Creating Root Folder for Web Site

hello I'm going to demonstrate how to

create your root folder and then your

image folder to start your website or

your webpage and then I'm going to show

you how to zip it so that you can may

submit it using blackboard on my desktop

I'm simply going to right click and

click new and then folder okay based on

the lab instructions I'm going to name

the folder last name of course your last

name and then HTML lab - okay and then

inside this folder I'm going to add

another folder and I can either do file

new folder or I can simply right click

now this file is going to be called

images okay now essentially what I've

done is I've created my root folder okay

this is my root folder and inside my

root folder I have my images folder so

I'm going to place my index page which

is my web page and the reason why we use

index is that for all for most web sites

the home page is actually the index page

index.html and inside my images page I'm

going to add my two images so now I have

inside my root folder I have my index

page and my two images okay now I'm

ready to zip my assignment so I can

submit okay

now fortunately Windows Vista already

has some built-in compression software

included so I'm just going to right

click send to and then compressed folder

and then what when

Windows Vista will do it will

automatically place in the same location

my zip file notice how this folder does

not have the zipper and this one does

this is a zip folder ok and the reason

why we zip it is because blackboard does

not allow you to submit a folder just as

you cannot email a folder however you

can email or you can submit a zip folder

now something I will caution all of you

is that for some reason you may not be

able to submit a zip folder in

blackboard if you're using Mozilla

Firefox or Google Chrome so I encourage

you to use Internet Explorer to complete

this part of the assignment

so to submit your zip folder in

blackboard you want to be using Internet

Explorer and now I just log into

blackboard and I submit this is a folder

another thing that I want to caution you

on is that if I were to you know open up

my zip folder okay I can see my root

folder and then inside my root folder I

see my web page of my index if I were to

open up my index page the images would

not show up and the reason for this is

that the links to the images really

become disabled inside the zip folder so

if I wanted to test this I would want to

open this up grab my folder and then

basically uncompress it or extract it to

the desktop ok I just got a warning to

you know since I've already got a file

with the same name do I want to replace

it ok all right

again that is how you zip the folder if

you do not have Windows Vista you may

need to install another a compression

file program and there are several free

ones on the web those of you may want to

look for free versions of WinZip or you

may want to try when

roar wi n ra r and there are there are

other versions as well if you just take

the time to search I hope this was