Cheap Fabric - My TOP 5 places to shop | Alisa Shay

I don't know about you but for me

although sewing is a hobby and not a

necessity I still try to make sure that

all of my sewing expenses especially

when it comes to buying fabric are kept

on the lower side so today let's talk

about how to shop fabric on the budget

and where to find those low custon

beautiful cuts of fabric so definitely

stay tuned now I'm going to share with

you five places where I enjoy buying

fabric on the lower cost side if you

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really honestly more than you know so

let's dive into where to shop fabric on

the budget alright let's go in no

particular order so number one is

Joanne's and you'll tell me at least the

Joanne's is overpriced expensive oh my

god what you're talking about yes I do

agree with you

overpriced expensive however not only

you can score a good deal on those

coupon days or like Black Friday or like

Labor Day sale day and stuff like that

however if to be honest I don't like to

use those coupons because they make me

make impulse purchases and you know that

I I don't like making impulse purchases

I like to have my stash organized and

hopefully downsizing it soon so so what

I do is I go straight to the remnants

section so these for example I bought in

a remnant section and all remnants are

50% off of the price and that you would

actually buy the fabric for so it's

great deal and sometimes you can find

one two maybe three remnants of the same

pattern and fabric and if you are okay

with being a little bit creative on how

you're placing your patterns when you're

cutting out then you will have no

trouble shopping and the remnant section

of Joanne's fabrics another great spot

where to shop fabric on the budget and I

mean two three four dollars a yard

sometimes even one dollar a yard is

Walmart and a lot of you will tell me

what what are you talking about so if

you go to Walmart into their fabric

section pretty I think pretty much every

single want Walmart now has a fabric

section unless it's just like a garden

garden Walmart or however garden however

they are calling that right just a

grocery store well if you go into the

fabric section and if you frequent your

Walmart just from time to time pop in

there and they do have a lot of

interesting fabrics however a lot of

those fabrics come without any Content

description so you won't know what

actually goes in there a lot of those

fabrics also come from unknown suppliers

so you won't know who is the designer

and I'm not talking about their regular

selection I'm talking about their random

selection when they get those random

bolts of fabrics and it's very

inconsistent so if you go to Walmart and

you see that fabric that really caught

your eye buy it right now because it's

not gonna be available so I bought some

really nice Cotton's over there

dressmaking Cotton's I've bought some

really a nice lace over there so and

everything was just about a dollar or

two dollars a yard by the way let me

show you a picture of an evening dress

that I made all out of Walmart fabric

you can see it on your screen right now

so it really is about how you use that

fabric and how good you have your eye on

that really that that treasure that is

just waiting for you to be picked up

another place where you can buy fabric

beautiful fabric usually very unique

fabric on the budget is

a Goodwill or Salvation Army Red Cross

or any of the other thrift shops so what

I mean by that yes a lot of times you

will find the actual fabric there for

sale however if you found a maxi dress

or maxi skirt that has this beautiful

pattern by it all you gotta do is cut

off the elastic and you have yourself a

square of fabric that you can use for

whatever you want just make sure that

that fabric is in a good condition and

then you can actually reuse it so it's

not it's not too thin and not too gentle

have for you to be to be to be reworked

so yes that's another place where you

can find some really interesting fabric

now if you do like to shop for fabric

online there is an online shop that I

really enjoy which is Michael Levine

fabric outlet that's how I believe it's

cold as always info box is packed with

all the necessary goodies and great

information for you guys so if you go to

Michael Avena website a lot of stuff

there is quite expensive but if you go

into the remnant section sometimes you

can find gorgeous silks high quality or

Georgette's or this or that or lace or

natural fibers and linen and whatnot for

a fraction of a price yes there is a $75

minimum on a free shipping I'm sure a

lot of you are not gonna have any

trouble pulling up your fabric basket

with all the other beautiful goodies

from Michael Levine fabrics Outlet so

definitely check them out sometimes and

when I do need fabric I'll frequent them

like every day or so because those

remnant pieces come and go so again if

you've seen something that you enjoy and

like go ahead and grab right now or

right away because chances are it's

gonna be gone pretty soon and the last

place where I enjoy buying fabric on the

lower ab budget side is fabric comm and

online shop and

I've bought from fabric from their

multiple times last time was sick quite

some time ago like a year and a half

maybe two years ago but there's a little

bonus not only you can shop in a sale

department and then the remand

department you can also and guess

sometimes you can get lucky and let's

say you order a yard of whatever fabric

and that was the end of the bolt

whatever else is left like a 1/3 of a

yard or no or whatever they will throw

in and no cost for you so and then we'll

cut it in one piece too so it's a nice

little you know gesture nice little

bonus that I really enjoy I was I happen

to be lucky a few times and get like at

the end of the yard which is really

really nice and then yes if you go on a

sales tab and the remnant tab and the

sales happened there very very often -

very regularly you can find some

beautiful fabric for very little for

sure well guys I hope you did enjoy this

video on how to shop fabric on the

budget I give you my five favorite

places where to do so please absolutely

share your favorite places were to shop

fabric on the budget in the infobox

below and I hope that we can always

learn from each other thank you so so

much for being here and until next time

happy sewing bye