hi darlings I'm gonna be doing a quick

fabric haul video for you guys actually

you're gonna see a lot of those coming

out was I bought a whole lot of fabric

recently so I went to the fabric store

on La Brea not too long ago and picked

up a lot of really great stuff I picked

up some coding and I know I live in Los

Angeles to just really get that cold but

I still make coats during the winter

because it does get a little chilly at

night so I'm just gonna show you what I

got never mind my appearance I left the

gym I was getting my workout on headed

to Hawaii I gotta get it right so I

picked up oh this amazing textured I

don't know what it is some kind of wool

but it's so like squishy squishy where

it's kind of squishy it has like a

really nice texture to it it doesn't

have any stretch or anything but it's

like amazing I've never seen anything

like this and I love the texture because

I want to make another cape which I made

I don't know maybe about two years ago

this VOC Cape in this red textured

fabric that I had and it was amazing so

I think I'm gonna do the same thing with

this one and I love the baby blue the

baby blue I'm really into pastels for

the for the winter so I picked it up and

I couldn't decide whether I wanted this

one or the next one I want to show you

so I just bought them both so I also got

this one which is just as amazing see if

you guys can see that and I don't know

if you can see it but it has a little

bit of like a shimmer so it has like I

don't know some kind of like glittery

stuff and it's really beautiful and I

want to make a very structured coat from

it and so I haven't decided what pattern

I'm gonna use but you know I'll let you

know I loved it I loved it a lot and

that blue is just really beautiful I

tried to find like a dusty rose colored

one but they didn't have anything so I

just ended up with two baby blue fabrics

actually three the next one I'm gonna

show you it's also blue but it's a plaid

but look how beautiful it is oh it's so

pretty I can't wait to cut into this I

don't even know what I'm gonna make but

it's gonna be something and so as you

can see it's gonna be a very blue

holiday season for me but it was really

nice and the weave is kind of a loose

weave so it's not really tightly woven

so I'm gonna have to probably interface

it so that it holds the shape of

whatever jacket I want to make because

it is a little loose all right so let me

see what else Oh so every every winter I

make or try to make something in a very

classic camel color usually take a

blazer or like a cape or a jacket so I

picked up some beautiful camel colored

fabric cuz it's really nice it's a

lightweight wool so I probably did like

some sort of a blazer with it that would

be nice they enough I got this crushed

velvet so pretty I'm gonna make a dress

and it's gonna be oh yeah and I love it

and it feels amazing and this light

green is so pretty I can't wait to cut

into this and then let's see what else I

got oh I got some leather hides but

they're camo look at that that's amazing

I know and it has a nice amount of

stretch so I bought two panels because I

know I definitely needed at least two

panels to make some kind of fitted dress

and I just don't know what I'm gonna

make so I bought two just to make sure I

had enough and then I bought this

amazing fabric which looks really cool

even on the wrong side but the right

side is

pretty amazing see and it's texture you

guys can't see that but it's the flowers

kind of pop off the fabric and it's

really pretty I don't even know what I'm

gonna make but I just had to buy it

because it was it was really pretty

and then lastly so a couple years ago

have you been following for a while you

probably know I made a chanel style

jacket so it's completely hand songs

with me like 30-something 30-something

hours to make and I've been wanting to

make another one very classic chanel

style jacket and I just haven't found

the fabric that I really liked so I came

across this one and I think this is it

so it's really pretty it has kind of

that Chanel feel and I need to just

figure out how I want to create the trim

that's gonna go around the neck and on

the pockets and then of course find like

the perfect buttons so never mind that

noise outside my office oh no people

decide to do stuff when I start filming

like right now but we just go ignore it

anyway so that's all I got from the

fabric store and I do have another hog

coming soon from Michael Levine fabrics

which is here in downtown LA and you're

gonna love those too so anyway I hope

you enjoyed this fabric ha and I will

link to the fabric store because they

don't have any of these online I'm sorry

you'll have to call the store and they

will of course ship to you and take your

order in the blog post and also in the

description box below until next time