are you guys I made it into Joanne's

we'll do a little walkthrough so 50% off

of florals and containers very very

pretty right

I'm loving this purple right here in the

yellow really pretty and behind me look

at all the beautiful colors let me show

you so pretty right you know what I had

one yellow flower growing in my lawn and

then I died he we had the tulips

those are very pretty these are really

cute too right here and 50% off I wish I

could find out okay right here so 25

that one is 25 makes it 1250 well that

one is 1250 you that's kind of pricey

Joanne's I forgot you could be kind of

Gracie I love the real cement though I'm

not going to touch it but I feel like

that might be faux not real

very very pretty

let's down here and you could find

something like that in Marshalls - and

t.j.maxx they have like a frosted type

reminds me of Hobby Lobby and even

Dollar Tree that's where they're pretty

to have on your front door I do have a

neighbor I'm somewhere in my

neighborhood when I Drive out they have

like a pretty sunflower wreath I love it


and that one's gonna say welcome on it

are you guys ready for spring let me


oh well everything we're in the flour

Department and nobody's here so I have

time to look






















look at the tiny little pots it's so

cute and I love how you could paint them

yourself like I love pots with a face on


those are my thing so they're pretty

much two dollars here and words are very

very tiny one right here those are gonna

be 99 really really cute I love this

style right here too and you know what

it looks like that one's ten but I feel

like you could find that in the Dollar

Tree oh they have the large butterflies

ten fifty seven fifty I looked a little

birdy - so the Dollar Tree they do have

butterflies and birds we're into that

mm-hmm so colorful okay this is gonna be

50% off live life in full bloom morning

do fresh cut flowers every day is the

fresh start

plant seeds grow blessings may all your

weeds be wildflowers oh look the

mushroom decor is still here

I did a video on this one pretty crazy

I've never seen this here just like it

yeah I love the Smurfs it's down here

Oh stamps okay if you're into stamping

look at that mermaid 113 Wow yeah I know

looks a little baby feet right here how

cute right little baby shower one happy


eat drink and be married you can can pay

me yeah I did did look at that one

I love you more than coffee they're

really cute 50% off petunia huh grow

kids oh they have everything here

sunflower lavender sage and dill okay

mmm place and time $59 Wow for your


hello welcome beach house and welcome

and porch rule and this one's pretty

cute right

I want to beach house who's with me and

I'm in love with the wicker baskets oh

my gosh I love them so much


this one's gonna be a butterfly it's

gonna be 20

what up buttercup

20 dollars but a 50% off look at this

one on top you got welcome and you have

a welcome home we are living our

adventure and we have explore pretty

cool stuff in here and your believe

might be a chalkboard down here I'm not

too sure it's a doggy


we've got the cheetah print relaxed like

backyard deck or patio decor mm-hmm I

like that so that one's gonna be 39


let's check out that gold bowl that's

really neat good vibes I like the lemon

one and the Sun right here mm-hmm and

then you're welcome those are really

cute look mm-hmm for your garden these

are really neat you know for your plant

look how cool those are gonna be 29 but

you know half off beetle decor is in one

a bug on your wall look at the owl looks

like a coconut right from far away yeah

and then more mushroom over here in the


groan love at home hey that's upside

down machine these bad boys they're

pricey they are pricey

oh my gosh look at that doggy little

donkey outfit he's a turtle man and they

have a doggy raincoat a bunny

loo that dog is dressed up like a bunny

mm-hmm know what they have dog toys here

and what that is new I've never seen

that in Joanne's ever see maybe to put

their food on and down here cheese cat

treat that's gonna be new and that dog

treat box coconut milk sea salt soy wax

100% a natural WIC natural fragrant okay

they got patchouli a lemon pineapple

mango who I really wanted to smell one

mint iced tea cake gross some mint

non-gmo mint a lemonade mint mojito that

sounds very good I'm all about the

mojito really cool stuff in here oh you

know what I'm loving this butterfly one

now you can find something very very

similar in Burlington and Roth and down

here I wonder if that's a candle let me

look at it

that is a candle okay

those are neat and they do have a tiny

one and we have the bird home I like

this lemonade one right here really cute

it's only 20 and they do have an ice

cream line and I love the glass ones but

I'm always afraid they're gonna fall too

we had the French fries the pizza this

yarn ones cool - that's pretty and look

at the bunnies right there having fun

doing the yoga that frog when I see that

one everywhere it goes read a book and

they got a cute little cat one


oh my gosh look at that doggie mm-hmm

put him in your backyard hide it in a

bush how funny and cute and look at that

hamburger little krabby patty funny and

you know if you want to make costume

it's really cool I like stuff like this

right here it's really neat here I used

to take a fashion class but I think the

teacher made me not like it and I'm like

I was over it I like stuff like that

so looks like fabric is 30% off it looks

like on their website they have a lot of

coupons that are like 70% off fabric

when I make a blanket a pillow look they

got the Mickey Mouse one for Halloween

really cute they kind of green one and

like the purple one Oh Charlie Brown

we have Snoopy looking he's a vampire

right here these are 16 a yard 16 a yard

fantastic beasts I don't even think I've

seen that movie a Harry Potter you know

for your Harry Potter lovers 12 dollars

a yard

12 yard oh they have quite a bit of

Harry Potter here yes more than I've

ever seen

yep look at this like a stained-glass

Harry Potter this right here yeah look I

found kiss that's funny

then we have like Star Wars I kind of

like they have a dead right here yeah

it's like a samurai Darth Vader

yeah it's like day the dead you know

that shirt oh yeah cheering stuff yeah

they got the spongebob mm-hmm I kind of

want to make a spongebob pillowcase what

does that one say pinky up

yeah it's pinky up how funny 13 a yard

oh look we have Snoopy in the car I like

this movie and Charlie Brown one my

husband thinks Charlie Brown is so



oh that's cool oh look The Shining right


oh really that's so cool it is cool they

got the Exorcist ooh that's 13 13 like

The Exorcist oh my gosh I've never seen

that one that is pretty cool yeah it is

it reminds me of the five star Funko

figures was it yeah move your hands



all right I want to make my way towards

a friend normally they have more like

home decor up there good vibes we have

the picture frames for only 15 place and

time and they have your gold a pineapple

here and enjoy today that one is going

to be 40 39 so mix it 20 with a half off

look at the toucan down here that one's

going to be new

so towels are $10 so $5.99 and that

tiger reminds me a jungle book yeah he